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Lixin Song

Associate Professor, Nursing, UNC-Chapel Hill


Associate Professor, Nursing, UNC-Chapel Hill

Lixin Song, PhD, RN, FAAN, has focused her research on symptom management and health outcomes such as quality of life among cancer survivors and their family caregivers.  She has conducted research to examine: 1) symptom distress and quality of life and the influencing factors; 2) the interdependence between cancer patients’ and caregivers’ health outcomes and importance of family-based care programs; 3) patient-caregiver-provider communication and interaction during cancer survivorship and outcomes; 4) health disparities; and 5) dissemination of evidence-based interventions to enhance post-treatment supportive care using EMR and standardized survivorship care plans.  Dr. Song has also developed and tested innovative technology-based intervention programs (including mHealth programs) for improving symptom self-management among cancer patients and their caregivers during their transition from professional care to post-treatment care at home. She collaborates with multiple other members of the Cancer Outcomes Research Program, including Ethan Basch, Deb Mayer, Matthew Nielsen, Angie Smith, and Karyn Stitzenberg. In her spare time he enjoys travelling, cooking and music.

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