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The purpose of this page is to provide useful links and instructional material to help PSC clients follow GLP and proper histological techniques.

General Histology and Pathology References.

Pathology Outlines is a free pathology resource

Tips for Better Histology is a troubleshooting and best practice guide from Leica Biosystems

Digital Pathology Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the field of digital pathology

IHC Methodology and Troubleshooting. Protein of Interest and Antibody Selection

The Human Protein Atlas is a very helpful resources for checking biomarker expression in different tissues and cells.

Antibody Validation offers specific advice on antibody validation from the Human Protein Atlas.

Fluorescent Microscopy Resources

Fluorescence Microscopy Reference Standards from ThermoFisher

Spectra Viewer from ThermoFisher is a useful tool for comparing excitation / emission spectra for a large number of fluorophores. You can also check spillover between channels if you know the filter specifications.

Technologies Used in the PSC

The GENIE algorithm is used by PSC to develop custom tissue segmentation macros

Leica Microsystems is a manufacturer of histology systems hardware and software utilized in the PSC

Definiens offers Architect and Tissue Studio software used in PSC for image analysis

Visiopharm software is used for image analysis in the PSC