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Hanna K. Sanoff

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, UNC-Chapel Hill


Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, UNC-Chapel Hill

Hanna Sanoff, MD, MPH is a GI medical oncologist, clinical investigator, health services researcher, and operational leader. She serves as the Vice Chief for Clinical Operations in Oncology and the Medical Director of the UNC North Carolina Cancer Hospital Ambulatory Clinics. Her Cancer Outcomes research focuses the real-world effectiveness of cancer treatments and ensuring that patients have access to safe and effective cancer care. She has experience using qualitative data in mixed methods studies, administering and interpreting survey data, and extensive experience working with large administrative claims datasets including Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurer claims linked to cancer registry data. She collaborates with many other members of the Cancer Outcomes Research Program, including Ethan Basch, Jenny Lund,  and Justin Trogdon, to name a few. Hanna enjoys spending time with her family and going on runs with her pupper, Georgie.

Quality of Cancer Care Delivery

Comparative Effectiveness Research

Implementation Science