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After obtaining a PSC request number via iLabs, samples may be dropped off at your convenience in Brinkhous-Bullit. The submission/pickup table is located just outside the elevators on the 9th floor, and the building is open M-F, 7am to 5pm. Please identify all items with submitter name, PI name and iLabs request number.

The Pathology Services Core may offer additional technologies not listed. For more information, contact us by telephone at 919-445-4179 or e-mail


New: Spatial Profiling

GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (NanoString)

The GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler provides spatial context to tissue by combining high plex gene expression profiling with the spatial context of immunohistochemistry. This system has the capability to quantify up to 96 proteins and over 1000 RNA targets with spatial context, process 5 slides per day, and preserve precious samples with non-destructive processing.

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Bond III & Bond Rx Autostainers (Leica Biosystems)

The Bond II and Bond Rx autostainer systems have the capacity to run 30 slides in a given run, with run times varying between 15 minutes to 6 hours. Triplex staining is also possible on this equipment.


XL Autostainer (Leica Biosystems)

The Leica Biosystems autostainer allows for automated and programmable deparaffinization of slides and hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) staining.


HYBrite Slide Stainer (Vysis)

The HYBrite Slide Stainer can be programmed to hybridize, denature, and humidify up to 12 slide per run.

Discovery Ultra Ventana (Roche)


Image Analysis

Image Analysis with Aperio Toolbox/GENIE, Definiens Tissue Studio, and Visiopharm

PSC has contributed to an average of 29 publications per year.


Slide Scanning

Versa 200 (Leica Biosystems)

Brightfield and fluorescence tiling scanner with a 200 slide capacity. Can scan at 1.25X, 5X, 10X, 20X, 40X, and 63X oil; DAPI/Hoechst, FITC/Alexa 488, Cy3/Alexa 560, Spectrum Orange, Texas Red/Alexa 594, Cy5/Alexa 647, and Cy7/Alexa 750 filter cubes. Standard file format is Leica SCN.


ScanScope AT2 (Leica Biosystems)

Brightfield line scanner with a 400 slide capacity. Can scan at 20X or 40X, with a standard file format of Aperio SVS.


ScanScope FL (Leica Biosystems)

Fluorescence line scanner with a 5 slide capacity. Can scan at 20X or 40X; DAPI/Hoechst, Spectrum Aqua, FITC/Alexa 488, Cy3/Alexa 560, and Cy5/Alexa 647 filter cubes. Standard file format is AFI.



Semi-Automated Tissue Arrayer

This system can make up to four TMA blocks simultaneously, using human or animal tissues, cell lines, or tissue reconstructs, with up to 300 cores per TMA block possible. The tissue core diameters range over 0.6, 1.0, and 2.0mm.


Microtomes (Leica Biosystems)

The Leica Biosystems Microtome holds the capability to consistently cut paraffin tissue sections in a 4-20 micrometer thick range.


Tissue Embedding Systems (Leica Biosystems)

The Leica Tissue Embedding station uses paraffin wax to create Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) tissue blocks. Additional features include manual control, multiple mold sizes, and paraffin block cooling plate.

Epredia CryoStar NX70


Labeling Systems

Slide and Tube Label Printers (Brady & CILS)

The Brady/CILS slide and tube label systems create solvent resistant labels as well as temporary labels to be used in the scanning of diagnostic slides. These systems are capable of printing barcodes that are readable by slide scanners. Different label materials are available upon request.