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TSHS Leadership


Victoria Bae-Jump, MD, PhD
Medical Director

Victoria Bae-Jump, MD, PhD, researches the interactions between cell signaling pathways implicated in endometrial cancer pathogenesis as a means to target therapy for this disease. She is also interested in the impact that obesity has on endometrial cancer development and progression, which may invariably dictate different treatment options for this particularly high-risk patient population.

Headshot of Vickie Bae-Jump

Victoria Bae-Jump


Chris Hilliard, CCRC
Assistant Director – Clinical Operations

Chris Hilliard has extensive clinical and lab research experience from various departments at UNC, including Microbiology/Immunology, Genetics, Psychiatry, and Oncology.

Headshot of Chris Hilliard

Chris Hilliard


Lisa A. Carey, MD, FASCO
TSHS Founder

Recognizing the importance of translational research, Lisa Carey, MD, FASCO, founded the UNC Office of Clinical & Translational Research (now the Translational Science & Health Services Unit) in the late 1990’s to provide an infrastructure for conducting translational and correlative research in breast cancer at the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Headshot of Lisa Carey

Lisa A. Carey


TSHS Management

TSHS Lead Study Coordinators