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Please contact the PSC Facility Director Nana Feinberg by telephone at (919) 966-9620 or email for additional assistance.

Antibody (anti-)Vendor Catalog #Host, Clonality (M=monocl., P=polycl.), Ig typeClone or Phosphorylated SiteSpecies reactivity (Human, mouse…)
4E-BP1Cell Signaling Technology 9644Rabbit M IgG53H11Human, mouse, rat, monkey
4-HNE (4-Hydroxy-2-Nonenal)0ab48506Mouse M IgGHNEJ-2N/K
4-HNE (4-Hydroxy-2-Nonenal)Alpha DiagnosticHNE11-SRabbit PN/KN/K
53BP1 Bethyl LaboratoriesA300-272ARabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
53BP1 Cell Signaling Technology 4937SRabbit PN/AHuman, monkey
5-hmC (5-Hydroxymethylcytosine) Active Motif39769Rabbit P N/AHuman, mouse
5-hmC (5-Hydroxymethylcytosine) Active Motif40000Mouse M IgG2a59.1Human, mouse
5-Lipoxygenaseabcamab169755Rabbit M(blank)Human, mouse,Rat
5-mC DiagenodeMAb-081-100Mouse M IgG133D3Human, mouse
8-Hydroxy 2’ deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG)JaICA (Japan Institute for the Control of Aging)MOG-100PMouse M IgG1N45.1Human
ABCG2Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-130933Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
ABCG2 (CD338, known as ABCG2 (BCRP1))Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-25822Rabbit P IgGB-1(blank)
ABCG2 (CD338, known as ABCG2 (BCRP1))Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-377176Mouse M IgG1, kappaB-1Human
ACTHCell Marque206A-74Rabbit PN/A(blank)
ADAM9 EctodomainR&D SystemsAF949Goat P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
ADSL (Adenylosuccinase)Sigma-AldrichHPA000525-100ULRabbit P IgGN/AHuman
AGER (Advanced Glycosylation End Product-specific Receptor, also RAGE)Thermo Fisher Scientific/ InvitrogenPA5-24787Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
Aggrecanabcamab3778Mouse M IgG16-B-4Cow, human
AKR1B10 (Aldo-keto Reductase)Novus BiologicalsNBP1-44998Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rabbit
Akt Cell Signaling Technology 2920SMouse M IgG1, kappa40D4Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Albuminabcamab79960Rabbit PN/APig
AlbuminBethyl LaboratoriesE90-134GoatN/AMouse
ALDH1L1abcamab87117Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat
ALK (Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0306Mouse M IgG15A4Human
ALOX15B (15 Lipoxygenase 2 antibody)abcamab23691Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
ALOX15B (15-LO2 Antibody)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-271290Mouse M IgG1D-9Human
ALOX5 (5 Lipoxygenase antibody)abcamab59341Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, human
Alpha-Actinin 4GeneTex, incGTX62422Rabbit M IgGEPR2533Human, mouse, rat
AmphiregulinR&D SystemsAF262Goat IgGN/AHuman
Amphiregulin Ab-1NeoMarkers/ Lab VisionRB-257 - P0Rabbit P Ab-1Human
AMPK alpha 1 + AMPK alpha 2abcamab131512Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Androgen ReceptorMillipore 06-680Rabbit P PG21Human, rat
Androgen ReceptorUpstate/ Millipore 06-680Rabbit P PG21Human, rat
Ang-2 Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-101441Mouse M IgG2MM0020-1F29Human
Annexin A10Novus BiologicalsNBP1-90156Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Anti-PTK6 Sigma-AldrichHPA036071Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
Anti-ZO1abcamab221547Rabbit M IgG(blank)Mouse, rat, human
Ape1 Cell Signaling Technology 4128Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat, monkey
Arginase II Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-20151Rabbit P IgGH-64Mouse, rat, human
Arginase1Cell Signaling Technology 93668Rabbit M IgGD4E3MHuman, mouse, rat
Arginase1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-20150Rabbit P N/AMouse, rat, human
ARRDC4Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-135444Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
ATF-3Sigma-AldrichHPA001562Rabbit PN/AHuman
ATMNovusNB100-104SSRabbit PN/AMouse, rat, human
ATP Synthase Cabcamab181243Rabbit MEPR13907Mouse,Rat,Human
ATP6V0A1Sigma-AldrichHPA022144Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
ATRabcamab2905Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
ATRSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-1887Goat P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Aurora Aabcamab1287Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
Autotaxin 84AUNC, Der labN/A-N/A-
BADInvitrogen/Thermo ScientificPA5-11403Rabbit P IgGBH3Human, mouse
BADSanta Cruzsc-8044Mouse M IgG1C7Human, mouse
BAFFEnzoALX-804-128Rat M IgG2aBuffy-1Human
BAFFR&D SystemsAF124Goat IgG N/AHuman
BAFF Receptorabcamab16232Mouse M IgG111C1Human
BakCell Signaling Technology 6947Rabbit M IgGclone D2D3Human, monkey
BakCell Signaling Technology 12105Rabbit M IgGD4E4Human, mouse, rat
BARHL1ThermoFisher ScientificPA5-52114Rabbit IgGPA5-52114Human
BaxR&D SystemsAF820Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse
BCAR3Novus BiologicalsNB100-87003Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
BCL2 (B-cell lymphoma #2)abcamab7973Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat, cow
BCL2 (B-cell lymphoma #2)DakoM0887Mouse M IgG1, kappa124Human
BCL2 (B-cell lymphoma #2)DakoM0887Mouse M IgG1, kappa124(blank)
BCL2 (B-cell lymphoma #2)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0117Mouse M IgG1bcl-2/100/D5Human
BCL2L12LSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-C138509Rabbit M EPR5201Human
BCL2L12Sigma-AldrichHPA020856Rabbit PN/AHuman
BCL3Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-13038Rabbit P IgG H-146(blank)
BCL-6Cell Signaling Technology 4242-N/A(blank)
BCL-6Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0204Mouse M IgG2bLN22Human
BCL-6Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-858Rabbit P IgGN-3(blank)
Bcl-xL (B-cell lymphoma-extra large)Cell Signaling Technology 2764Rabbit M 54H6Human, mouse
BCMAabcamab5972Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
BDKRB1LSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B7970Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
BIMCell Signaling Technology 2933Rabbit M IgGC34C5Human, mouse, rat
BiPCell Signaling Technology 3177Rabbit M IgGGly584Human, mouse
BLBP (Brain lipid binding protein)MilliporeABN14Rabbit PN/AMouse, human
BLMSigma-AldrichB5061Rabbit PN/A(blank)
Blood Coagulation Factor XIIIaLeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-FXIIIaMouse M IgGE980.1Human
BMXNovus BiologicalsNBP1-00728Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse
BRAF V600ESpring Bioscience/Check AbcamE19290/ab228461Mouse M IgG2a VE1Human
BRAF V600KNew East Biosciences26110Mouse M IgGV600KVertebrates
BRDU (Bromodeoxyuridine)Accurate OBT0030GRat MBU1/75 (ICR1)Mouse, human, rat
BRDU (Bromodeoxyuridine)Cell Signaling Technology 5292Mouse M IgG1Bu20aAll species
BrkProteintech18697-1-APRabbit P IgGPTK6Human
Brk (C-18)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-1188Rabbit P IgGC-18Human
Brk (D-7)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-137045Mouse M IgG1D-7Human
Brk (G-6)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-166171Mouse M IgG1G-6Human
BRN1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-6028-RRabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
BRSK2Proteintech11589-1-ApRabbit P(blank)(blank)
BSEPSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-17292Goat P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
BSEP (F-6)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-74500Mouse M IgG2aF-6Mouse, rat, human
BSEP (P-18)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-17294Goat P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
BTKNovus BiologicalsNBP1-19437Rabbit P N/AHuman, mouse, rat
CA9 (Carbonic Anhydrase IX)abcamab15086Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
CalbindinCell Signaling Technology 2173sRabbit mAbC26D12Human, mouse, rat
CARSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-15405Rabbit P IgGH-300(blank)
Casein kinase IIbetaSanta Cruz BiotechnologySC-46666Mouse M IgGE-9Human. Mouse, Rat
Casein kinase IIαSanta Cruz BiotechnologySC-373894Mouse M IgGE-7Human. Mouse, Rat
Caspase 3 (CPP32) Ab-4 Biotin Conj. NeoMarkers/ Lab VisionRB-1197 - B0 Rabbit PN/A(blank)
Caspase-3Cell Signaling Technology 14214Rabbit M IgGD3R6YHuman
Caspase-3 (Cleaved)Biocare MedicalCP229CRabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
Caspase-3 (Cleaved)Cell Signaling Technology 9579Rabbit M IgGAsp175Human, Mouse, Rat, Bovine, Pig
Caspase-3 (Cleaved)Cell Signaling Technology 9661Rabbit PAsp175H, M, R, Mk,Pig
Caspase-3 (Cleaved)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-22171Goat P IgGN/AHuman
Caspase-6abcamab185646Rabbit M(blank)Human. Mouse,Rat
Caspase-8 (Cleaved)Cell Signaling Technology 8592Rabbit M IgG(Asp387) (D5B2)Mouse
Cat Scratch (Bartonella henselae) abcamab704Mouse M IgG2bH2A10Bartonella henselae
Cat Scratch (Bartonella henselae) Biocare MedicalCM 144 AMouse M IgG2bH2A10Human
Cat Scratch (Bartonella henselae) Biocare MedicalCM 144 BMouse M IgG2bH2A10(blank)
Cat Scratch (Bartonella henselae) Biocare MedicalPM144 AAMouse M IgG2bH2A10(blank)
Caveolin-3Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-5310Mouse M IgG1A-3Mouse, rat, human
CBSSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-133154Mouse M IgG1(blank)(blank)
CCR2 abcamab155321Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
CCR2 abcamab176390Mouse M IgG2a7A7Human
CCR2 Invirogen/ Fisher PA1-27409Goat IgG PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
CCR-5abcam ab65850Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, rat
CCR-5Sigma-AldrichC5973-.5mgMouse M IgG2b45523(blank)
CD001aLeica Microsystems Inc. CD1A-235-L-CE-HMouse M IgG1, kappaMTB1Human
CD001aLeica Microsystems Inc. PA0235Mouse M IgG1MTB1(blank)
CD002Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0271Mouse M IgG2b11F11Human
CD003abcamab5690Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
CD003Cell Marque103R-94Rabbit M IgG1MRQ-39Human
CD003Cell Signaling Technology 85061SRabbit M IgGD7AGE™ XPHuman Mouse
CD003DakoA0452Rabbit P N/A(blank)
CD003Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-L-CD3-565Mouse M IgG1LN10(blank)
CD003Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0553Mouse M IgG2aLN10Human
CD003Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0553Mouse M IgG2aLN10(blank)
CD003Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0553, PA0122Mouse M IgG2aLN10(blank)
CD003Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0553, PA0122 (30 ml)Mouse M IgG2aLN10(blank)
CD003 zetaabcamab17061Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
CD004abcamab133616Rabbit M BC/1F6Human,
CD004abcamab181724Rabbit M IgGEPR6855Human
CD004abcamab25617Mouse M IgG1RFT-4gRat, human, monkey
CD004abcamab846Mouse M IgG1BC/1F6Human, monkey, baboon
CD004Cell Marque104R-17Rabbit M(blank)(blank)
CD004Cell Marque104R-25Rabbit M(blank)(blank)
CD004Cell Marque104R-27Rabbit M(blank)(blank)
CD004Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-L-CD4-368Mouse M IgG14B12Human
CD004Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0368 Mouse M IgG1 4B12(blank)
CD004Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0427Mouse M IgG14B12Human
CD004Leica Microsystems Inc. RTU-CD4-1F6Mouse M IgG1 1F6Human
CD004Life Technologies/ Fisher14-0048-82Mouse M IgG2b, kappa OKT4Human
CD004 eBioscience/ Affymetrix14-9766-82Rat IgG1, kappa4SM95Mouse
CD004 (T-cell ?)DakoM0716Mouse M IgG1, kappaMT310(blank)
CD005Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0168Mouse M IgG1, kappa4C7Human
CD005Labcamab45406Rabbit PN/AMouse, human
CD007Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0266Mouse M IgG2bLP15Human
CD008Abbiotec250596Rabbit P IgN/AMouse, rat
CD008abcamab22378Rat M IgG2bYTS169.4Mouse
CD008Angio-ProteomIemAP-0036Rat ap-mab0708Mouse
CD008Cell Marque108R-17Rabbit MSP16Human
CD008Cell Marque108R-18Rabbit MSP16Human
CD008Cell Marque/ Sigma108M-95Mouse MC8/144BHuman
CD008Cell Marque/ Sigma108R-14Rabbit MSP16Human
CD008Cell Marque/ Sigma108R-15Rabbit MSP16Human
CD008Cell Siganlling#98941Rabbit MD4W2ZMouse
CD008DakoM7103Mouse M IgG1, kappaC8/144B(blank)
CD008Dako M7103Mouse M IgG1, kappaC8/144B(blank)
CD008GeneTex, incGTX74773Mouse M IgG1LT8Human, monkey, chimpanzee, cynomolgus monkey, marmoset
CD008Invitrogen14-0808-82Rat M4SM15Mouse
CD008Leica Microsystems Inc. CD8-4B11-L-CE-SMouse M IgG2b4B11Human
CD008Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0183Mouse M IgG2b4B11Human
CD008Tonbo70-0088-U100Mouse M IgG1, kappaRPA-T8Human
CD010Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0270Mouse M IgG156C6Human
CD010 Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-19993Mouse M IgG197C5(blank)
CD010 / CALLA (Neutral Endopeptidase) Ab-2 NeoMarkers/ Lab VisionMS-728 - R7 Mouse M IgG156C6 (blank)
CD011babcamab133357Rabbit M IgGEPR1344Mouse, human
CD011b (Integrin alpha M)Novus BiologicalsNB110-89474Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
CD011b (ITGAM)BiogenexNU851-5UCRabbit MN/AHuman
CD011b (ITGAM)Sigma-AldrichHPA002274Rabbit PN/AHuman
CD011cabcamab52632Rabbit M IgGEP1347YHuman
CD011cCell Signaling Technology 97585SRabbit MD1VYMouse
CD011ceBioScience14-0114Hamster M IgGN418Mouse
CD011cLeica Microsystems Inc. PA0554Mouse M IgG2a5D11Human
CD014abcamab49755Mouse M IgG2a7Human
CD014Cell Marque114R-14Rabbit MEPR3653Human
CD014Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-L-CD14-223Mouse M IgG2a7Human
CD015Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0039Mouse M IgMCarb-1Human
CD015Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0473Mouse M IgMMMAHuman
CD016Cell Marque116R-17Rabbit MSP175Human
CD017/ LactosylceramideAbbiotec251551Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
CD019Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0843Mouse M IgG2bBT51EHuman
CD020abcamab27093Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
CD020abcamab64088Rabbit MSp32Mouse Human
CD020Cell Marque120M-88--Human
CD020DakoM0755Mouse M IgG2a, kappaL26(blank)
CD020Epitomics1632-1Rabbit M IgGEP459Y(blank)
CD020Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-CD20-MJ1Mouse M IgG1MJ1(blank)
CD020Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0906Mouse M IgG1MJ1(blank)
CD020NeoMarkers/ Lab VisionMS-758-P1Mouse M93-1B3(blank)
CD021Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0171Mouse M IgG22G9(blank)
CD021 DakoM0784Mouse M IgG1, kappa1F8(blank)
CD023Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0169Mouse M IgG1, kappa1B12Human
CD024Biocare MedicalCM323 AMouse M IgM, kappaSN3bHuman
CD024InvitrogenMA5-11828Mouse MSN3bHuman
CD024Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-19651Rat M IgG2bM1/69(blank)
CD024Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-7034Goat P IgGN/A(blank)
CD024Thermo Fisher ScientificMS-1279-P0Mouse M IgG1, kappaSN3bHuman
CD024Thermo Fisher Scientific/ NeoMarkersMS-1279-P0Mouse MSN3bHuman
CD027abcamab70103Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
CD027Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-CD27Mouse M IgG1137B4(blank)
CD028Novus BiologicalsNBP2-32817Mouse M IgG1, kappaC28/77Human
CD029Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-CD29Mouse M IgG17F10Human
CD030 Cell Marque130M-94Mouse M IgG1, kappaBer-H2Human
CD030 DakoM0751Mouse M IgG1, kappaBer-H2(blank)
CD030 Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0153Mouse M IgG2a1G12Human
CD030 Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0790Mouse M IgG2aJCM182Human
CD031abcamab28364Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, human
CD031abcamab59251Rabbit IgGN/AMouse
CD031abcamab7388Rat MMEC 7.46Mouse, rat
CD031Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-CD31 1A10Mouse M IgGClone 1A10Human
CD031 (PECAM-1)BD Pharmingen561410Rat IgG2a, kappa390Mouse
CD031 (PECAM-1)Cell Signaling Technology 3528Mouse M IgG2b89C2Human
CD031 (PECAM-1)DakoM0823Mouse M IgG1, kappaJC70AHuman
CD031 (PECAM-1)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0250Mouse M IgG11A10Human
CD031/PECAM-1Cell Signaling Technology 77699SRabbit M IgD8V9EMouse
CD033Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-L-CD33Mouse M IgG2b PWS44(blank)
CD033Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-L-CD33Mouse M IgG2bPWS44Human
CD034Abbiotec250591Rabbit P IgN/AHuman, monkey, mouse
CD034BiogenexMU236-UCMouse M IgG1QBEnd 10Human
CD034Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0212Mouse M IgG1QBEnd/10Human
CD034 Class IIDakoN1632Mouse M IgG1, kappaQBEnd 10(blank)
CD035 DakoM0846Mouse M IgG1, kappaBer-MAC-DRC(blank)
CD038 (Cyclic ADP ribose hydrolase)LeicaNCL-L-CD38-290Mouse M(blank)Human
CD038 (Cyclic ADP ribose hydrolase)MyBioSourceMBS302125Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
CD045abcamab25386Rat M IgG2bI3/2.3Mouse
CD045BD Pharmingen553076Rat M IgG2b, kappa30-F11Mouse
CD045 mLeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-LCAMouse MX16/99(blank)
CD045 mLeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-LCAMouse M IgG1X16-99(blank)
CD045 mLeica Microsystems Inc. PA0042Mouse MX16/99Human
CD045Rabcamab64100Rat MRA3-6B2Mouse Human
CD047Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-12730Mouse M IgG1B6H12Human
CD052Accurate YSRTMCA1642Rat MYTH34.5Human
CD056Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-L-CD56-1B6Mouse M IgG2b1B6Human
CD056 (NCAM)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0191Mouse M IgG2bCD564Human
CD057abcamab203123Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
CD057Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-NK1Mouse M IgMNK-1Human
CD057Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-NK1Mouse M IgMNK-1(blank)
CD062LLSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B8766Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
CD062LNovus BiologicalsNBP1-42795Mouse M IgG1DREG56Human
CD068abcamab53444Rat M IgG2aFA-11Mouse
CD068AbD SerotecMCA1957BTRat M IgG2aFA-11Mouse
CD068BioRadMCA341RMouse M IgG1ED1Rat
CD068Cell Marque168M-94Mouse M IgG1, kappaKP-1Human
CD068DakoM0814Mouse M IgG1, kappaKP1 (blank)
CD068Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0273Mouse M Ig2a514H12Human
CD068Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0273Mouse M IgG2a514H12Human
CD069Fisher/ Invitrogen14-0699-82Mouse M IgG1FN50Human
CD071Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-L-CD71-309Mouse M IgG2b10F11Human
CD079aLeica Microsystems Inc. PA0192Mouse M IgG2a11E3Human
CD080abcamab134120Rabbit M IgGEPR1157(2)Human
CD099Cell Marque/ Sigma199R-18Rabbit M IgGEPR3097Y(blank)
CD099Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0509Mouse M IgG112E7Human
CD099, MIC2 Gene Products, Ewing's Sarcoma MarkerDako M3601 Mouse M IgG1, kappa12E7(blank)
CD117, c-kitCell Marque 117R-18;117R-18-ASPRabbit M IgGYR145Human
CD117, c-kitDakoA4502Rabbit P N/A(blank)
CD123Sigma-AldrichHPA003539Rabbit PIL3RAHuman
CD123, IL3RANovus BiologicalsNB600-1185Mouse MIL3RA, 6H6Human
CD133 abcamab16518Rabbit P IgGN/AN/K
CD133 Cell Signaling Technology 64326Rabbit IgGD2V8QHuman
CD133 MilliporeMAB4399Mouse M17A6.1Human
CD138 (Syndecan 1)Cell Marque138M-15Mouse M IgG1B-A38Human
CD138 (Syndecan 1)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0088Mouse M IgG1MI15Human
CD138 (Syndecan 1)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0088Mouse M IgG1MI15(blank)
CD138 (Syndecan 1)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-12765Mouse M IgG1DL-101(blank)
CD138 (Syndecan 1)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-12765Mouse M IgG1Ectodomain of Syndecan-1(blank)
CD146 (MUC-18, MCAM)Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-CD146Mouse M IgG1N1238Human
CD155 (PVR)Sigma-AldrichHPA012568-100ULRabbit PN/AHuman
CD161NovusNB100-77528Mouse MPK136Mouse
CD163abcamab17051Mouse M IgG1RM3/1Human, monkey
CD163abcamab74604Mouse M IgG110D6Human
CD163Cell Marque163M-18Mouse M IgG1MRQ-26(blank)
CD163Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-CD163Mouse M IgG110D6(blank)
CD163/ M130Bioss (antibodies P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
CD172 (SIRP alpha)abcamab53721Rabbit PSIRPαHuman, mouse, rat
CD197 (CCR-7)eBioScience14-1979Rat M IgG2a, kappa3D12(blank)
CD200R&D SystemsAF2724Goat IgGN/AHuman
CD204 Macrophage Scavenger Receptor IThermo Fisher Scientific/ PiercePA5-22957Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse
CD206 (Mannose Receptor)abcamab64693Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
CD222 (Mannose 6 Phosphate Receptor)Thermo Fisher ScientificPA3-850Rabbit P IgGN/ACattle, primate, human, mouse
CD222, IGF-II Receptor/CI-M6PR (Insulin-like growth factor II reseptor aka cation-independent mannose 6-phosphate receptor) Cell Signaling Technology 15128Rabbit M IgGD8Z3JHuman, mouse, rat
CD223 (LAG3)biorbytorb6286Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat, rabbit, cow, horse, pig
CD235a Glycophorin ADakoM0819Mouse M IgG1, kappaJC159Human
CD261 TNFRSF10A / DR4 (Death Receptor 4 )LSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B2073Mouse M IgG132A1380Human
CD272 (BTLA)Abbiotec252250Rabbit P IgN/AHuman, mouse, rat
CD274 (PD-L1)abcamab80276Rat M IgG2a, lambdaMIH6Mouse
CD274 (PD-L1)Biocare MedicalACI3171ARabbit M IgGCAL10Human
CD274 (PD-L1)BiogenexAM919-5MSGMouse M IgG29E.2A3Human
CD274 (PD-L1)Cell Signaling Technology 13684Rabbit M IgGE1L3NHuman
CD274 (PD-L1)Cell Signaling Technology 15165Rabbit M IgGE1J2JHuman
CD274 (PD-L1)Cell Signaling Technology 64988SRabbit M IgGD5V3BMouse
CD274 (PD-L1)LSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B480-50Rabbit PN/AHuman
CD274 (PD-L1)ProSci, Inc4059Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
CD276abcamab134161Rabbit M(blank)Human, Mouse,
CD276R&D SystemsAF1027Goat PN/AHuman
CD279 (PD-1)Cell Marque/ Sigma315M-94Mouse MNAT105Human
CD279 (PD-1)Cell Marque/ Sigma315M-95Mouse MNAT105Human
CD279 (PD-1)Cell Signaling Technology 84651SRabbit M IgGD7D5W XPMouse Rat Human
CD279 (PD-1)eBioScience14-2799-80 Mouse M IgG1, kappaJ105Human
CD279 (PD-1)LSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B2519Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
CD279 (PD-1)LSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B2551Goat PN/ABovine, dog, human, mouse, rat
CD279 (PD-1)R&D SystemsAF1086Goat P IgGN/AHuman
CD279 (PD-1, PDCD1)Sigma-AldrichHPA035981Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
CD282 TLR2 (Toll like receptor 2)BioLegend 309709Mouse M IgG2a, kappaTL2.1Human
CD282 TLR2 (Toll like receptor 2)NovusBioNB100-56726SSMouse M IgG2aTL2.1Human, canine
CD283 TLR3 (Toll-like receptor 3)abcamab59919Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, human
CD283 TLR3 (Toll-like receptor 3)Fisher/ InvitrogenMA5-16184Mouse M IgG1, kappa40C1285.6Canine, human, mouse
CD284 TLR4 (Toll-like receptor 4)abcamab47093Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
CD289 TLR9 (Toll-like receptor 9)abcamab53396Goat P IgGN/AMouse, human
CD338, BCRP (Breast cancer resistance protein)Enzo/ Alexis BiochemicalsALX-801-036-C125Rat M IgG2aBXP-53Human, mouse
CD338, BCRP (Breast cancer resistance protein), ABCG2, EnzoALX-801-029Mouse M IgG2aBXP-21Human
CD40 (tnf receptor superfamily member 5)Atlas AntibodiesAMAb90905Mouse M IgG1CL1673Human
CD45abcamab10588Rabbit P IgG(blank)Mouse,Rat,Human
Cdk2abcamab32147Rabbit M IgGE304Mouse, rat, human
Cdk4Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-23896Mouse M IgG1 DCS-35Human, mouse, rat
CDR1NovusNBP2-57758Rabbit M1038Human
CEACAM6/ Carcinoembryonic antigen related cell adhesion molecule 6abcamab56234Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
CEACAM8 / CD66bLSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B7134Mouse M IgG180H3Human
c-erbB-2 OncoproteinLeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-c-erbB-2-316Mouse M IgG2b5A2(blank)
c-Fgrbiorbytorb160411Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Chk1abcam ab40866Rabbit M IgGEP691YHuman
Chk1Sigma-AldrichC9358Mouse M IgG2b DCS-310Human
Chk2 Cell Signaling Technology 2662Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat, monkey
Choline AcetyltransferaseMillipore/ ChemiconAB144Goat PN/AMouse, guinea pig, rat
Choline AcetyltransferaseProSci50-265Goat PN/AChicken, goat, human, mouse, rat
Chromogranin ALeica Microsystems Inc. PA0430Mouse M IgG15H7Human
CK (AE1/AE3 Cytokeratin, Multi)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0909Mouse M lgG1 mixtureAE1/AE3Human
CK (AE1/AE3)DakoM3515Mouse M IgG1AE1/AE3Human
CK (AE1/AE3)DakoM3515Mouse M IgG1, kappaAE1/AE3Human
CK (Cytokeratin, Wide Spectrum Screening)DakoZ0622Rabbit PAnti-CowHuman, mouse
CK (Cytokeratin, Wide Spectrum Screening)DakoZ0622Rabbit PAnti-CowHuman. Mouse for Otey, Yeh, Miller
CK (Cytokeratin; MAK-6)Invitrogen28-0001Mouse M lgG1 mixtureKA4 & UCD/PR-10.11Human
CK 14 (Cytokeratin 14)Cell Marque314M-14Moise MLL002(blank)
CK 18 (M30 CytoDEATH)Enzo/ AxxoraALX-804-590Mouse M IgG2bM30Human
CK 19 (Keratin 19)NeoMarkersMS-1902-P0Mouse M IgG1RCK108(blank)
CK 20 (Cytokeratin 20) Epitomics2039-1Rabbit P IgGEPR1622Y(blank)
CK 20 (Cytokeratin 20) Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0918Mouse M IgG1PW31(blank)
CK 5/14 (Cytokeratin 5/14 1+10)abcamab22642Mouse MLH1N/K
CK 5/14(Cytokeratin 5/14)Biocare MedicalACI3025AMouse MXM26+LL002Human
CK 5/6 (Cytokeratin 5/6)Cell Marque356M-14Mouse MD5/16B4(blank)
CK 5/6 (Cytokeratin 5/6)Cell Marque/ Ventana760-4253Mouse M IgG1D5&16B4(blank)
CK 5/6 (Cytokeratin 5/6)Chemicon/ MilliporeMAB1620 Mouse M IgG1D5/16B4 (blank)
CK 5/6 (Cytokeratin 5/6)DakoM7237Mouse M IgG1, kappaD5/16 B4 (blank)
CK 5/6 (Cytokeratin 5/6)Invitrogen18-0267Mouse M IgG1D5/16B4 Human
CK 7 (Cytokeratin 7)Biocare MedicalCRM339ARabbit M BC1Human, xenografts
CK 7 (Cytokeratin 7)Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-L-CK7-560Mouse M IgGRN7Human
CK 7 (Cytokeratin 7)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0942Mouse M IgG1RN7(blank)
CK 7 (Cytokeratin 7) DakoM7018Mouse M IgG1, kappaOV-TL 12/30Human
CK 8/18 (Cytokeratin 8/18)Biocare MedicalAPI 3161 AARabbit M IgGEP17 and EP30Human, mouse
CK 8/18 (Cytokeratin 8/18)Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-5D3Mouse M IgG15D3(blank)
CK 8/18 (Cytokeratin 8/18)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0067Mouse M IgG15D3Human
CK HMW+p63+AmcarBiocare MedicalAPI 3154DSAAMouse M Mpuse M Rabbit M34bE12 4A4 13H4Human
CK5/14 CocktailBiocare MedicalACI3025AMouse M IgG1XM26+LL002Human
CK8LeicaPA0567Mouse IgG1(blank)Human
Claudin 3Thermo Fisher ScientificRB-9251-P0Rabbit P N/A(blank)
Claudin 4Thermo Fisher ScientificRB-9266-P0Rabbit P N/A(blank)
c-Mybabcamab59233Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
c-MycCell Marque359R-14Rabbit M IgGEP121Human
c-MycEpitomicsAC-0116Rabbit M IgGEP-121Human
c-MycEpitomicsAC-0116ARabbit M IgGEP-121Human
c-MycEpitomicsEP-121Rabbit M IgGEP-121Human
c-MycVentana 790-4628Rabbit M IgGY69Human
Collagen Iabcamab138492Rabbit M IgGEPR7785Human, does not react w/ mouse
Collagen Iabcamab21286Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse
Collagen Iabcamab6308Mouse M IgG1COL-1Human, mouse, rat, rabbit etc.
Collagen Iabcamab90395Mouse M IgG1COL-1Rat, human
Collagen ISigmaC2456Mouse M IgG1COL-1 pig, bovine, deer, rat, rabbit, human
Collagen IIabcamab21291Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse
Collagen IIabcamab54236Mouse M IgG2a, kappaSPM239N/K
Collagen II abcamab3092Mouse M IgG2a, kappa5B2.5Mouse, human
Collagen IIIabcamab7778Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
Collagen IIISigmaHPA007583Rabbit P IgG(blank)(blank)
Collagen IVCell Marque/ Sigma239M-15Mouse M IgG1CIV22Human
Collagen IVDako M0785Mouse M IgG1, kappaCIV22Human
Collagen IVMilliporeAB8201Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, human, rat
Collagen IVThermoFisher ScientificPA1-85320Rabbit P IgG(blank)Mouse, NHP
Collagen VIISanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-33710Mouse M 4D2(blank)
Collagen Xabcamab49945Mouse M IgMCOL-10Human, pig, deer
CoroninUNC, J. Bear LabN/AMouseN/A(blank)
CortactinCell Signaling Technology 3502Rabbit PN/A(blank)
COX IVCell Signaling Technology 11967Mouse M IgG14D11-B3-E8Human, mouse, rat, monkey
COX2Cell Marque240R-14Rabbit MSP21Human
CPT1AProteintch15184-1-APRabbit P(blank)Human, mouse, rat
c-RelCell Signaling Technology 4727Rabbit PN/AHuman, monkey
c-RelNouvsNBP2-37593Mouse MIE7Human, mouse
CRTC2Lab made(blank)Rabbit P(blank)Human
Crystallin, αBAssay Designs/ Stressgen/ EnzoSPA-222Mouse M IgG1B6.1-3G4Human, mouse, rat
CST6abcamab54572Mouse M IgG2aaa:s 29-150 of Human CST6Human
CTHCRN/KN/KRabbit PN/A(blank)
Ctrl Goat IgGabcamab37373Goat P IgGN/AN/A
Ctrl Goat IgGSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-2755Goat IgG-BN/A(blank)
Ctrl Ms a-Hu IgMSouthern Biotech(blank)Mouse IgG1SA-DA4Human
Ctrl Ms IgG1DakoX0931Mouse M IgG1DAK-GO1(blank)
Ctrl Ms IgG2aDakoX0943Mouse M IgG2aDAK-GO5(blank)
Ctrl Ms IgMDakoX0942Mouse M IgMDAK-GO8(blank)
Ctrl Rabbit P IgGabcamab171870Rabbit P IgGN/AN/A
Ctrl Rb DakoN1699RabbitN/A(blank)
Ctrl Rb DakoX0903Rabbit IgGN/A(blank)
Ctrl Rb P IgGabcamab27478-100Rabbit P IgGN/AN/A
CUX1 (CDP)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-13024Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
CX3CL1R&D SystemsMAB3651Mouse M IgG1B1513(blank)
CX3CR1abcamab8021Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
CXCL10R&D BiotechneMAB2662Mouse M#984429Human
CXCL12, SDF-1abcamab18919Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
CXCL12, SDF-1R&D SystemsMAB350-100Mouse M IgG179018Human, mouse
CXCR2/IL-8R&D SystemsMAB331-100Mouse M IgG2a48311Human
CXCR3abcamab64714Mouse M IgG12Ar1Human
CXCR5R&D SystemsMAB190Mouse M IgG2b51505Human
CXCR7/ ACKR3Sigma-AldrichHPA049718Rabbit PN/AHuman
Cyclic GMP-AMP synthase (MB21D1)Cell Signaling Technology 15102Rabbit M IgGD1D3GHuman
Cyclin B1 Cell Signaling Technology 4138Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Cyclin D1Cell Marque241R-44Rabbit M IgGEP12(blank)
Cyclin D1 Dako M7155Mouse M IgG2a, kappaDCS-6(blank)
Cyclin D1 (Bcl-1) Cell Marque241R-15Rabbit M IgGSP4(blank)
Cyclin D1 (Bcl-1) Cell Signaling Technology 2978Rabbit M IgG92G2Human, mouse, rat
Cyclin D1 (Bcl-1) DakoM3635Rabbit MSP4Human
Cyclin D2Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-181Rabbit P IgG C-17(blank)
Cyclin D2Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-181Rabbit P IgGN/A(blank)
Cyclin D2 (CCND2)Proteintech10934-1-APRabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
CYP24Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-66851Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Cytochrome cCell Signaling Technology 4280Rabbit M IgG136F3Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Cytokeratin (1/5/10/14)Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-CK34BE12Mouse M IgG34BE12Human
Cytomegalovirus PP65biorbytorb10511 Rabbit P IgGN/AViral
Cytomegalovirus, earlyChemicon/ MilliporeMAB810Mouse M IgG2a8B1.2Human
D2DR Santa Cruzsc-5303Mouse M IgG2aB-10Human, Rodent
D5DR Santa Cruzsc-376088Mouse M IgG1E-12Human
DARPP-32 (Dopamine- and cAMP-regulated neuronal phosphoprotein) BD Biosciences611520Mouse M IgG1, kappa15Rat, mouse, Rhesus Macacue, Canine
DARPP-32 (Dopamine- and cAMP-regulated neuronal phosphoprotein) MilliporeAB10518Rabbit PN/ARat, mouse, Rhesus Macacue, Canine
DCX (Doublecortin)abcamab18723Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat etc.
D-dimers DD-XLink-mab (crosslinked fibrin)ZediraA076 Mouse M IgG2b, kappaN/A(blank)
DDX21 (DEAD box protein 21)Novus BiologicalsNBP1-83310Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
DEKabcamab221545Rabbit M(blank)(blank)
Dendra2OrigeneTA180094Mouse M IgG2bOTI1G6N/K
DesmogleinThermoFisher Scientific32-6100Mouse IgG16D8Human
Dicerabcamab14601Mouse M IgG2a13D6Mouse, human
DicerCell Signaling Technology 3363Rabbit P IgGN/A(blank)
DiO3 (Deiodinase iodothyronine type 3)abcamab102926Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
DLC1abcamab21200Goat P IgGN/AHuman
DLC-1BD Biosciences612020Mouse M IgG13/DLC-1Human
DNAic 1UNCN/ARabbit P N/A(blank)
DNAiC1 56UNCN/AMouseN/A(blank)
DNAJB9abcamab6053Goat polyclonal IgGN/Amouse, rat, cow, dog, xenopus laevis
DNAJB9SigmaHPA040967Rabbit polyclonal IgGN/AHuman
Dnmt3aabcamab13888Mouse M IgG164B1446Mouse, human
Dnmt3aabcamab2850Rabbit P IgG (blank)Mouse, Rat, Human, Drosophila melanogaster
DPYD m (dihydropyrmidine dehydrogenase)AbnovaH00001806-M01Mouse M IgG17D4Human
DR4ProSci1139Rabbit P(blank)Human
DR4Santa Cruzsc-8411Mouse M IgG1B-9Human
DRP1 (Dynamin-related protein 1)Cell Signaling Technology 14647Mouse M IgG14E11B11Human, mouse, rat
DUT-N abcamab54942-100Mouse M IgG1, kappaN/AHuman
DUT-N abcamab65444-100Rabbit P IgGN/AN/K
Dystrophin (C-terminus)Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-DYS2Mouse M IgG1Dy8/6C5(blank)
EBI3abcamab118500Rat M IgG2a, kappaDNT27Mouse, human
EBI3SigmaHPA046635Rabbit P(blank)Human
EBNA-1Novusab118501 Mouse M IgG10211(6F9/60)Epstein-Barr virus
EBV/LMP-1abcamab118502 Mouse M IgG1Gs 1-4Epstein-Barr virus
E-CadherinCell Signaling Technology 3195Rabbit M IgG24E10Human, mouse
E-CadherinLeica Microsystems Inc. PA0387Mouse M IgG136B5Human
Ect2Millipore07-1364Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, rat, mouse, pig, bovine
EFNB2Sigma-AldrichHPA008999Rabbit PN/A(blank)
Eg5CytoskeletonAKIN06Rabbit PN/AHuman
EGFR (HER1)Cell Signaling Technology 4267Rabbit M IgGD38B1Human, mouse, monkey
EGFR (HER1)Cell Signaling Technology 71655sRabbit mAb(blank)Mouse
EGFR (HER1)DakoM3563Mouse M IgG1, kappaH11Human
EGFR (HER1)EpitomicsAC-0025Rabbit M IgGEP22Human
EGFR (HER1)Invitrogen28-0005Mouse M IgG131G7 Human
EGFR (HER1)Invitrogen28-0005Mouse M IgG131G7 (blank)
EGFR (HER1)KerafastEWI020Mouse M IgG425Human
EGFR (HER1)Santa Cruzsc-120Mouse mono IgG2A528Human Mouse Rat Dog
EGFR (HER1)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-03Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
EGFR (HER1)ThermoFisherMA5-12880Mouse mono IgG1225Human Mouse
EGFR (HER1)Zymed/ Invitrogen28-0005Mouse M IgG1 31G7 Human
EGFR (HER1)Zymed/ Invitrogen28-0005Mouse M IgG1 31G7 (blank)
EGFR (HER1)Zymed/ Invitrogen/ Life Technologies28-0005Mouse M IgG1 31G7 Human
EGR1Cell Signaling Technology 4153Rabbit M IgG15F7(blank)
EME1Novus BiologicalsNBP1-00566MouseN/AHuman
EMMPRIN Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-21746Mouse M IgG18D6(blank)
eNOS/NOS III, CTMillipore07-520Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
ENT1Thermo FisherPA5-33030Rabbit P IgG(blank)Human
ENTPD1/ CD039Sigma - AtlasHPA014067Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
Eosinophil Major Basic ProteinAbD Serotec4180-2008Mouse M IgG1BMK13Human
Eosinophil Major Basic ProteinAbD SerotecMCA5751Mouse M IgG1BMK13Human
Eosinophil Major Basic ProteinChemiconCBL419Mouse N/A(blank)
Eosinophil Major Basic ProteinFitzgerald10R-E107a(blank)BMK13(blank)
Eosinophil Major Basic ProteinUSBiologicalE3330(blank)N/A(blank)
Eotaxin-3PeproTech, INC500-M32Mouse M IgG1CCL26Human
Eotaxin-3PeproTech, INC500-P156GGoat P IgGN/A(blank)
Eotaxin-3PeproTech, INC500-P156G-500UGGoat P IgGN/A(blank)
EPHA10/ EPH Reseptor A10AbgentALS16871Mouse M IgG2a2E8Human
EpiregulinR&D SystemsAF1195 Goat IgGN/AHuman
Epiregulin R&D SystemsAF1195 Goat IgGrhEpiregulin(blank)
Epithelial Antigen DakoN1554 Mouse M IgGBer-EP4Human
Epithelial Membrane Antigen (EMA)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0035Mouse M IgG1GP1.4Human
Epithelial Specific AntigenNeoMarkersMS-144-P0Mouse M IgG1, kappaVU-1D9(blank)
Epstein-Barr virus Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-EBV-CS1-4Mouse M IgG1CS1, CS2, CS3 and CS4(blank)
Epthelial antigen DakoM0804Mouse M IgG1, kappaBer-EP4Human
ER alpha (Estrogen Receptor α)DakoM7047 Mouse M IgG11D5 (blank)
ER beta (Estrogen Receptor Beta)BiogenexAR385-5RRabbit PN/A(blank)
ER beta (Estrogen Receptor Beta)BiogenexAR385-5RRabbit P N/AHuman
ER beta (Estrogen Receptor Beta)BiogenexAR385-5RRabbit P N/A(blank)
ER beta (Estrogen Receptor Beta)BiogenexPU385-UPRabbit PN/A(blank)
ER beta (Estrogen Receptor Beta)Invitrogen ThermoFisherMA5-24807Mouse MPPZ0506Human
ER Estrogen Receptor Cell Marque249R-14Rabbit M IgGSP1Human
ER Estrogen Receptor Cell Marque249R-16Rabbit MSP1Human
ER Estrogen Receptor Cell Marque249R-16Rabbit M IgGSP1Human
ErbB4Millipore05-1133Mouse M IgG1, kappaHFR1/2G4Rat, human, mouse
ErbB4ThermoFisher ScientificMA1-861Mouse M IgG2b(blank)Human, Mouse, Non-human primate, Rat
Erbb4 Millipore05-1133Mouse M IgM(blank)Human, mouse, rat
ERCC1abcamab2356Mouse M IgG2b8F1Human
ETS1Santa Cruz BiotechnologySC-55581Mouse M IgG1, kappaC-4Human
Ezh2CST5246TRabbit M IgG(blank)Human, mouse, rat, monkey
F4/80Acris AntibodiesT-2028Rat IgG2a, kappaBM8Mouse
F4/80BioLegend 123116Rat IgG2a, kappaBM8Mouse
F4/80Cell Signaling Technology 70076Rabbit M IgG(blank)Mouse
F4/80eBioscience/ Affymetrix14-4801-82Rat IgG2a, kappaBM8Mouse
F4/80eBioscience/ Affymetrix/ Fisher14-4801-82Rat IgG2a, kappaBM8Mouse
F4/80Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-26643-RRabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
FABP7 / BLBP / MRGLSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B6684Mouse M IgG2b, kappaAT1D1Human, mouse
FAKMillipore05-537Mouse M IgG1 4.47(blank)
FAPSigma-AldrichHPA059739Rabbit PN/AHuman
FAPαSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-135069Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
FASN (Fatty Acid Synthase) Cell Signaling Technology 3180Rabbit M IgGGly46Human, mouse, rat
FATE1abcamab111486Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
FATE1abcamab57842Mouse M IgG1, kappaN/AHuman
FBP-1Sigma-AldrichHPA005857Rabbit PN/AHuman
FDXRInvitrogenLF-PA0003Rabbit P(blank)Human, mouse, rat
FDXRLife TechnologiesLS-B11626Rabbit P(blank)Human, Mouse, Rat, Bovine, Horse, Pig
FGF19abcamab225942Rabbit P IgG(blank)Human, mouse
FGF2Upstate/ Millipore05-118Mouse M IgG1, kappabFM-2 Human, bovine, mouse, rat
FGF21abcamab171941Rabbit M IgGEPR8314(2)Mouse, rat, human
FGFR2 (Fibroblast growth factor receptor)Cell Signaling Technology 23328Rabbit M IgGD4L2VHuman, mouse
FGFR3 (Fibroblast growth factor receptor)Cell Signaling Technology 4574SRabbit M IgGC51F2Human
FGFR3 (Fibroblast growth factor receptor)Santa CruzeSC13121Mouse MB-9Human
FGFR4MilliporeMABD120Mouse M4H2B10B2Human
FHAUNC, Collins LabN/AfAbN/AMouse
Fibrillin 1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-20084Rabbit P IgGH-109(blank)
Fibrillin 1 FBN1Sigma-AldrichHPA017759Rabbit PN/AHuman
Fibrillin 2Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-28136Goat P IgGN-20(blank)
Fibrillin 2 FBN2Sigma-AldrichHPA012853Rabbit PN/AHuman
Fibrillin 3Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-167896Goat P IgGP-16(blank)
Fibrinogenabcamab27913Rabbit P IgG(blank)(blank)
Fibrinogenabcamab34269Rabbit P IgG(blank)(blank)
FibrinogenSigmaHPA001900Rabbit P IgG(blank)(blank)
FibronectinMilliporeAB2033Rabbit PN/AMouse
FibronectinSigma-AldrichF0916-.2MLMouse MIST-4Human
FigRPUNC, Collins LabN/AfAbN/AMouse
FilaggrinLeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-FILAGGRINMouse M IgG1, kappa15C10Human
FKBP51abcamab126715Rabbit MEPR6617Human,Rat
FLEX Ki67DakoIS626Mouse M IgG1, kappaMIB-1Human
FMRP Fragile X Mental Retardation ProteinMilliporeMAB2160Mouse M IgG1C3Rat, human, mouse
FOXA1abcamab55178Mouse monoclonal IgG2a, kappa(blank)Mouse, human
FoxP3 (Forkhead box P3)Abbiotec250655Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
FoxP3 (Forkhead box P3)abcamab10563Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
FoxP3 (Forkhead box P3)abcamab20034Mouse M IgG1236A/E7Mouse, human, monkey
FoxP3 (Forkhead box P3)Cell Signaling Technology 12653Rabbit M IgGD608RMouse
FSHRLSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B4910Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
FSHRR&D SystemsMAB6559Mouse M IgG2b626723Human
GABRB2 LSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B954Rabbit PN/A(blank)
GADD 153 (F-168)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-575Rabbit P IgGF-168(blank)
GADD45αMillipore07-1230Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rabbit
Galectin 3abcamab7278Mouse M IgG19C4Human
Galectin 9Novus BiologicalsNBP1-19644Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Ganglioside GD2BD Pharmigen554272Mouse M IgG2a14 G2aHuman Mouse
Ganglioside GD2Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-53831Mouse M IgG2aN/AHuman
GATA3Leica Microsystems Inc. / Cell Marque PA0798Mouse M IgG1, kappaL50-823(blank)
GATAD2A UNC, Williams LabN/ARabbit PN/AHuman
G-CSFSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-1318Goat P IgGN/AHuman
GDF15abcamab189358Rat M IgG6D12.H10.E4Mouse, human
GFAPDakoZ0334Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
GFAPeBioScience14-9892-82Mouse M IgG1GA5Human, mouse, rat, chicken, rabbit, pig
GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein)abcamab13970Chicken P IgYN/APhotocytes
GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein)abcamab6673Goat PN/AMouse, Pig,Human?
GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein)Millipore#06-896Chicken P IgYN/AVertebrates
GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein) cAves LabsGFP-1010Chicken P IgYN/AMouse
GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein) cAves LabsGFP-1020Chicken P IgYN/AMouse
GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein) rabcamab290Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse
GFP gRockland 600-101-215Goat P IgGN/AMouse
Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein (GFAP m)DakoM0761Mouse M IgG1, kappa6F2(blank)
Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein (GFAP r)DakoZ0334Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Glucose Transporter GLUT-1, C-terminusChemicon/ MilliporeAB1340Rabbit P N/A(blank)
Glucose Transporter GLUT-3, C-terminusChemicon/ MilliporeAB1345Rabbit P N/A(blank)
Glut 1 (Glucose Transporter) abcamab53654Mouse M IgG1SPM498Human, mouse, rat
GLUT-1 Biocare MedicalCM408AMouse M IgG1SPM498Human
GLUT-1 Millipore07-1401Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
GM130abcamab52649Rabbit M IgGEP892YMouse, rat, cow, human
GPR30N/KN/KRabbit P IgGN/KHuman
GRHL2SigmaHPA004820Rabbit PN/KHuman
GSK-3α/βCell Signaling Technology 5676Rabbit M IgGclone D75D3Human, mouse, rat, hamster, monkey
GSK-3α/βSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-7291Mouse M IgG(blank)Human, mouse, rat, canine
H3 Total UNC, Strahl Lab N/ARabbitClone 561e3Human
H3K36abcamab9050Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse etc.
H3K36me1abcamab9048Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
H3K36me2Active Motif39255Rabbit PN/AHuman
H3K4me3Cell Signaling Technology 9751Rabbit mAb(blank)H M R Mk Dm Sc
H3K4me3Upstate/ Millipore07-473Rabbit PN/AHuman, vertebrates
H4 tetra-acetylActive Motif39179RabbitN/KHuman
HAND2abcamab60037Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
HAND2R&D SystemsAF3876Goat P IgGN/KHuman, mouse
HB-EGFSanta CruzSC-365182Mouse M IgG2a(blank)(blank)
Hccl26/ Eotaxin-3R&D SystemsAF653(blank)N/A(blank)
HCK (Hemopoietic cell kinase)Proteintech11600-1-APRabbit P IgG N/AHuman, mouse, rat
HemoglobinDakoA0118Rabbit P N/AHuman
HepatocyteDakoM7158Mouse M IgG1, kappaOCH1E5Human
Hepatocyte Ab-1Thermo Fisher Scientific/ NeoMarkersMS-1810-R7Mouse M IgG1OCH1E5(blank)
HER2/ErbB2Cell Signaling Technology 4290SRabbit M IgGD8F12Human, mouse
HER-2/neu (c-erbB-2)BiogenexMU134-UCMouse M IgG1CB11Human
HER-2/neu (c-erbB-2)BiogenexMU134-UCMouse M IgG1CB11(blank)
HER3LSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-C97504Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse
Her3 RocklandCUST17Rabbit P IgGN/A(blank)
Her3 (ErbB-3 )Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-285Rabbit P IgGErbB-3 (C-17)Human
HER3/ErbB3Cell Signaling Technology 12708SRabbit M IgGD22C5Human, mouse
Her4 (c-erbB-4)Thermo Fisher ScientificMS-637Mouse M IgG2bHFR-1Human, mouse
Her4 (ErbB-4)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-53280Mouse M IgG2bHFR1Human, mouse
Hes1Cell Signaling Technology 11988SRabbit M IgGD6P2UHuman, mouse, rat, monkey
Hexokinase I Cell Signaling Technology 2024Rabbit M IgGC35C4Human, mouse
HGF αSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-7949Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
HHV-8 (Human Herpesvirus, type 8). aka LANALeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-HHV8-LNAMouse M IgG113B10(blank)
Hic-5BD Transduction Labs611164Mouse M IgG134/Hic-5Mouse
HIF-1 alphaBD Transduction Labs610959Mouse M IgG154/HIF-1αHuman
HIF-1 alphaBD Transduction Labs610959, 610958Mouse M IgG154/HIF-1αHuman
HIF-1 alphaNovus BiologicalsNB100-105Mouse M IgG2bHialpha67Human
HIF-1 alphaNovus BiologicalsNB100-479Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat, primate
HIF-1 alphaSanta Cruz BiotechnologySC-10790Rabbit PN/AMouse, rat, human
HIF-1 alphaSigma-AldrichHPA001275RabbitN/AHuman
HIF2 alphaEton Bioscience, Inc.3100090205RabbitN/KHuman, mouse
HIF2 alphaNovus BiologicalsNB100-122Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
HIF2 alphaNovus BiologicalsNB100-132Mouse M IgG1N/AHuman, mouse, rat
HIF2 alpha (Hypoxia Inducible Factor-2 alpha subunit)Eton Bioscience, Inc.3100090205 or 3100090105RabbitN/KHuman, mouse
Histon+A700:AN700e H2Babcamab52599Rabbit M IgGEP957YHuman, mouse,Rat, Cow
HK2 (Hexokinase 2)abcamab104836Mouse M IgG3D3Human
HK2 (Hexokinase 2)Cell Signaling Technology 2867SRabbit M IgGC64G5Human, mouse, rat, monkey
HK2 (Hexokinase 2)Sigma-AldrichHPA028587-100ULRabbit PN/AHuman
HLA-DR (Major Histocompatibility Class II)BioLegend 307602Mouse M IgG2a, kappaL243Human
HLA-DRa (Major Histocompatibility Class II)Santa Cruz BiotechnologySC-55593Mouse M IgG1G-7Human
HMGA2Cell Signaling Technology 8179Rabbit M IgGD1A7Human, mouse, rat
HMGN2ThermoPA5-95559Rabbit P IgG(blank)(blank)
HN1Atlas AntibodiesHPA059729Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
HNF-4aSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-6556Goat P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
HoxA3Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-22384Goat P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
HoxA4Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-82888Goat P IgGN/AMouse, rat
HoxA5Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-28599Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
HOXA9Sigma-AldrichHPA061982Rabbit PN/AHuman
HoxA9 (Homeobox protein A9)Thermo Fisher Scientific/ PiercePA5-23367Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, dog, rat, primate, chicken
HPV 16-E7 Invitrogen28-0006Mouse M IgG18C9Human
HPV 16-L1abcamab234309Mouse M (blank)Human
HPV 16-L1abcamab69Mouse M IgG1(blank)Human
HPV 16-L1Biocare MedicalCM186CMouse M (blank)Human
HPV 16-L1Santa CruzeSC-65713Mouse M (blank)Human
HPV 18/16-E6Calbiochem/ Millipore
DP12Mouse M IgG1C1P5(blank)
HPV Papillomavirus 1, 6, 11, 16, 18, 31Chemicon/ MilliporeMAB837Mouse M1H8Human
Hsp27 (Heat Schock Protein 27)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-1049 -N/A(blank)
Hsp27 (Heat Schock Protein 27)Thermo Fisher Scientific/ PierceMA3-015Mouse M IgG1G3.1Human, mouse, rat, canine, non-human primate
Hsp40 (Heat Shock Protein 40)EnzoADI-SPA-400-D Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat etc.
HSP70 (HSPA1B, Heat Shock Protein 70)Cell Signaling Technology 4873Rat M IgG16B3Human, monkey
HSP90 (HSPAA1, Heat Shock Protein 90)Cell Signaling Technology 4875Rabbit PN/AHuman, monkey, rat, monkey
hTACIR&D SystemsMAB-174Mouse M IgG1165609(blank)
Iba1 Sigma-AldrichSAB2702364 Mouse M IgG1N/AHuman, mouse, rat
Iba1 Wako Chemicals019-19741Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
IFN-gamma (Interferon ga+A625:AP625mma)Novus Biologicals/ Bio-TechneMAB285-SPMouse M IgG2a25718Human
IFN-gamma (Interferon gamma)Novus Biologicals/ Bio-TechneNBP1-19761Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
IFN-gamma (Interferon gamma)Novus Biologicals/ Bio-TechneNBP2-53332Mouse
IgG2b Kappa
IGF-1 abcamab9572Rabbit PN/AHuman, mous
IGF-1 R alpha subunitThermo Fisher ScientificMS-641-90Mouse M IgG124-31(blank)
IGFBP-3R&D SystemsMAB3052Mouse M IgG2b84728(blank)
IgG kappaabcamab190484Rabbit MRM103Mouse
IgMSouthern Biotech1020-01Goat IgGN/KHuman
IKKaBethyl LaboratoriesA301-933ARabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
IKKaCell Signaling Technology 2682RabbitN/AHuman, mouse, rat, monkey
IKKbCell Signaling Technology 2370Rabbit M2C8Human, mouse, rat, monkey
IKKbCell Signaling Technology 2678RabbitL570Human, mouse, rat, hamster, monkey etc.
IKKbCell Signaling Technology 2684Rabbit PN/AHuman, monkey
IKKeCell Signaling Technology 2905Rabbit MD20G4Human, predicted monkey
IKKeRockland600-401-267Rabbit PpT501(blank)
IL11ThermoFisherPA5-36544Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse,Rat,Human
IL-11Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-7924Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
IL-11RαSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-993Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
IL-13abcamab16219Rat MJES10-5A2Human, mouse
IL-13BiosourceAHC0132Rat MJES10-5A2Human
IL-13Santa Cruz BiotechnologySC-1292Goat P IgGC-19(blank)
IL-13Thermo Fisher ScientificOMA-03356Rat M IgG2b N/A(blank)
IL17 abcamab91649Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse
IL-17/ IL-17AR&D SystemsAF-317-SP or - NAGoat P IgGN/AHuman
IL-17+A643:AL643abcamab118869Rat M IgG1TC11-18H10Mouse
IL-17AeBioScience11-7177Rat MeBio17B7Mouse, rat
IL-17AeBioScience14-7178Mouse M IgG1, kappaeBio64CAP17Human
IL-17ASigma-AldrichHPA052258Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
IL1-betaabcamab9722Rabbit P(blank)(blank)
IL-37abcamab153889Rabbit PN/AHuman
IL-37abcamab57187Mouse M IgG1, kappaN/AHuman
IL-5 abcamab25034Mouse MQS-5Human
IL-5 R&D SystemsMAB605Mouse M IgG19906.1Human
IL6abcamab6672Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human, pig
IL6 abcamab9324Mouse M IgG2aRecombinant full length protein (Human)Rat, human
iNOS (inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase )Thermo Fisher ScientificPA1-036Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
iNOS (Nitric Oxide Synthase II)MilliporeAB5384RabbitN/AHuman
iNOS (NOS2)Thermo Fisher ScientificPA5-16855Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, murine, rat
InsulinCell Signaling Technology 3014Rabbit M IgGC27C9Human, mouse, rat
Integrin, alpha 4abcamab81280Rabbit M IgGEPR1355YHuman
Integrin, beta 1, activatedMilliporeMAB2079ZMouse M IgG2bHUTS-4(blank)
Integrin, beta 6Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-6632Goat P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
InvolucrinLeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-INVMouse M IgG1SY5Human
IRAK3 (IRAK-M)AbD SerotecAHP1611Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, cross-ractivity mouse, rat
IRF4Acris AntibodiesAP01237PU-NRabbit PN/AHuman, mouse
IRF-7Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-9083Rabbit P IgGH-246(blank)
ITKabcamab32039Rabbit M IgGY401Human
ITKabcamab32113Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
Keap1Proteintech10503-2-APRabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Keap1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-15246Goat PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Keratin23Sigma-AldrichHPA016959-100ULRabbit PN/AHuman
Ki67Cell Marque275R-14Rabbit M IgGSP6Human
Ki-67 abcamab16667Rabbit MSP6Human, rat, mouse
Ki-67 BD Pharmingen550609Mouse M IgG1, kappaB56Human
Ki-67 Biocare MedicalCRM325ARabbit M IgGSP6Human, mouse
Ki-67 Biocare MedicalCRM325A Rabbit M IgGSP6Human, mouse
Ki-67 DakoM7240Mouse M IgG1, kappaMIB1Human
Ki-67 DakoN1633Mouse M IgG1, kappaMIB1Human
Ki-67 Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-Ki67pRabbit PN/AHuman, mouse
Ki-67 MilliporeAB9260Rabbit PN/AHuman, rat, mouse
Ki-67 OrigeneUM800033Mouse MUMAB107Human, Pig
KLK10Sigma-AldrichHPA017195Rabbit PN/AHuman
KMT3Aabcamab69836Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
Lamininabcamab11575Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
Laminin 5abcamab78286Mouse M IgG1, kappaP3H9-2Human
LC3Novus BiologicalsNB100-2220Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
LCN2LSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-C332404Rabbit P IgG N/AHuman, mouse, rat
LEF1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-374412Mouse M IgG2a, kappaB-10Human
Leukemia, Hairy CellDakoM0880Mouse M IgM, kappaDBA44(blank)
Leukotriene A4 Hydrolase (LTA4 Hydrolase)Cayman Chemical Co.160250Rabbit P IgGN/A(blank)
Lipolysis Stimulated Lipoprotein receptorAtlas AntibodiesHPA007270Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
LKB1Cell Signaling Technology 13031Rabbit M IgGD60C5F10Human
LKB1Cell Signaling Technology 3047BFRabbit MD60C5Human
LKB1UT Southwestern Medical CenterN/KRabbitN/K(blank)
LTC4 SynthaseSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-20108Rabbit P IgGN/A(blank)
LuciferasePromegaG745AGoat P IgGN/AMouse
Luciferase, Firefly abcamab181640Goat P(blank)Mouse
Luciferase, Firefly abcamab21176Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse
Ly-6Gabcamab25377Rat M IgG2b, kappaRB6-8C5Mouse
Ly-6GBioLegend 127601Rat IgG2a, kappa1A8Mouse
LYVE1abcamab14917Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, human
LYVE1 (Lymphatic Endothelial Cell Marker)R&D SystemsMAB20892Mouse M IgG1537028Human
MAC387, Myeloid/ Histiocyte AntigenDakoM0747Mouse M IgG1, kappaMAC 387Human
Macro H2A.2Novus BiologicalsNBP1-92094Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
MAGE-ALife Technologies35-6300 Mouse M IgG2a6C1Human
MAGE-A4Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-292429Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
Magohabcamab38768Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, human
Malondialdehyde MDAabcamab6463Rabbit PN/ARat, human
Malondialdehyde MDAJaICA (Japan Institute for the Control of Aging)MMD-030Mouse M IgG2a1F83Human
MAP2Sigma-AldrichM9942Mouse M IgG1HM-2Human, chicken, rat, mouse
Mart-1GeneTex, incGTX72313Mouse MClone M2-7C10(blank)
Maspin (H-130)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-22762Rabbit P N/AMouse, rat, human
Mast Cell TryptaseLeica Microsystems Inc. PA0019Mouse M IgG2b10D11(blank)
Mast Cell Tryptase DakoM7052Mouse M IgG1, kappaAA1Human
MATE1 (SLC47A1)Thermo Fisher ScientificPA5-25272Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
MATE2 (SLC47A2)abcamab106117Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
MATE2 (SLC47A2)Sigma-AldrichHPA044412Rabbit PN/AHuman
MATE2/ SLC47A2Millipore ABC943Rabbit PN/AHuman
Math1abcamab105497Rabbit P IgGN/ARat, predicted Mouse, Rabbit etc.
Math1Thermo Fisher Scientific/ Life TechnologiesPA5-29392Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
MATH1/ HATH1abcamab168374Rabbit M IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
MATH1/ HATH1abcamab85513Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
MBP (Myelin Basic Protein antibody [12] - Oligodendrocyte Marker)abcamab7349Rat M IgG2a12Mouse, rat, human, etc.
mCherryThermo Fisher Scientific/ Life TechnologiesM11217Rat M IgG2a16D7(blank)
MCL1abcamab25955Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
MCL1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-69840Mouse M IgG(blank)Mouse, rat, human
MCL1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-819Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
MCM 6Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-22781Rabbit P IgGH-300(blank)
MCM2 + TOP2ABiocare MedicalAPI 3181 AAMouse M IgG1, IgG2bOT18A11, UMAB146(blank)
MDM 2 DakoM7146Mouse MSMP14(blank)
MDM2 Zeta CorporationZ2189Mouse M IgGSMP14Human
MDR1/ ABCB1Chemicon/ MilliporeMAB4120Mouse M IgG1JSB-1 Human, hamster
MDR1/ ABCB1/ P Glycoproteinabcamab170904Rabbit M IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
MegalinSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-25470Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
Melan ALeica Microsystems Inc. PA0233Mouse M IgG1A103Human
MERTKabcamab52968Rabbit M IgGY323Human
MERTKEpitomics1633-1Rabbit MY323Human
MERTKLSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-C49604RabbitY323Human
MERTKUNC, Shields labN/ARabbitN/K(blank)
Mesothelial CellDakoN1594Mouse M IgM, kappaHBME-1 (blank)
Met Cell Signaling Technology 4560Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse
Met (C12) Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-10Rabbit P IgGN/A(blank)
MGMTThermo Fisher Scientific35-7000Mouse M IgG2bMT23.2Human
MHC II(MHC class II)abcamab25333Rat MNIMR-4Mouse
MICA (MHC class I chain-related gene A)R&D Systems/ Bio-TechneAF1300-SPGoat P IgGN/AHuman
MICA (MHC class I chain-related gene A) BiotinR&D SystemsBAF1300Goat P IgGN/AHuman
MICA/BSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-137242Mouse M IgG1, kappaF-6Human
MICA/B Blocking PeptideSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-271535 PMouse M IgG2aD-8Human
MIFSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-20121Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
MIG-6/ RALT/ Sigma-AldrichR 3028Rabbit P IgGPE-16Human, mouse, rat
Mitofusin-2Cell Signaling Technology 9482Rabbit IgGD2D10Human, mouse, rat
MLH1Cell Marque285M-18Mouse M IgG2aG168-728(blank)
MLH-1BD Pharmingen550838Mouse M IgG1G168-15Human
MLKLabcamab196436Rabbit M IgGphospho S345Mouse
MMP14 (Matrix metallopeptidase 14)Sigma-AldrichHPA051432Rabbit PN/AHuman
MMP2abcamab3158Mouse M N/AHuman
MMP2Chemicon/ MilliporeMAB13405Mouse M IgG1CA-4001Human, mouse, rat
MMP9abcamab38898Rabbit PN/AMouse, rat, human
MMP9MilliporeAB19016Rabbit PN/ARat, human, mouse
MMP9Sigma-AldrichHPA001238Rabbit N/A(blank)
MMP9 (Matrix metalloproteinase 9)Epitomics/ Cell MarqueAC-0122RUORabbit M IgGEP127Human
MORN2abcamab188524Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman. Predicted mouse, rat, cow
Mouse IgG Isotype ControlInvitrogen08-6599Mouse IgG(blank)(blank)
MRP1/ ABCC1abcamab3369Mouse M IgG1QCRL1Human
MRP1/ ABCC1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-13960Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
MRP2. ABCC2abcamab203397Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
MRP2/ cMOAT (ABCC2)Kamiya Biomedical CompanyMC-206Mouse M IgG2aM2III-6Human, rat
MRP2/ cMOAT. ABCC2Kamiya Biomedical CompanyMC-267Mouse M IgG2bM2III-5Human, mouse, rat
MRP3/ C-18Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-5776Goat P IgGC-18Mouse, rat, human
MRP4/ ABCC4abcamab15602Rat M IgG2aM4I-10Mouse, human
MRP4/ ABCC4Abnova/ Novus BiologicalsH00010257-M03Mouse M IgG1, kappaABCC4Human
MRP4/ ABCC4 (Multidrug resistance-associated protein 4)EnzoALX-801-038-C075Rat M IgG2aM4I-10Human, mouse
MSH2Cell Marque286M-18Mouse M IgG1G219-1129(blank)
MSH6Cell Marque287M-28Rabbit M IgGSP93(blank)
MUC1abcamab15481Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
MUC1abcamab28081Mouse mono IgG3C595Human
MUC16abcamab1107Mouse mono IgG1X75Human
Muc-5ACLeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-MUC-5ACMouse M IgG1CLH2Human
MUM1 (Multiple Myeloma Oncogene 1)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0129Mouse M IgG1EAU32Human
MUM1 ProteinDakoM7259Mouse M IgG1MUM1pHuman
MUM1 ProteinDakoM7259Mouse M IgG1, kappaMUM1p(blank)
MyD88abcamab2068-100Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
Myeloperoxidase (MPO)abcamab9535Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Myeloperoxidase (MPO)Dako IS511Rabbit P N/A(blank)
Myeloperoxidase (MPO)DakoN1578-N/AHuman
Myeloperoxidase (MPO)Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-MYELOMouse M IgG59A5Human
Myeloperoxidase (MPO)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0491Mouse M IgG2b59A5Human
MYH7 (Myosin heavy chain 7)Sigma-AldrichHPA001239Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
MyoDCell Signaling Technology 13812Rabbit mAb(blank)Human
MyoDNovus BiologicalNBP2-32882Mouse M IgG1(blank)Human, mouse, rat , chicken
MyoDSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-304 Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
MyogeninLeica Microsystems Inc. PA0226Mouse M IgG1LO26Human
Myosin Heavy ChainLeica Microsystems Inc. PA0493Mouse M IgG2bS131(blank)
Na+/K+-ATPase αSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-28800Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
Nanogabcamab62734-100Mouse M IgGNNG-811Human
Napsin ALeica Microsystems Inc. NAPSINA-L-CE-SMouse M IgG2bIP64(blank)
Napsin ALeica Microsystems Inc. PA0064Mouse M IgG2bIP64Human
N-CadherinMillipore04-1126Rabbit MEPR1792YHuman, mouse
Nestinabcamab105389Rabbit M IgGSP103Human
NestinCell Signaling Technology 4760Mouse M IgG1Rat-401Rat
Nestin MilliporeAB5922Rabbit PN/A(blank)
Nestin MilliporeMAB353Mouse M IgG1Rat-401(blank)
Nestin Thermo Fisher Scientific/ PierceMA1-06802Mouse M IgG110C2(blank)
NeuN (Neuronal Nuclei)abcamab104225Rabbit P(blank)Human, Mouse,Rat, Cow,Pig,Chicken
NeuN (Neuronal Nuclei)MilliporeMAB377Mouse M IgG1A60Mouse
Neurofibromin NF1 Chemicon/ MilliporeMAB5440Mouse M IgG1NFn27b(blank)
NFkB p105 / p50abcamab15485Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
NFkB p50 (H-119, reacts also p105)
Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-7178Rabbit P IgGN/A(blank)
NFkB p52Millipore05-361Mouse M IgG2aN/KHuman
NFkB p52Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-7386Mouse M IgG2aC-5(blank)
NFkB p65abcamab31481Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, human etc.
NFkB p65abcamab7975Rabbit P IgGN/AN/K
NFkB p65abcam ab31481Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, human etc.
NFkB p65Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-109Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
NFkB p65 (RelA)Cell Signaling Technology 3987Rabbit P IgGClone E498Human, mouse, rat, hamster, monkey etc.
NFkB p65 (RelA)Cell Signaling Technology 8242Rabbit M IgGD14E12Human, mouse, rat
NG2abcamab129051Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
NIMP-R14Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-59338Rat M IgG2bN/AMouse
Nitric Oxide Syntase-1Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-NOS-1Mouse M IgGNOS-125Human
NitrotyrosineMilliporeAB5411Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
NME1 AbnovaH00004830-M02Mouse M IgG11D7Human
NME1 Sigma-AldrichHPA008467Rabbit N/A(blank)
NOS2Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-651Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
Notch1, Activated abcamab52301Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
Notch1, Activated abcamab8925Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, human
Notch2abcamab8926Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
Notch2Cell Signaling Technology 5732Rabbit mAbD76A6(blank)
Notch3abcamab60087Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
Notch4abcamab33163Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
NOXAThermo Fisher Scientific/ PierceMA1-41000Mouse M IgG1, kappa114C307.1Human, mouse
NPAS1Novus BiologicalsNBP2-43651Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat, bovine
NPM (Nucleophosmin)DakoM7305Mouse M IgG1, lambda367(blank)
NQO1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-32793Mouse M IgG1A180Human, rat
NRASAcris AntibodiesAM32436PU-MRabbit IgGSP174Human
NRF2 (Nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2)abcamab137550Rabbit P(blank)(blank)
NRF2 (Nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2)EnzoADI-KAP-TF-125Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat etc.
NRF2 (Nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2)Epitomics2178-1Rabbit P IgGEP1808YHuman, mouse, rat
NRF2 (Nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-13032Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
NRG1ThermoFisherMA5-12896Mouse M IgG2(blank)(blank)
NT5E/CD073Cell Signaling Technology 13160Rabbit IgGD7F9AHuman, mouse, rat
OATP1 (Organic anion transporting polypeptide A)Thermo Fisher Scientific/ InvitrogenPA5-42445Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
Oct1 (X-21)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-133866Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human, canine
Oct3 (SLC22A3)abcamab124826Rabbit M IgGEPR6630Human
Oct3 (SLC22A3)OrigeneTA310852Rabbit M EPR6630Human
Oct4abcamab18976Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
Olig2abcamab81093Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, chicken, human
Olig2Cell Marque387R-14Rabbit M IgGEP112Human
Olig2Cell Marque387R-14Rabbit M IgGEP112Human, mouse
Olig3Milliporeab5995Rabbit P IgG(blank)Human, mouse
OSTAabcamab103442Rabbit PN/AHuman
p16Biocare MedicalAPI 3231 AAMouse M IgGBC42
p16Chemicon/ MilliporeMAB4133Mouse M IgG1D25(blank)
p16mtm laboratories/ Ventana/ Roche04015630970445 (9518 or 705-4713)MouseE6H4™(blank)
p16mtm laboratories/ Ventana/ Roche9518 or 705-4713MouseE6H4™(blank)
p16Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-1207Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse
p16Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-1661Mouse M IgG2aF-12(blank)
p21abcamab109199Rabbit M IgGEPR3993Mouse, rat, human
p21abcamab2961Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat
p21Cell Signaling Technology 2947Rabbit M IgGWaf1/Cip1 (12D1)Human, monkey, predicted dog
p21Thermo Fisher ScientificMS-891-P0Mouse M IgGCP74Human, rat
p24, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)DakoM0857Mouse M IgG1, kappaKal-1 (AKA H-11)(blank)
p24, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)NIH AIDS Reagent Program3537Mouse M IgG1, kappa183-H12-5C(blank)
p27 Kip1Cell Signaling Technology 3686Rabbit M IgGD69C12Human, rat, monkey
p27 Kip1DakoM7203Mouse M IgG1, kappaSX53G8Human
p44/42 MAPK (ERK1/2)Cell Signaling Technology 4695Rabbit M IgGClone 137FSHuman, mouse, rat, hamster, monkey etc.
p44/42 MAPK (ERK1/2)Cell Signaling Technology 4696Mouse M IgG1L34F12Human, mouse, rat etc.
P504SBiocare MedicalACA200ARabbit PN/AHuman
p53BiogenexMU239-UCMouse M IgG2bDO7Human
p53CalbiotechOP09-100UGMouse M IgGAb-2, Pantropic(blank)
p53Cell Signaling Technology 2524Mouse M 1C12Human, mouse, rat, hamster, monkey
p53DakoM7001Mouse M IgG2b, kappaD07(blank)
p53Leica Microsystems Inc. N/K-D07(blank)
p62Cell Signaling Technology 88588Mouse IgG1D5L7GHuman
p63Biocare MedicalCM163AMouse M IgG2a, kappa4A4Human, mouse, rat
p63Biocare MedicalPM163AAMouse M IgG2a, kappaBC4A4Human, mouse, rat
p63Proteintech12143-1-APRabbit P(blank)Human, mouse, rat
p63 ProteinDakoM7247Mouse M IgG2a, kappa4A4(blank)
p63 ProteinLeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-p63Mouse M IgG1, kappa7JUL(blank)
Palladin (commercial)Proteintech 10853-1-APRabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
Palladin 621UNC, Carol Otey's labN/ARabbitN/KHuman, mouse
Palladin 622UNC, Carol Otey's labN/ARabbitN/KHuman, mouse
pan Cadherinabcamab16505Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
pan-CytokeratinSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-15367Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human, Xenopus laevis
pan-QKI (protein quaking, HqkI and Hqk)UC Davis/NIH NeuroMab Facility75-168Mouse IgG2bN147/6Mouse, rat, human
PAR2abcamab138479Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
PAR4 (Prostate apoptosis response 4)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-1666Mouse M IgG2aA-10Human, mouse, rat
PAR4 (Proteinase Activated Receptor 4)abcamab56359Mouse M IgG1, kappaAmino acids 18-83 of Human Proteinase Activated Receptor 4Human
Parvalbuminabcamab11427Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, chicken, human, sea urchin
Parvovirus (Parvovirus B19)Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-PARVOMouse M IgG1R92F6(blank)
Pax-2 Invitrogen716000Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat, xenopus, zebrafish, sheep
Pax-5 Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-L-PAX-5Mouse M IgG11EWHuman
Pax-5 Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0552Mouse M IgG11EWHuman
Pax-5 Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-1974Goat P IgGC-20(blank)
Pax-7 - cDevelopmental Studies Hybridoma Bank (DSHB)PAX7-cMouse M IgG1, kappaN/KChicken, mouse
Pax-8Biocare MedicalACI 438 AMouse M IgG1BC12Human, mouse, rat
Pax-8Biocare MedicalAPI 438 AAMouse M IgG1BC12(blank)
PB1/ BAF180Bethyl LaboratoriesA301-590ARabbit P IgGN/AHuman
PC2 (Proprotein Convertase 2)abcamab28571Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
P-CadherinBD Transduction Labs610227Mouse M IgG156Human, rat
PCB (Pyruvate carboxylase)abcamab115579Goat P IgGN/AMouse, human
PCK2Cell Signaling Technology 6924Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat, monkey
PCNAabcamab92552Rabbit M IgGEPR3821Mouse, rat, human
PCNACell Signaling Technology 2586Mouse M IgG2aPC10Human, mouse, rat, monkey, bovine, pig
PDGFRCell Signaling Technology 3174Rabbit IgGN/AHuman, mouse
PDH (Pyruvate Dehydrogenase)Cell Signaling Technology 3205Rabbit M IgGC54G1Human, mouse, rat, monkey
PDLIM1Novus BiologicalsNBP1-67756Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
PEPCKSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-166778Mouse M IgG1, kappaF-2Mouse, rat, human
Periostinabcamab14041Rabbit PN/AMouse,Rat.Chicken,Human
p-FMRP phospho-Fragile X Mental Retardation ProteinPhosphoSolutionsp1125-499Rabbit PN/ARat
PGAM1abcamab2220Goat P IgGN/AHuman
P-Glycoprotein Calbiochem517310Mouse M IgG1C219Hamster, human, mouse, rat
PHGDHSigma-AldrichHPA021241Rabbit P(blank)Human, mouse, rat
PHLDA1Sigma-AldrichHPA019000Rabbit PN/AHuman
Phospho- 4E-BP1Cell Signaling Technology 2855Rabbit M IgGThr37/46, 236B4(blank)
Phospho- 53BP1 Cell Signaling Technology 2675Rabbit PSer1778 Human, monkey
Phospho- AktCell Signaling Technology 3787Rabbit M IgG(Ser473) (736E11)Human, mouse, predicted rat
Phospho- AktCell Signaling Technology 3787Rabbit M IgGSer473, 736E11Human, mouse, predicted rat
Phospho- AktCell Signaling Technology 3787Rabbit P IgGSer473, 736E11Human, mouse, predicted rat
Phospho- AktCell Signaling Technology 3787 Rabbit M IgGSer473, 736E11Human, mouse, predicted rat
Phospho- AktCell Signaling Technology 3787 Rabbit P IgGSer473, 736E11Human, mouse, predicted rat
Phospho- AktCell Signaling Technology 4060Rabbit M IgGSer473, D9E (blank)
Phospho- AktCell Signaling Technology 9271Rabbit P Ser473(blank)
Phospho- Akt Cell Signaling Technology 3787Rabbit M IgGSer473 736E11Human, mouse, predicted rat
Phospho- Akt Cell Signaling Technology 4060Rabbit M IgGSer473Human, mouse, rat etc.
Phospho- Akt Cell Signaling Technology 9271Rabbit M IgGSer473Human, mouse, rat etc.
Phospho- Akt Cell Signaling Technology 9277Rabbit P Ser473(blank)
Phospho- Akt Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-135651 Rabbit P IgGSer 473, 474Human, mouse, rat
Phospho- Akt Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-16646-RRabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
Phospho- AMPKα Cell Signaling Technology 2535Rabbit M IgG(Thr172) (40H9)Human, mouse, rat, hamster, monkey
Phospho- ATM-N/K---
Phospho- ATM Epitomics2152-1Rabbit M IgGpS1981Human, mouse, rabbit
Phospho- ATM Millipore05-740Mouse M IgGSer1981, Clone 10H11.E12Human, mouse
Phospho- ATRCell Signaling Technology 2853Rabbit PSer428Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Phospho- c-erbB-2 / HER-2 / neu Ab-18NeoMarkers/ Lab VisionMS-1072 - PMouse M IgGPN2A Human
Phospho- Chk1Cell Signaling Technology 2348Rabbit M IgG(Ser345) (133D3)Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Phospho- Chk2Cell Signaling Technology 2666Rabbit P IgGSer19Human
Phospho- Chk2Cell Signaling Technology 2661LRabbit P IgGThr68Human, monkey
Phospho- Chk2Cell Signaling Technology 2661SRabbit P IgGThr68Human, monkey
Phospho- CofilinCell Signaling Technology 3313Rabbit M IgG(Ser3) (77G2)Human, mouse, rat, monkey, bovine
Phospho- DRP1 Cell Signaling Technology 4494Rabbit M IgG(Ser616) (D9A1)Human, predicted mouse, rat
Phospho- EGF ReceptorCell Signaling Technology 2234SRabbit P Tyr1068 (blank)
Phospho- EGF ReceptorCell Signaling Technology 4404SRabbit P Tyr1148 (blank)
Phospho- EGFR Cell Signaling Technology 3777Rabbit M IgGTyr1068, D7A5Human, mouse, rat
Phospho- EGFR Chemicon/ MilliporeMAB3052Mouse M IgG174 (Tyrosine)(blank)
Phospho- EGFR Chemicon/ MilliporeMAB3052Mouse M IgG1 74 (Tyrosine)(blank)
Phospho- EGFR Chemicon/ Millipore05-1128Mouse M IgG174 (Tyrosine)(blank)
Phospho- HER2 (c-erbB-2 / HER-2 / neu)NeoMarkers/ Lab VisionMS-1072 - PMouse M IgG1 PN2A Human, rat
Phospho- HER2 (c-erbB-2 / HER-2 / neu)NeoMarkers/ Lab VisionMS-1072 - PMouse M IgG1 PN2A (blank)
Phospho- HER2/ ErbB2Cell Signaling Technology 2244LRabbit PTyr1248/EGFR Tyr1173(blank)
Phospho- HER3/ ErbB3Cell Signaling Technology 4791SRabbit M IgG(Tyr1289) (21D3)Human
Phospho- Histone H2A.XCell Signaling Technology 9718Rabbit M IgG(Ser139) (20E3)Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Phospho- Histone H2A.XCell Signaling Technology 9718Rabbit M IgG(Ser139) (20E3)Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Phospho- Histone H2A.XCell Signaling Technology 9718Rabbit M IgG20E3Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Phospho- Histone H2A.XMillipore05-636Mouse M IgGJBW301(blank)
Phospho- Histone H2A.XMillipore05-636Mouse M IgG1JBW301Vertebrates
Phospho- Histone H2A.XN/K (New batch of P-H2A received from Kaufmann's lab)N/KMouse M IgG--
Phospho- Histone H2A.XNovusNB100-384Rabbit P(blank)Human, mouse, rat,cat
Phospho- Histone H2A.XUpstate/ Millipore05-636Mouse M IgG1JBW301(blank)
Phospho- Histone H3 (p-H3)Cell Signaling Technology 9706Mouse M IgG1(Ser10) (6G3)Human, mouse, rat
Phospho- IGF-I receptor BetaCell Signaling Technology 3021SRabbit PN/A(blank)
Phospho- IKKa/bCell Signaling Technology 2697Rabbit MS176/180 16A6Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Phospho- IKKeRockland 600-401-267RabbitpT501Human
Phospho- MEK1/2Cell Signaling Technology 2338SRabbit M IgGSer221, 166F8(blank)
Phospho- MEK1/2Cell Signaling Technology 9121Rabbit PSer217/221Human, mouse, rat etc.
Phospho- METCell Signaling Technology 3077Rabbit MTyr1234/1235 (D26)Human, mouse
Phospho- MKK3 / MKK6New England BioLabs or Cell Signaling Technology ?9231SRabbit PSer189/ 207(blank)
Phospho- mTORCell Signaling Technology 2976Rabbit M IgGSer2448, 49F9 (blank)
Phospho- mTORCell Signaling Technology 2976SRabbit M IgGSer2448, 49F9 (blank)
Phospho- Myosin Light Chain 2Cell Signaling Technology 3671Rabbit P IgGSer19Human, mouse, rat
Phospho- Myosin Light Chain 2Cell Signaling Technology 3674Rabbit P IgGThr18/Ser19Human, mouse, predicted rat etc.
Phospho- NF-M & NF-H (Neurofilament H&M)MilliporeMAP1592Mouse M IgG1NP1Human, chicken
Phospho- NF-κB p65Cell Signaling Technology 3033Rabbit M IgGClone 93H1/ S536Human, mouse, rat, hamster, monkey, pig
Phospho- p38 MAPKCell Signaling Technology 4511Rabbit M IgGThr180/Tyr182, D3F9Human, mouse, rat
Phospho- p38 MAPKCell Signaling Technology 9216SMouse M IgG1(28B10) Thr180/Tyr182 (blank)
Phospho- p44/42 MAPK (p-ERK1/2) Cell Signaling Technology 4376Rabbit M IgGThr202/Tyr204, 20G11Human
Phospho- p44/42 MAPK (p-ERK1/2) Cell Signaling Technology 4370Rabbit M IgGThr202/Tyr204Human, mouse, rat, hamster, monkey etc.
Phospho- p44/42 MAPK (p-ERK1/2) Cell Signaling Technology 4376PRabbit M IgGThr202/Tyr204(blank)
Phospho- p44/42 MAPK (p-ERK1/2) Cell Signaling Technology 9101SRabbit PThr202/Tyr204(blank)
Phospho- p44/42 MAPK (p-ERK1/2) Cell Signaling Technology 9101SRabbit P Thr202/Tyr204(blank)
Phospho- p53abcamab32132Rabbit M IgGY179Human
Phospho- p53 Cell Signaling Technology 9284Rabbit P IgGSer15Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Phospho- p53 Cell Signaling Technology 12571Rabbit M IgGSer15, D4S1HMouse, rat
Phospho- p63Cell Signaling Technology 4981Rabbit PN/AHuman, predicted mouse, rat
Phospho- RelBSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-101792Rabbit P IgGSer 552(blank)
Phospho- S6 Ribosomal ProteinCell Signaling Technology 2211Rabbit M IgGSer235/236Human, mouse, rat etc.
Phospho- S6 Ribosomal ProteinCell Signaling Technology 2215Rabbit PSer240/244Human, mouse, rat, monkey, xebrafish
Phospho- S6 Ribosomal ProteinCell Signaling Technology 4857Rabbit M IgGSer235/236, 91B2Human, mouse, rat
Phospho- S6 Ribosomal ProteinCell Signaling Technology 4858Rabbit MD57.2.2EHuman, mouse, rat
Phospho- S6K1 rabcamab32359Rabbit M IgGE175Human, mouse etc.
Phospho- Serine S194 RalATesting for company; N/K15380Mouse M IgG2N/KHuman
Phospho- Serine S194 RalATesting for company; N/K15380Mouse M IgG3N/KHuman
Phospho- SMAD2Cell Signaling Technology 3108Rabbit M IgGSer465/467 (138D4)Human, mouse, rat
Phospho- Src FamilyCell Signaling Technology 2113Rabbit MY416, 100F9Human, chicken
Phospho- Src FamilyCell Signaling Technology 6943Rabbit M IgGTyr416Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Phospho- Src FamilyCell Signaling Technology 2105Rabbit PTyr527Human, mouse, rat
Phospho- STAT3Cell Signaling Technology 4113Mouse M IgG1M9C6; Tyr705Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Phospho- STAT5Zymed/ Invitrogen71-6900Rabbit PConserved Tyrosines(blank)
Phospho- TAK1Cell Signaling Technology 4508SRabbit M IgGClone 90C7/ T184/187(blank)
Phospho- TAK1Cell Signaling Technology 4531SRabbit P IgGT184/187(blank)
Phospho- TAK1Cell Signaling Technology 9339LRabbit P IgGSer412(blank)
Phospho- TAK1Cell Signaling Technology 9339SRabbit P IgGSer412(blank)
Phospho- TBK-1BD Pharmingen558397MousepS172Human
Phospho- YAPCell Signaling Technology 4911Rabbit PSer127Human, mouse, rat
Phospho-BADCell Signaling Technology 5284Rabbit M IgGSer112 (40A9)Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Phospho-BADInvitrogen/Thermo ScientificPA5-37483Rabbit P IgGSer136Human, mouse, rat
Phospho-BADSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-166932Mouse monoclonal IgG2b, kappaC-10Human, mouse, rat
Phospho-BADSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-271963Mouse monoclonal IgG1, kappaF-6Human, mouse, rat
Phospho-ErbB4ThermoFisher ScientificPA5-38501Rabbit P(blank)Human, Mouse, Non-human primate, Rat
Phospho-IGF1-Rabcamab39398Rabbit P IgGTyr 1161Mouse, rat, human
Phospho-IGF1-RSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-101703Rabbit P IgGTyr 1161Human
Phospho-IRS1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-17196-RRabbit P IgGTyr 632Mouse, rat, human
Phospho-Rb (Ser807/811) (D20B12) XPCell Signaling Technology 8516Rabbit M IgGSer807/811 D20B12Human, mouse, rat etc.
phospho-TBK1/NAKCell Signaling Technology 5483SRabbit M(blank)Human, mouse
phospho-TDP43Proteintech22309-1-APRabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
phospho-TDP-43Millipore12404Rat MID3Human
Phospho-Tyk2Cell Signaling Technology 9321Rabbit P(Tyr1054/ 1055Human, mouse, rat
PIK3CAAbnovaPAB2124Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse
PIK3R1 (Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase p85α)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-1637Mouse M IgG1, kappaB-9Mouse, rat, human
PKM1Cell Signaling Technology 7067Rabbit M IgGD30G6Human, mouse
PKM1/2 (Pyruvate kinase isoforms M1 and and M2)Cell Signaling Technology 3190Rabbit M IgGC103A3Human, mouse, rat, monkey
PKM2Cell Signaling Technology 4053Rabbit M IgGD78A4Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Platelet Derived Growth Factor Receptor (PDGFR alpha Pab)Spring BioscienceE2690Rabbit P IgGN/A(blank)
Platelet Derived Growth Factor Receptor (PDGFR alpha Pab) abcamab61219Rabbit P IgGN/AN/K
Platelet Derived Growth Factor Receptor (PDGFR alpha Pab) Cell Signaling Technology 3164Rabbit PN/A(blank)
PLK1abcamab47867Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
PLOD2(LH2)Proteintech21214-1-APRabbit PN/AMouse, rat, human
PLVAP (PV1) BioLegend 120502Rat(blank)Mouse
PMATThermo Fisher ScientificPA5-11228Rabbit P IgN/AHuman
PML (PG-M3)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-966Mouse M IgG1PG-M3(blank)
PMS2Cell Marque288R-18Rabbit M IgGEPR3947(blank)
POL HSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-17770Mouse M IgG1B-7Human
PPARγSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-7273 Mouse M IgG1E-8(blank)
PPARγ abcamab52270Mouse M IgG18D1H8H4 N/K
PR (Progesterone Receptor)Cell Marque323R-16Rabbit M IgGY85 Human
PR (Progesterone Receptor)Cell Marque/ Ventana323R-16Rabbit M IgGY85Human
PR (Progesterone Receptor)DakoM3569Mouse M IgG1, kappapgR 636 (blank)
PR (Progesterone Receptor)Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-PGR-312Mouse M IgG116(blank)
ProExCTriPath Imaging005-11000-40Mouse M IgG1MCM2 26H6.19, MCM2 27C5.6, TOP2A SWT3D1Human
proteinFitzgerald70R-LR005Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse
PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen)DakoA0562Rabbit PN/AHuman
pSer366AffbiotechAF7374Rabbit P(blank)Human, mouse, rabbit
PSMACell Signaling Technology 12815Rabbit M IgGD718EHuman, mouse, rabbit
PTENCascade BioScience ABM-2052Mouse M IgG6H2.1Human
PTENCascade BioScience ABM-2052Mouse M IgG6H2.1(blank)
PTENCascade BioScience ABM-2055Mouse M IgG11G8.1(blank)
PTENCell Signaling Technology 9559SRabbit M IgG138G6Human, mouse, rat, monkey
PTENMillipore04-035Mouse M6H2.1Human, mouse, rat
PTK6(Brk)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-166171Mouse M(blank)Human, mouse, rat
PTP1B abcamab52650Rabbit MPTP1B (EP1837Y)Human, mouse, rat
PUMAabcamab9643Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
RAB39BSigma-AldrichHPA001114Rabbit PN/AHuman
Rad18Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-27077Goat P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Rad52 Cell Signaling Technology 3425Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat, monkey, hamster
RAGE Chemicon/ MilliporeMAB5328Mouse M IgG2aDD/A11 or mAbA11(blank)
Reelinabcamab138370Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse
RelBCell Signaling Technology 4922Rabbit M IgGC1E4Human, mouse, rat, monkey
RelBCell Signaling Technology 10544Rabbit M IgGD7D7WHuman, mouse, rat
RENAbnovaPAB13813Sheep PN/AHuman, mouse
RetinoblastomaBD Biosciences554136Mouse M IgG1, kappaG3-245Human, mouse, rat etc.
RFP (Red Fluorescent Protein)Rockland 600-401-379Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Rho ASanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-418Mouse M IgG126C4Mouse, rat, human
RhoE/Rnd3Upstate/ Millipore05-723Mouse M IgG4Human, mouse
RhoGDI2 for cell linesUNC, Der labN/AGoatN/A(blank)
RhoGDI2 for tissuesUNC, Der labN/AGoatN/A(blank)
RhoGDI2 LY-GDI (C20)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-6047Goat PN/A(blank)
RIPK3Aviva Systems BiologyOAAB17273Rabbit P IgN/AHuman, mouse
ROR2Sigma-AldrichHPA021868-100ULRabbit PN/AHuman
RORC (RAR-related orphan receptor C)Aviva Systems BiologyARP45622_P050Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rabbit, rat
RRM1 (ribonucleotide reductase M1 subunit)ChemiconMAB3033Mouse M IgG1AD203(blank)
RRM2 (ribonucleotide reductase M2 subunit)abcamab57653Mouse M IgG1, kappaN/AHuman
S100DakoZ0311Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, cat, horse, mouse, rat, swine
S100Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-S100Mouse M IgG1S1/61/69(blank)
S100 DakoZ0311Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, cat, horse, mouse, rat, swine
S100 alpha abcamab53163Rabbit P IgGN/AN/K
S100 betaabcamab52642Rabbit M IgGEP1576YMouse, rat, human
S100 mouseLeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-S100Mouse M IgG1S1/61/69(blank)
S100A4 / FSP1LSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B11817Rabbit P N/AHuman, mouse
S100PCell Marque376M-94Mouse M18/f5Human
S6K abcamab32529Rabbit M IgGE343Mouse, rat, human
SALL4Biocare MedicalCM394AMouse M6E3Human
SDIX 001.5659 (PALL60)UNC, Carol Otey's labN/ARabbit PN/A(blank)
SDIX 001.5660UNC, Carol Otey's labN/ARabbit PN/A(blank)
SDIX 002.5672 (PALL 130)UNC, Carol Otey's labN/ARabbit PN/A(blank)
SDIX 003.5657 (PALL75)UNC, Carol Otey's labN/ARabbit PN/A(blank)
SDIX 003.5673UNC, Carol Otey's labN/ARabbit PN/A(blank)
SDIX 5887 (PALL75-2)UNC, Carol Otey's labN/ARabbitN/K(blank)
SDIX 5888 (PALL75-3)UNC, Carol Otey's labN/ARabbitN/K(blank)
SDIX 6386UNC, Carol Otey's labN/ARabbit pre-immune sera N/A(blank)
SDIX 6388UNC, Carol Otey's labN/ARabbit pre-immune sera N/A(blank)
SDIX 6390UNC, Carol Otey's labN/ARabbit pre-immune sera N/A(blank)
SERPIN E1 / PAI-1 LSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B6422Mouse M IgG2bSERPINE1 / PAI-1Human
SERPINF1 / PEDF LSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B2471Mouse M IgG2aaa196-347Human
SFMBT1Atlas antiboiiesHPA064564,LotR90510Rabbit P(blank)Human
SFMBT1NovusNBP2-48652Rabbit PN/AHuman
SFMBT1SigmaSAB1400554Mouse PN/AHuman
SFRP1MilliporeABS1593Rabbit P(blank)Human, mouse
SHMT1Bethyl LaboratoriesA304-259ARabbit P(blank)Human, mouse
Sigma ReceptorSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-22948Goat P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
SIRT1Cell Signaling Technology 2493Rabbit PN/AHuman, monkey
SIRT1Cell Signaling Technology 9475Rabbit M IgGD1D7Human, mouse, rat, monkey
SIRT1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-15404Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
SLC22A17abcamab124506Rabbit PN/ARat, human
SLC22A6 (OAT1) abcamab118346Mouse M IgG1, kappaSLC22A6Human
SLC51ASigma-AldrichHPA039123Rabbit PN/AHuman
SLC51BSigma-AldrichHPA008533Rabbit PN/AHuman
SLCO2A1Invitrogen/Thermo ScientificPA5-53083Rabbit P(blank)Human
Smad2ThermoFisher51-1300Rabbit P IgG(blank)Human Mouse Rat
Smad3abcamab28379Rabbit PN/AMouse
Smad3ThermoFisher51-1500Rabbit P IgG(blank)Human
Smad4Cell Signaling Technology 9515SRabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat, monkey
Smooth Muscle Actin, alpha (α-SMA) abcam ab5694Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, human
Smooth Muscle Actin, alpha (α-SMA) DakoM0851Mouse M IgG2a, kappa1A4Human
Smooth Muscle Actin, alpha (α-SMA) Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0943Mouse M IgG2aalpha sm-1Human
Smooth Muscle Actin, alpha (α-SMA) Thermo Fisher Scientific/ PierceMA1-06110Mouse M IgG2a1A4Human, mouse
SNAI 1abcamab135708Rabbit PN/AHuman
SNAI 1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-10432Goat P IgGE-18Mouse, rat, human
SNAILabcamab53519Goat P IgGN/AMouse, predicted human, rat
Sodium Channelabcamab65710-N/AN/K
SOX-10Cell Marque/ Sigma383A-74Rabbit PN/AHuman
SOX-10Cell Marque/ Sigma383R-14Rabbit MEP268Human
SOX-10Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-17342Goat PN/AMouse, rat, human
SOX-10Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-365692Mouse M, IgGN/AMouse, human
SOX2AbnovaPAB3876Rabbit PN/AHuman
SOX2Cell Signaling Technology 3579S Rabbit M IgGD6D9Human
SOX2Cell Signaling Technology 4900SMouse M IgG1L1D6A2Human, mouse
SOX2Chemicon/ MilliporeAB5603Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse
SOX-9R&D SystemsAF3075Goat IgGN/AHuman
SPARC (Osteonectin AKA BM-40)Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-O-NECTINMouse M IgG115G12Human
SPHK1abcamab71700Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
SPHK1Cell Signaling Technology #12071Rabbit MN/AHuman
SPHK1SigmaHPA022829Rabbit PN/AHuman
Spi-BSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-5944Goat P IgGN-16(blank)
Stat3Cell Signaling Technology 9139Mouse M IgG2a124H6Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Stat5aNeoMarkers/ Lab VisionRB-9227-R7Rabbit PN/A(blank)
SurvivinCell Signaling Technology 2808Rabbit M IgG71G4B7Human, mouse, rat
SurvivinDakoM3624Mouse M IgG2a, kappa12C4Human
Suz12Cell Signaling Technology 3737Rabbit M IgGD39F6Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Suz12Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-271325Mouse M, IgGD-10(blank)
SV40 Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-20800Rabbit P IgGv-300Mouse
SV40 (T121)Calbiochem/ EMD Chemicals Inc.DP02Mouse M IgG2aPAb416Mouse
SV40 VP2 + VP3abcamab53983Rabbit P IgGN/ASimian Virus 40 (SV40)
Synaptogyrin-3Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-271046Mouse M IgGE-11Mouse, rat, human
SynaptophysinLeica Microsystems Inc. PA0299Mouse M IgG127G12Human
SynaptopodinSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-21537Goat P IgGP-19Mouse
SYNGR3invitrogen/ FisherPA-60146Rabbit PN/KHuman
Synuclein Gamma (SNCG)abcamab47966Mouse M1H10D2Rat, human
TACESanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-6416Goat P IgGC-15Mouse, rat, human
Tak1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-7162Rabbit PM-579(blank)
Tak1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-7162Rabbit P IgGM-579(blank)
TBK-1Cell Signaling Technology 3013Rabbit PN/A(blank)
TBK1/NAKCell Signaling Technology 3504SRabbit MD1B4Human, Mouse,Rabbut, Monkey
TBR1abcamab31940Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, human, rat
TBX1 (Th1) abcamab18530Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, human
TCF1/TCF7Cell Signaling Technology 2203SRabbit M IgGC63D9Mouse, human
TCR gamma/ deltaThermo Fisher ScientificTCR1061Mouse M IgG15A6.E9Human
TDP-43UNC, Cohen LabN/ARatN/KHuman
TdTLeica Microsystems Inc. PA0339Mouse M IgG2aSEN28Human
TdTLeica Microsystems Inc. PA0339Mouse M IgG2aSEN28(blank)
Tecabcamab32368Rabbit M IgGY398Mouse, rat, human
Telomerase reverse transcriptaseabcamab32020Rabbit M IgGY182Cow, human
TFF1 (Trefoil Factor 1)Sigma-AldrichHPA003425-100ULRabbit P IgGN/AHuman
TFF3 (Trefoil Factor 3)abcamab108599Rabbit MN/AHuman
TFF3 (Trefoil Factor 3) Calbiochem/ EMD Chemicals Inc.585350Mouse M IgG115C6(blank)
TGF-b3 (Anti-Transforming Growth Factor-b3)Calbiochem/ EMD Chemicals Inc.GF16Mouse M IgG1236-5.2 (blank)
TGFbetaabcamab27969Mouse M TB21Human,Sheep,Pig
THRA (Thyroid Hormone Receptor alpha)abcamab53729Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
TIA-1 (C-20)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-1751Goat P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
TIARBD Transduction Laboratories610352Mouse IgG16/TIARHuman, Rat, Dog, Frog
TIMP1 (Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinase-1)Millipore/ SigmaAB770Rabbit P IgG -Human, rabbit
TIMP3abcamab187297Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
TMPO (Thymopoietin)Sigma-AldrichHPA008150Rabbit PN/AMouse, rat, human
tNASPUNC, Alekseev LabN/AGoat P IgGN/KHuman
TNF-Alphaabcamab220210Mouse M(blank)Rat,Human
TOX3Novus BiologicalsNBP2-45165Mouse M IgG2b, kappaTOX3/1123Human
TP (Thymidine Phosphorylase)abcamab58834Mouse M IgG1P-GF.44CN/K
TRAF1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-6253Mouse M IgG1H-3(blank)
TRAP (Tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase)Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-TRAPMouse M IgG2b26E5Human
TRAP (Tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase)Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-TRAPMouse M IgG2b26E5(blank)
Trimethyl Histone H3 (H3K9me3)Millipore05-1250Mouse M IgG1, kappaCMA308Human
Tri-Methyl-Histone H3 (Lys27)Cell Signaling Technology 9733SRabbit IgGC36B11Human, mouse, rat, monkey
TROP-2R&D SystemsMAB650Mouse mono IgG2A77220Human
Trophininabcamab78117Mouse M 3-11Mouse, human
TTF-1 (Thyroid Transcription Factor-1)Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-L-TTF-1Mouse M IgG1, kappaSPT24(blank)
Twistabcamab50887Mouse M IgG1Twist2C1aMouse, rat, human
TXK/ PTK4 (Protein-tyrosine kinase 4, Tyrosine-protein kinase TXK)Acris AntibodiesAP14483PU-NRabbit P IgGN/AHuman
TXNIPSigma-AldrichHPA031085Rabbit PN/AHuman
Tyk2Cell Signaling Technology 9312Rabbit PN/AHuman
TYMS (Thymidylate Synthase)abcamab73957Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
TYMS (Thymidylate Synthase)AbnovaH00007298-M01Mouse M IgG13A1Human
TYMS (Thymidylate Synthase)DakoN1605Mouse M IgG1, kappaTS106(blank)
UbiquitinInvitrogen08-0147Mouse M IgG1, kappaUbi-1(blank)
UCK2 abcamab60221Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
UCP1abcamab10983Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Universal Negative ControlDakoN1699-N/AHuman
uPA (human urokinase B-chain)American Diagnostica Incorporation3689Mouse M IgG1UK-1N/K
UPK2ThermoFisher / InvitrogenPA5-63925Rabbit IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
UroplakinBiocare MedicalAPI 3023 AAMouse M IgG1BC17(blank)
USP37abcamab72199Rabbit PN/AHuman
USP37abcamab96244Rabbit PN/AHuman
V5 TagInvitrogen37-7500Mouse M IgG2a, kappa2F11F7
VEGFBiocare MedicalPME356AA Rabbit MEP1176YHuman
VEGFSanta Cruz BiotechnologySC-152Rabbit P IgGA-20Human, lesser extend mouse and rat
VGLUT1 (Vesicular glutamate transporter 1)invitrogen/ Fisher48-2400Rabbit IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
VGLUT1 (Vesicular glutamate transporter 1)Millipore/ ChemiconAB5905Guinea pig PN/ARat
VHL (von Hippel-Lindau protein)BD Pharmingen556347Mouse M IgG1, kappaIg32Human, mouse
VimentinLeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-L-VIM-572Mouse M IgG2aSRL33Human
VimentinLeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-VIM-V9 Mouse M IgG1V9Human
VimentinLeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-VIM-V9 Mouse M IgG1V9(blank)
Vimentin abcamab16700Rabbit M IgGSP20Human
Vimentin abcamab92547Rabbit M IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
Vimentin Cell Signaling Technology 5741Rabbit M IgGD21H3Human, mouse, rat
Vimentin (V9)Ventana790-2917Mouse M IgG1(blank)Human
W9UNC, Dotti LabN/AHuman IgGN/KHuman
W9 BiotinylatedUNC, Dotti LabN/AHuman IgGN/KHuman
Wee1Cell Signaling Technology 13084Rabbit M D10D2Human, monkey
Wee1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-9037Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
Wheat Germ AgglutininMolecular Probes/ InvitrogenW11262LectinN/A-
Wilms' tumor protein (WT1)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0562Mouse M IgG1WT49Human
Wnt10babcamab91201Mouse M IgG15A7Human
WNT2Sigma-AldrichHPA020920Rabbit PN/AHuman
XPABethyl LaboratoriesIHC-00344Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
XPAKamiya Biomedical CompanyMC-340Mouse M IgG2a, kappaclone 12F5(blank)
XRCC1 Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-11429Rabbit P IgGH-300Human
XRCC1 Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-11429Rabbit P IgGH-300(blank)
XRCC1 (X-Ray Repair Cross Complementing Protein1)NeoMarkers/ Lab VisionMS-1393-P0Mouse M IgG2a, kappa144Human
Y14abcamab181038Rabbit M IgGEPR13945(B)Mouse, rat, human
Y14 or RBM8A Sigma-AldrichY1253-200UL Mouse M IgG2b4C4Human, Xenopus
YAPCell Signaling Technology 4912SRabbit PN/AHuman, mouse
YEATS2Thermo Fisher ScientificPA5-36939Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
YES1Proteintech20243-1-APRabbit P IgG N/AHuman, mouse, rat
YY1SigmaHPA001119Rabbit PN/AHuman
ZHX1 (Zinc fingers and homeoboxes 1)Bethy LabA300-243ARabbit P IgG(blank)Human
ZHX2 (Zinc fingers and homeoboxes 2)GeneTex, incGTX112232Rabbit P IgGC1C3Human
β- ActinCell Signaling Technology 4970Rabbit M IgG13E5(blank)
β- ActinSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-47778Mouse M IgG1, kappaC4Mouse, rat, human
β- CateninBD Biosciences610153Mouse M IgG114Human, mouse, rat
β- CateninMilliporeAB19022Rabbit PN/AHuman, canine, rat, mouse
β- Tubulin IVSigma-AldrichT7941Mouse M IgG11A6(blank)