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Welcome to the Pathology Services Core Facility (PSC)

The PSC Facility provides comprehensive, expert, and cost-effective histology and histopathology support to investigators. The facility provides a full range of histological services performed by experienced Pathology Specialists.

Services include routine tissue processing, embedding, sectioning, and staining; specialized histochemical stains; immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence; in situ hybridization (ISH, FISH); tissue microarrays; digital slide scanning; image analysis; and Spatial Biology (protein, RNA) including RNAScope, BaseScope, miRNAScope, GeoMx, PhenoCycler, and Visium (manual and CytAssist).

The PSC has access to UNC hospital archival tissues and can facilitate acquisition and staining of human samples for translational studies. The comparative and human pathologists are available to help with study design and for nonclinical studies, and microscopic evaluation of research samples. Services request must be submitted through iLab.

Feel free to reach out to our Facility Director for any questions or to review your project needs:

Useful Links

  • Sample Submission: iLabs 
  • For a de-identified view of UNC Health Care data to determine feasibility for trials and explore potential cohorts for retrospective analysis please go to CDWH, i2b2 or HR/CSC.
  • To find a UNC Pathologist to collaborate with your study, please visit the UNC DPLM website.
  • PSC Web-Based Image Management

PSC Grant Support

PSC is supported by grants from the National Cancer Institute, the North Carolina Biotechnology Center (2015-IDG-1007), and the UNC Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility.