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Karyn Stitzenberg

Associate Professor, Surgical Oncology, UNC-Chapel Hill


Associate Professor, Surgical Oncology, UNC-Chapel Hill

Karyn Stitzenberg, MD is a practicing surgical oncologist whose research seeks to define ways to facilitate delivery of quality, comprehensive cancer care for all patients. She is involved in local and national projects focused on optimizing delivery of the most effective cancer therapies. Using geographic information systems and social network analysis, her most recent work has examined issues surrounding patient travel burden, access to care, and care coordination. These projects seek to identify a balance between minimizing barriers for patients and optimizing clinical outcomes through effective care coordination. She has served as the Chair of the State of NC Advisory Committee on Cancer Coordination and Control and has also served as a health outcomes and comparative effectiveness advisory committee member for national organizations such as the Society of Surgical Oncology and the American College of Surgeons.  Dr. Stitzenberg collaborates with several Cancer Outcomes Research Program members, including Matt Nielsen, Hanna Sanoff, Angie Smith, and Gita Mody on studies that examine access to care, treatment patterns, and surgical outcomes in colorectal cancer, lung cancer, and melanoma.

Quality of Cancer Care Delivery

Comparative Effectiveness Research

Patient Reported Outcomes

Implementation Science