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Donald Rosenstein

Professor, Psychiatry, UNC-Chapel Hill


Professor, Psychiatry, UNC-Chapel Hill

Donald Rosenstein, MD, is a practicing psychiatrist and Director of the Comprehensive Cancer Support Program (CCSP), which provides UNC cancer patients with a wide range of educational, medical, psychiatric, and psycho-social services. In addition, Dr. Rosenstein is Division Head of General Adult Psychiatry and divides his time between clinical care, administration, and research. Prior to his time at UNC, Dr. Rosenstein was Clinical Director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and the Chief of the NIH Psychiatry Consultation-Liaison Service. He also served as Vice-Chair of the NIH Medical Executive Committee and for many years chaired both the Clinical Center Ethics Committee and the NIMH Institutional Review Board. He is Past-President of both the Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry and the American Psychosocial Oncology Society. His current research activities are focused on cancer survivorship and various psychosocial consequences of advanced cancer. In 2010, he launched the Widowed Parent Project with Dr. Justin Yopp, a clinical and research program that began as a support group for fathers who had lost their spouses to cancer, and has now expanded to a research program addressing widowed parenthood regardless of cause of death. In 2014, he led the creation of the North Carolina Cancer Survivorship Providers Action Network (NC-CSPAN), a network of survivorship professionals trained to deliver group interventions for cancer survivors and caregivers across the state of North Carolina. Most recently, Dr. Rosenstein has collaborated with several Cancer Outcomes Research Program members, including Stephanie Wheeler, Katherine Reeder-Hayes, Cleo Samuel, Sarah Birken, and Mark Holmes, on projects examining and addressing the burden of financial toxicity on cancer patients.

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