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The PSC has experience utilizing a wide range of antibodies. Our most used antibodies are listed below, as well as a database of all antibodies with which we have experience. Customers interested in antibodies not listed under “Commonly Used Antibodies”should anticipate additional optimization charges.

Commonly Used Antibodies

These antibodies have been validated multiple times in our lab. With rare exceptions, they will not require further optimization costs 

Arginase FoxP3
B220/CD45R IBA1
CD3 Ki-67
CD4 Ly6C
CD8 NeuN
CD68 PD1
Collagen I PDL1

Full Antibody Database

Full Antibody Database

For antibodies not commonly used, additional optimization costs should be anticipated.
Antibody (anti-)Vendor Catalog #Host, Clonality (M=monocl., P=polycl.), Ig typeClone or Phosphorylated SiteSpecies reactivity (Human, mouse…)
4E-BP1Cell Signaling Technology 9644Rabbit M IgG53H11Human, mouse, rat, monkey
4-HNE (4-Hydroxy-2-Nonenal)0ab48506Mouse M IgGHNEJ-2N/K
4-HNE (4-Hydroxy-2-Nonenal)Alpha DiagnosticHNE11-SRabbit PN/KN/K
53BP1 Bethyl LaboratoriesA300-272ARabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
53BP1 Cell Signaling Technology 4937SRabbit PN/AHuman, monkey
5-hmC (5-Hydroxymethylcytosine) Active Motif39769Rabbit P N/AHuman, mouse
5-hmC (5-Hydroxymethylcytosine) Active Motif40000Mouse M IgG2a59.1Human, mouse
5-Lipoxygenaseabcamab169755Rabbit M(blank)Human, mouse,Rat
5-mC DiagenodeMAb-081-100Mouse M IgG133D3Human, mouse
8-Hydroxy 2’ deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG)JaICA (Japan Institute for the Control of Aging)MOG-100PMouse M IgG1N45.1Human
ABCG2Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-130933Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
ABCG2 (CD338, known as ABCG2 (BCRP1))Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-25822Rabbit P IgGB-1(blank)
ABCG2 (CD338, known as ABCG2 (BCRP1))Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-377176Mouse M IgG1, kappaB-1Human
ACTHCell Marque206A-74Rabbit PN/A(blank)
ADAM9 EctodomainR&D SystemsAF949Goat P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
ADSL (Adenylosuccinase)Sigma-AldrichHPA000525-100ULRabbit P IgGN/AHuman
AGER (Advanced Glycosylation End Product-specific Receptor, also RAGE)Thermo Fisher Scientific/ InvitrogenPA5-24787Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
Aggrecanabcamab3778Mouse M IgG16-B-4Cow, human
AKR1B10 (Aldo-keto Reductase)Novus BiologicalsNBP1-44998Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rabbit
Akt Cell Signaling Technology 2920SMouse M IgG1, kappa40D4Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Albuminabcamab79960Rabbit PN/APig
AlbuminBethyl LaboratoriesE90-134GoatN/AMouse
ALDH1L1abcamab87117Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat
ALK (Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0306Mouse M IgG15A4Human
ALOX15B (15 Lipoxygenase 2 antibody)abcamab23691Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
ALOX15B (15-LO2 Antibody)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-271290Mouse M IgG1D-9Human
ALOX5 (5 Lipoxygenase antibody)abcamab59341Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, human
Alpha-Actinin 4GeneTex, incGTX62422Rabbit M IgGEPR2533Human, mouse, rat
AmphiregulinR&D SystemsAF262Goat IgGN/AHuman
Amphiregulin Ab-1NeoMarkers/ Lab VisionRB-257 - P0Rabbit P Ab-1Human
AMPK alpha 1 + AMPK alpha 2abcamab131512Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Androgen ReceptorMillipore 06-680Rabbit P PG21Human, rat
Androgen ReceptorUpstate/ Millipore 06-680Rabbit P PG21Human, rat
Ang-2 Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-101441Mouse M IgG2MM0020-1F29Human
Annexin A10Novus BiologicalsNBP1-90156Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Anti-PTK6 Sigma-AldrichHPA036071Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
Anti-ZO1abcamab221547Rabbit M IgG(blank)Mouse, rat, human
Ape1 Cell Signaling Technology 4128Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat, monkey
Arginase II Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-20151Rabbit P IgGH-64Mouse, rat, human
Arginase1Cell Signaling Technology 93668Rabbit M IgGD4E3MHuman, mouse, rat
Arginase1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-20150Rabbit P N/AMouse, rat, human
ARRDC4Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-135444Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
ATF-3Sigma-AldrichHPA001562Rabbit PN/AHuman
ATMNovusNB100-104SSRabbit PN/AMouse, rat, human
ATP Synthase Cabcamab181243Rabbit MEPR13907Mouse,Rat,Human
ATP6V0A1Sigma-AldrichHPA022144Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
ATRabcamab2905Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
ATRSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-1887Goat P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Aurora Aabcamab1287Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
Autotaxin 84AUNC, Der labN/A-N/A-
BADInvitrogen/Thermo ScientificPA5-11403Rabbit P IgGBH3Human, mouse
BADSanta Cruzsc-8044Mouse M IgG1C7Human, mouse
BAFFEnzoALX-804-128Rat M IgG2aBuffy-1Human
BAFFR&D SystemsAF124Goat IgG N/AHuman
BAFF Receptorabcamab16232Mouse M IgG111C1Human
BakCell Signaling Technology 6947Rabbit M IgGclone D2D3Human, monkey
BakCell Signaling Technology 12105Rabbit M IgGD4E4Human, mouse, rat
BARHL1ThermoFisher ScientificPA5-52114Rabbit IgGPA5-52114Human
BaxR&D SystemsAF820Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse
BCAR3Novus BiologicalsNB100-87003Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
BCL2 (B-cell lymphoma #2)abcamab7973Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat, cow
BCL2 (B-cell lymphoma #2)DakoM0887Mouse M IgG1, kappa124Human
BCL2 (B-cell lymphoma #2)DakoM0887Mouse M IgG1, kappa124(blank)
BCL2 (B-cell lymphoma #2)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0117Mouse M IgG1bcl-2/100/D5Human
BCL2L12LSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-C138509Rabbit M EPR5201Human
BCL2L12Sigma-AldrichHPA020856Rabbit PN/AHuman
BCL3Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-13038Rabbit P IgG H-146(blank)
BCL-6Cell Signaling Technology 4242-N/A(blank)
BCL-6Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0204Mouse M IgG2bLN22Human
BCL-6Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-858Rabbit P IgGN-3(blank)
Bcl-xL (B-cell lymphoma-extra large)Cell Signaling Technology 2764Rabbit M 54H6Human, mouse
BCMAabcamab5972Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
BDKRB1LSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B7970Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
BIMCell Signaling Technology 2933Rabbit M IgGC34C5Human, mouse, rat
BiPCell Signaling Technology 3177Rabbit M IgGGly584Human, mouse
BLBP (Brain lipid binding protein)MilliporeABN14Rabbit PN/AMouse, human
BLMSigma-AldrichB5061Rabbit PN/A(blank)
Blood Coagulation Factor XIIIaLeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-FXIIIaMouse M IgGE980.1Human
BMXNovus BiologicalsNBP1-00728Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse
BRAF V600ESpring Bioscience/Check AbcamE19290/ab228461Mouse M IgG2a VE1Human
BRAF V600KNew East Biosciences26110Mouse M IgGV600KVertebrates
BRDU (Bromodeoxyuridine)Accurate OBT0030GRat MBU1/75 (ICR1)Mouse, human, rat
BRDU (Bromodeoxyuridine)Cell Signaling Technology 5292Mouse M IgG1Bu20aAll species
BrkProteintech18697-1-APRabbit P IgGPTK6Human
Brk (C-18)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-1188Rabbit P IgGC-18Human
Brk (D-7)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-137045Mouse M IgG1D-7Human
Brk (G-6)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-166171Mouse M IgG1G-6Human
BRN1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-6028-RRabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
BRSK2Proteintech11589-1-ApRabbit P(blank)(blank)
BSEPSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-17292Goat P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
BSEP (F-6)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-74500Mouse M IgG2aF-6Mouse, rat, human
BSEP (P-18)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-17294Goat P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
BTKNovus BiologicalsNBP1-19437Rabbit P N/AHuman, mouse, rat
CA9 (Carbonic Anhydrase IX)abcamab15086Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
CalbindinCell Signaling Technology 2173sRabbit mAbC26D12Human, mouse, rat
CARSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-15405Rabbit P IgGH-300(blank)
Casein kinase IIbetaSanta Cruz BiotechnologySC-46666Mouse M IgGE-9Human. Mouse, Rat
Casein kinase IIαSanta Cruz BiotechnologySC-373894Mouse M IgGE-7Human. Mouse, Rat
Caspase 3 (CPP32) Ab-4 Biotin Conj. NeoMarkers/ Lab VisionRB-1197 - B0 Rabbit PN/A(blank)
Caspase-3Cell Signaling Technology 14214Rabbit M IgGD3R6YHuman
Caspase-3 (Cleaved)Biocare MedicalCP229CRabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
Caspase-3 (Cleaved)Cell Signaling Technology 9579Rabbit M IgGAsp175Human, Mouse, Rat, Bovine, Pig
Caspase-3 (Cleaved)Cell Signaling Technology 9661Rabbit PAsp175H, M, R, Mk,Pig
Caspase-3 (Cleaved)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-22171Goat P IgGN/AHuman
Caspase-6abcamab185646Rabbit M(blank)Human. Mouse,Rat
Caspase-8 (Cleaved)Cell Signaling Technology 8592Rabbit M IgG(Asp387) (D5B2)Mouse
Cat Scratch (Bartonella henselae) abcamab704Mouse M IgG2bH2A10Bartonella henselae
Cat Scratch (Bartonella henselae) Biocare MedicalCM 144 AMouse M IgG2bH2A10Human
Cat Scratch (Bartonella henselae) Biocare MedicalCM 144 BMouse M IgG2bH2A10(blank)
Cat Scratch (Bartonella henselae) Biocare MedicalPM144 AAMouse M IgG2bH2A10(blank)
Caveolin-3Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-5310Mouse M IgG1A-3Mouse, rat, human
CBSSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-133154Mouse M IgG1(blank)(blank)
CCR2 abcamab155321Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
CCR2 abcamab176390Mouse M IgG2a7A7Human
CCR2 Invirogen/ Fisher PA1-27409Goat IgG PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
CCR-5abcam ab65850Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, rat
CCR-5Sigma-AldrichC5973-.5mgMouse M IgG2b45523(blank)
CD001aLeica Microsystems Inc. CD1A-235-L-CE-HMouse M IgG1, kappaMTB1Human
CD001aLeica Microsystems Inc. PA0235Mouse M IgG1MTB1(blank)
CD002Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0271Mouse M IgG2b11F11Human
CD003abcamab5690Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
CD003Cell Marque103R-94Rabbit M IgG1MRQ-39Human
CD003Cell Signaling Technology 85061SRabbit M IgGD7AGE™ XPHuman Mouse
CD003DakoA0452Rabbit P N/A(blank)
CD003Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-L-CD3-565Mouse M IgG1LN10(blank)
CD003Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0553Mouse M IgG2aLN10Human
CD003Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0553Mouse M IgG2aLN10(blank)
CD003Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0553, PA0122Mouse M IgG2aLN10(blank)
CD003Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0553, PA0122 (30 ml)Mouse M IgG2aLN10(blank)
CD003 zetaabcamab17061Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
CD004abcamab133616Rabbit M BC/1F6Human,
CD004abcamab181724Rabbit M IgGEPR6855Human
CD004abcamab25617Mouse M IgG1RFT-4gRat, human, monkey
CD004abcamab846Mouse M IgG1BC/1F6Human, monkey, baboon
CD004Cell Marque104R-17Rabbit M(blank)(blank)
CD004Cell Marque104R-25Rabbit M(blank)(blank)
CD004Cell Marque104R-27Rabbit M(blank)(blank)
CD004Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-L-CD4-368Mouse M IgG14B12Human
CD004Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0368 Mouse M IgG1 4B12(blank)
CD004Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0427Mouse M IgG14B12Human
CD004Leica Microsystems Inc. RTU-CD4-1F6Mouse M IgG1 1F6Human
CD004Life Technologies/ Fisher14-0048-82Mouse M IgG2b, kappa OKT4Human
CD004 eBioscience/ Affymetrix14-9766-82Rat IgG1, kappa4SM95Mouse
CD004 (T-cell ?)DakoM0716Mouse M IgG1, kappaMT310(blank)
CD005Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0168Mouse M IgG1, kappa4C7Human
CD005Labcamab45406Rabbit PN/AMouse, human
CD007Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0266Mouse M IgG2bLP15Human
CD008Abbiotec250596Rabbit P IgN/AMouse, rat
CD008abcamab22378Rat M IgG2bYTS169.4Mouse
CD008Angio-ProteomIemAP-0036Rat ap-mab0708Mouse
CD008Cell Marque108R-17Rabbit MSP16Human
CD008Cell Marque108R-18Rabbit MSP16Human
CD008Cell Marque/ Sigma108M-95Mouse MC8/144BHuman
CD008Cell Marque/ Sigma108R-14Rabbit MSP16Human
CD008Cell Marque/ Sigma108R-15Rabbit MSP16Human
CD008Cell Siganlling#98941Rabbit MD4W2ZMouse
CD008DakoM7103Mouse M IgG1, kappaC8/144B(blank)
CD008Dako M7103Mouse M IgG1, kappaC8/144B(blank)
CD008GeneTex, incGTX74773Mouse M IgG1LT8Human, monkey, chimpanzee, cynomolgus monkey, marmoset
CD008Invitrogen14-0808-82Rat M4SM15Mouse
CD008Leica Microsystems Inc. CD8-4B11-L-CE-SMouse M IgG2b4B11Human
CD008Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0183Mouse M IgG2b4B11Human
CD008Tonbo70-0088-U100Mouse M IgG1, kappaRPA-T8Human
CD010Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0270Mouse M IgG156C6Human
CD010 Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-19993Mouse M IgG197C5(blank)
CD010 / CALLA (Neutral Endopeptidase) Ab-2 NeoMarkers/ Lab VisionMS-728 - R7 Mouse M IgG156C6 (blank)
CD011babcamab133357Rabbit M IgGEPR1344Mouse, human
CD011b (Integrin alpha M)Novus BiologicalsNB110-89474Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
CD011b (ITGAM)BiogenexNU851-5UCRabbit MN/AHuman
CD011b (ITGAM)Sigma-AldrichHPA002274Rabbit PN/AHuman
CD011cabcamab52632Rabbit M IgGEP1347YHuman
CD011cCell Signaling Technology 97585SRabbit MD1VYMouse
CD011ceBioScience14-0114Hamster M IgGN418Mouse
CD011cLeica Microsystems Inc. PA0554Mouse M IgG2a5D11Human
CD014abcamab49755Mouse M IgG2a7Human
CD014Cell Marque114R-14Rabbit MEPR3653Human
CD014Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-L-CD14-223Mouse M IgG2a7Human
CD015Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0039Mouse M IgMCarb-1Human
CD015Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0473Mouse M IgMMMAHuman
CD016Cell Marque116R-17Rabbit MSP175Human
CD017/ LactosylceramideAbbiotec251551Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
CD019Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0843Mouse M IgG2bBT51EHuman
CD020abcamab27093Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
CD020abcamab64088Rabbit MSp32Mouse Human
CD020Cell Marque120M-88--Human
CD020DakoM0755Mouse M IgG2a, kappaL26(blank)
CD020Epitomics1632-1Rabbit M IgGEP459Y(blank)
CD020Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-CD20-MJ1Mouse M IgG1MJ1(blank)
CD020Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0906Mouse M IgG1MJ1(blank)
CD020NeoMarkers/ Lab VisionMS-758-P1Mouse M93-1B3(blank)
CD021Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0171Mouse M IgG22G9(blank)
CD021 DakoM0784Mouse M IgG1, kappa1F8(blank)
CD023Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0169Mouse M IgG1, kappa1B12Human
CD024Biocare MedicalCM323 AMouse M IgM, kappaSN3bHuman
CD024InvitrogenMA5-11828Mouse MSN3bHuman
CD024Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-19651Rat M IgG2bM1/69(blank)
CD024Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-7034Goat P IgGN/A(blank)
CD024Thermo Fisher ScientificMS-1279-P0Mouse M IgG1, kappaSN3bHuman
CD024Thermo Fisher Scientific/ NeoMarkersMS-1279-P0Mouse MSN3bHuman
CD027abcamab70103Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
CD027Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-CD27Mouse M IgG1137B4(blank)
CD028Novus BiologicalsNBP2-32817Mouse M IgG1, kappaC28/77Human
CD029Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-CD29Mouse M IgG17F10Human
CD030 Cell Marque130M-94Mouse M IgG1, kappaBer-H2Human
CD030 DakoM0751Mouse M IgG1, kappaBer-H2(blank)
CD030 Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0153Mouse M IgG2a1G12Human
CD030 Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0790Mouse M IgG2aJCM182Human
CD031abcamab28364Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, human
CD031abcamab59251Rabbit IgGN/AMouse
CD031abcamab7388Rat MMEC 7.46Mouse, rat
CD031Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-CD31 1A10Mouse M IgGClone 1A10Human
CD031 (PECAM-1)BD Pharmingen561410Rat IgG2a, kappa390Mouse
CD031 (PECAM-1)Cell Signaling Technology 3528Mouse M IgG2b89C2Human
CD031 (PECAM-1)DakoM0823Mouse M IgG1, kappaJC70AHuman
CD031 (PECAM-1)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0250Mouse M IgG11A10Human
CD031/PECAM-1Cell Signaling Technology 77699SRabbit M IgD8V9EMouse
CD033Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-L-CD33Mouse M IgG2b PWS44(blank)
CD033Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-L-CD33Mouse M IgG2bPWS44Human
CD034Abbiotec250591Rabbit P IgN/AHuman, monkey, mouse
CD034BiogenexMU236-UCMouse M IgG1QBEnd 10Human
CD034Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0212Mouse M IgG1QBEnd/10Human
CD034 Class IIDakoN1632Mouse M IgG1, kappaQBEnd 10(blank)
CD035 DakoM0846Mouse M IgG1, kappaBer-MAC-DRC(blank)
CD038 (Cyclic ADP ribose hydrolase)LeicaNCL-L-CD38-290Mouse M(blank)Human
CD038 (Cyclic ADP ribose hydrolase)MyBioSourceMBS302125Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
CD045abcamab25386Rat M IgG2bI3/2.3Mouse
CD045BD Pharmingen553076Rat M IgG2b, kappa30-F11Mouse
CD045 mLeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-LCAMouse MX16/99(blank)
CD045 mLeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-LCAMouse M IgG1X16-99(blank)
CD045 mLeica Microsystems Inc. PA0042Mouse MX16/99Human
CD045Rabcamab64100Rat MRA3-6B2Mouse Human
CD047Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-12730Mouse M IgG1B6H12Human
CD052Accurate YSRTMCA1642Rat MYTH34.5Human
CD056Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-L-CD56-1B6Mouse M IgG2b1B6Human
CD056 (NCAM)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0191Mouse M IgG2bCD564Human
CD057abcamab203123Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
CD057Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-NK1Mouse M IgMNK-1Human
CD057Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-NK1Mouse M IgMNK-1(blank)
CD062LLSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B8766Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
CD062LNovus BiologicalsNBP1-42795Mouse M IgG1DREG56Human
CD068abcamab53444Rat M IgG2aFA-11Mouse
CD068AbD SerotecMCA1957BTRat M IgG2aFA-11Mouse
CD068BioRadMCA341RMouse M IgG1ED1Rat
CD068Cell Marque168M-94Mouse M IgG1, kappaKP-1Human
CD068DakoM0814Mouse M IgG1, kappaKP1 (blank)
CD068Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0273Mouse M Ig2a514H12Human
CD068Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0273Mouse M IgG2a514H12Human
CD069Fisher/ Invitrogen14-0699-82Mouse M IgG1FN50Human
CD071Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-L-CD71-309Mouse M IgG2b10F11Human
CD079aLeica Microsystems Inc. PA0192Mouse M IgG2a11E3Human
CD080abcamab134120Rabbit M IgGEPR1157(2)Human
CD099Cell Marque/ Sigma199R-18Rabbit M IgGEPR3097Y(blank)
CD099Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0509Mouse M IgG112E7Human
CD099, MIC2 Gene Products, Ewing's Sarcoma MarkerDako M3601 Mouse M IgG1, kappa12E7(blank)
CD117, c-kitCell Marque 117R-18;117R-18-ASPRabbit M IgGYR145Human
CD117, c-kitDakoA4502Rabbit P N/A(blank)
CD123Sigma-AldrichHPA003539Rabbit PIL3RAHuman
CD123, IL3RANovus BiologicalsNB600-1185Mouse MIL3RA, 6H6Human
CD133 abcamab16518Rabbit P IgGN/AN/K
CD133 Cell Signaling Technology 64326Rabbit IgGD2V8QHuman
CD133 MilliporeMAB4399Mouse M17A6.1Human
CD138 (Syndecan 1)Cell Marque138M-15Mouse M IgG1B-A38Human
CD138 (Syndecan 1)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0088Mouse M IgG1MI15Human
CD138 (Syndecan 1)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0088Mouse M IgG1MI15(blank)
CD138 (Syndecan 1)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-12765Mouse M IgG1DL-101(blank)
CD138 (Syndecan 1)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-12765Mouse M IgG1Ectodomain of Syndecan-1(blank)
CD146 (MUC-18, MCAM)Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-CD146Mouse M IgG1N1238Human
CD155 (PVR)Sigma-AldrichHPA012568-100ULRabbit PN/AHuman
CD161NovusNB100-77528Mouse MPK136Mouse
CD163abcamab17051Mouse M IgG1RM3/1Human, monkey
CD163abcamab74604Mouse M IgG110D6Human
CD163Cell Marque163M-18Mouse M IgG1MRQ-26(blank)
CD163Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-CD163Mouse M IgG110D6(blank)
CD163/ M130Bioss (antibodies P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
CD172 (SIRP alpha)abcamab53721Rabbit PSIRPαHuman, mouse, rat
CD197 (CCR-7)eBioScience14-1979Rat M IgG2a, kappa3D12(blank)
CD200R&D SystemsAF2724Goat IgGN/AHuman
CD204 Macrophage Scavenger Receptor IThermo Fisher Scientific/ PiercePA5-22957Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse
CD206 (Mannose Receptor)abcamab64693Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
CD222 (Mannose 6 Phosphate Receptor)Thermo Fisher ScientificPA3-850Rabbit P IgGN/ACattle, primate, human, mouse
CD222, IGF-II Receptor/CI-M6PR (Insulin-like growth factor II reseptor aka cation-independent mannose 6-phosphate receptor) Cell Signaling Technology 15128Rabbit M IgGD8Z3JHuman, mouse, rat
CD223 (LAG3)biorbytorb6286Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat, rabbit, cow, horse, pig
CD235a Glycophorin ADakoM0819Mouse M IgG1, kappaJC159Human
CD261 TNFRSF10A / DR4 (Death Receptor 4 )LSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B2073Mouse M IgG132A1380Human
CD272 (BTLA)Abbiotec252250Rabbit P IgN/AHuman, mouse, rat
CD274 (PD-L1)abcamab80276Rat M IgG2a, lambdaMIH6Mouse
CD274 (PD-L1)Biocare MedicalACI3171ARabbit M IgGCAL10Human
CD274 (PD-L1)BiogenexAM919-5MSGMouse M IgG29E.2A3Human
CD274 (PD-L1)Cell Signaling Technology 13684Rabbit M IgGE1L3NHuman
CD274 (PD-L1)Cell Signaling Technology 15165Rabbit M IgGE1J2JHuman
CD274 (PD-L1)Cell Signaling Technology 64988SRabbit M IgGD5V3BMouse
CD274 (PD-L1)LSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B480-50Rabbit PN/AHuman
CD274 (PD-L1)ProSci, Inc4059Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
CD276abcamab134161Rabbit M(blank)Human, Mouse,
CD276R&D SystemsAF1027Goat PN/AHuman
CD279 (PD-1)Cell Marque/ Sigma315M-94Mouse MNAT105Human
CD279 (PD-1)Cell Marque/ Sigma315M-95Mouse MNAT105Human
CD279 (PD-1)Cell Signaling Technology 84651SRabbit M IgGD7D5W XPMouse Rat Human
CD279 (PD-1)eBioScience14-2799-80 Mouse M IgG1, kappaJ105Human
CD279 (PD-1)LSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B2519Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
CD279 (PD-1)LSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B2551Goat PN/ABovine, dog, human, mouse, rat
CD279 (PD-1)R&D SystemsAF1086Goat P IgGN/AHuman
CD279 (PD-1, PDCD1)Sigma-AldrichHPA035981Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
CD282 TLR2 (Toll like receptor 2)BioLegend 309709Mouse M IgG2a, kappaTL2.1Human
CD282 TLR2 (Toll like receptor 2)NovusBioNB100-56726SSMouse M IgG2aTL2.1Human, canine
CD283 TLR3 (Toll-like receptor 3)abcamab59919Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, human
CD283 TLR3 (Toll-like receptor 3)Fisher/ InvitrogenMA5-16184Mouse M IgG1, kappa40C1285.6Canine, human, mouse
CD284 TLR4 (Toll-like receptor 4)abcamab47093Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
CD289 TLR9 (Toll-like receptor 9)abcamab53396Goat P IgGN/AMouse, human
CD338, BCRP (Breast cancer resistance protein)Enzo/ Alexis BiochemicalsALX-801-036-C125Rat M IgG2aBXP-53Human, mouse
CD338, BCRP (Breast cancer resistance protein), ABCG2, EnzoALX-801-029Mouse M IgG2aBXP-21Human
CD40 (tnf receptor superfamily member 5)Atlas AntibodiesAMAb90905Mouse M IgG1CL1673Human
CD45abcamab10588Rabbit P IgG(blank)Mouse,Rat,Human
Cdk2abcamab32147Rabbit M IgGE304Mouse, rat, human
Cdk4Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-23896Mouse M IgG1 DCS-35Human, mouse, rat
CDR1NovusNBP2-57758Rabbit M1038Human
CEACAM6/ Carcinoembryonic antigen related cell adhesion molecule 6abcamab56234Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
CEACAM8 / CD66bLSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B7134Mouse M IgG180H3Human
c-erbB-2 OncoproteinLeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-c-erbB-2-316Mouse M IgG2b5A2(blank)
c-Fgrbiorbytorb160411Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Chk1abcam ab40866Rabbit M IgGEP691YHuman
Chk1Sigma-AldrichC9358Mouse M IgG2b DCS-310Human
Chk2 Cell Signaling Technology 2662Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat, monkey
Choline AcetyltransferaseMillipore/ ChemiconAB144Goat PN/AMouse, guinea pig, rat
Choline AcetyltransferaseProSci50-265Goat PN/AChicken, goat, human, mouse, rat
Chromogranin ALeica Microsystems Inc. PA0430Mouse M IgG15H7Human
CK (AE1/AE3 Cytokeratin, Multi)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0909Mouse M lgG1 mixtureAE1/AE3Human
CK (AE1/AE3)DakoM3515Mouse M IgG1AE1/AE3Human
CK (AE1/AE3)DakoM3515Mouse M IgG1, kappaAE1/AE3Human
CK (Cytokeratin, Wide Spectrum Screening)DakoZ0622Rabbit PAnti-CowHuman, mouse
CK (Cytokeratin, Wide Spectrum Screening)DakoZ0622Rabbit PAnti-CowHuman. Mouse for Otey, Yeh, Miller
CK (Cytokeratin; MAK-6)Invitrogen28-0001Mouse M lgG1 mixtureKA4 & UCD/PR-10.11Human
CK 14 (Cytokeratin 14)Cell Marque314M-14Moise MLL002(blank)
CK 18 (M30 CytoDEATH)Enzo/ AxxoraALX-804-590Mouse M IgG2bM30Human
CK 19 (Keratin 19)NeoMarkersMS-1902-P0Mouse M IgG1RCK108(blank)
CK 20 (Cytokeratin 20) Epitomics2039-1Rabbit P IgGEPR1622Y(blank)
CK 20 (Cytokeratin 20) Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0918Mouse M IgG1PW31(blank)
CK 5/14 (Cytokeratin 5/14 1+10)abcamab22642Mouse MLH1N/K
CK 5/14(Cytokeratin 5/14)Biocare MedicalACI3025AMouse MXM26+LL002Human
CK 5/6 (Cytokeratin 5/6)Cell Marque356M-14Mouse MD5/16B4(blank)
CK 5/6 (Cytokeratin 5/6)Cell Marque/ Ventana760-4253Mouse M IgG1D5&16B4(blank)
CK 5/6 (Cytokeratin 5/6)Chemicon/ MilliporeMAB1620 Mouse M IgG1D5/16B4 (blank)
CK 5/6 (Cytokeratin 5/6)DakoM7237Mouse M IgG1, kappaD5/16 B4 (blank)
CK 5/6 (Cytokeratin 5/6)Invitrogen18-0267Mouse M IgG1D5/16B4 Human
CK 7 (Cytokeratin 7)Biocare MedicalCRM339ARabbit M BC1Human, xenografts
CK 7 (Cytokeratin 7)Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-L-CK7-560Mouse M IgGRN7Human
CK 7 (Cytokeratin 7)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0942Mouse M IgG1RN7(blank)
CK 7 (Cytokeratin 7) DakoM7018Mouse M IgG1, kappaOV-TL 12/30Human
CK 8/18 (Cytokeratin 8/18)Biocare MedicalAPI 3161 AARabbit M IgGEP17 and EP30Human, mouse
CK 8/18 (Cytokeratin 8/18)Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-5D3Mouse M IgG15D3(blank)
CK 8/18 (Cytokeratin 8/18)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0067Mouse M IgG15D3Human
CK HMW+p63+AmcarBiocare MedicalAPI 3154DSAAMouse M Mpuse M Rabbit M34bE12 4A4 13H4Human
CK5/14 CocktailBiocare MedicalACI3025AMouse M IgG1XM26+LL002Human
CK8LeicaPA0567Mouse IgG1(blank)Human
Claudin 3Thermo Fisher ScientificRB-9251-P0Rabbit P N/A(blank)
Claudin 4Thermo Fisher ScientificRB-9266-P0Rabbit P N/A(blank)
c-Mybabcamab59233Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
c-MycCell Marque359R-14Rabbit M IgGEP121Human
c-MycEpitomicsAC-0116Rabbit M IgGEP-121Human
c-MycEpitomicsAC-0116ARabbit M IgGEP-121Human
c-MycEpitomicsEP-121Rabbit M IgGEP-121Human
c-MycVentana 790-4628Rabbit M IgGY69Human
Collagen Iabcamab138492Rabbit M IgGEPR7785Human, does not react w/ mouse
Collagen Iabcamab21286Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse
Collagen Iabcamab6308Mouse M IgG1COL-1Human, mouse, rat, rabbit etc.
Collagen Iabcamab90395Mouse M IgG1COL-1Rat, human
Collagen ISigmaC2456Mouse M IgG1COL-1 pig, bovine, deer, rat, rabbit, human
Collagen IIabcamab21291Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse
Collagen IIabcamab54236Mouse M IgG2a, kappaSPM239N/K
Collagen II abcamab3092Mouse M IgG2a, kappa5B2.5Mouse, human
Collagen IIIabcamab7778Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
Collagen IIISigmaHPA007583Rabbit P IgG(blank)(blank)
Collagen IVCell Marque/ Sigma239M-15Mouse M IgG1CIV22Human
Collagen IVDako M0785Mouse M IgG1, kappaCIV22Human
Collagen IVMilliporeAB8201Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, human, rat
Collagen IVThermoFisher ScientificPA1-85320Rabbit P IgG(blank)Mouse, NHP
Collagen VIISanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-33710Mouse M 4D2(blank)
Collagen Xabcamab49945Mouse M IgMCOL-10Human, pig, deer
CoroninUNC, J. Bear LabN/AMouseN/A(blank)
CortactinCell Signaling Technology 3502Rabbit PN/A(blank)
COX IVCell Signaling Technology 11967Mouse M IgG14D11-B3-E8Human, mouse, rat, monkey
COX2Cell Marque240R-14Rabbit MSP21Human
CPT1AProteintch15184-1-APRabbit P(blank)Human, mouse, rat
c-RelCell Signaling Technology 4727Rabbit PN/AHuman, monkey
c-RelNouvsNBP2-37593Mouse MIE7Human, mouse
CRTC2Lab made(blank)Rabbit P(blank)Human
Crystallin, αBAssay Designs/ Stressgen/ EnzoSPA-222Mouse M IgG1B6.1-3G4Human, mouse, rat
CST6abcamab54572Mouse M IgG2aaa:s 29-150 of Human CST6Human
CTHCRN/KN/KRabbit PN/A(blank)
Ctrl Goat IgGabcamab37373Goat P IgGN/AN/A
Ctrl Goat IgGSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-2755Goat IgG-BN/A(blank)
Ctrl Ms a-Hu IgMSouthern Biotech(blank)Mouse IgG1SA-DA4Human
Ctrl Ms IgG1DakoX0931Mouse M IgG1DAK-GO1(blank)
Ctrl Ms IgG2aDakoX0943Mouse M IgG2aDAK-GO5(blank)
Ctrl Ms IgMDakoX0942Mouse M IgMDAK-GO8(blank)
Ctrl Rabbit P IgGabcamab171870Rabbit P IgGN/AN/A
Ctrl Rb DakoN1699RabbitN/A(blank)
Ctrl Rb DakoX0903Rabbit IgGN/A(blank)
Ctrl Rb P IgGabcamab27478-100Rabbit P IgGN/AN/A
CUX1 (CDP)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-13024Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
CX3CL1R&D SystemsMAB3651Mouse M IgG1B1513(blank)
CX3CR1abcamab8021Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
CXCL10R&D BiotechneMAB2662Mouse M#984429Human
CXCL12, SDF-1abcamab18919Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
CXCL12, SDF-1R&D SystemsMAB350-100Mouse M IgG179018Human, mouse
CXCR2/IL-8R&D SystemsMAB331-100Mouse M IgG2a48311Human
CXCR3abcamab64714Mouse M IgG12Ar1Human
CXCR5R&D SystemsMAB190Mouse M IgG2b51505Human
CXCR7/ ACKR3Sigma-AldrichHPA049718Rabbit PN/AHuman
Cyclic GMP-AMP synthase (MB21D1)Cell Signaling Technology 15102Rabbit M IgGD1D3GHuman
Cyclin B1 Cell Signaling Technology 4138Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Cyclin D1Cell Marque241R-44Rabbit M IgGEP12(blank)
Cyclin D1 Dako M7155Mouse M IgG2a, kappaDCS-6(blank)
Cyclin D1 (Bcl-1) Cell Marque241R-15Rabbit M IgGSP4(blank)
Cyclin D1 (Bcl-1) Cell Signaling Technology 2978Rabbit M IgG92G2Human, mouse, rat
Cyclin D1 (Bcl-1) DakoM3635Rabbit MSP4Human
Cyclin D2Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-181Rabbit P IgG C-17(blank)
Cyclin D2Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-181Rabbit P IgGN/A(blank)
Cyclin D2 (CCND2)Proteintech10934-1-APRabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
CYP24Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-66851Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Cytochrome cCell Signaling Technology 4280Rabbit M IgG136F3Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Cytokeratin (1/5/10/14)Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-CK34BE12Mouse M IgG34BE12Human
Cytomegalovirus PP65biorbytorb10511 Rabbit P IgGN/AViral
Cytomegalovirus, earlyChemicon/ MilliporeMAB810Mouse M IgG2a8B1.2Human
D2DR Santa Cruzsc-5303Mouse M IgG2aB-10Human, Rodent
D5DR Santa Cruzsc-376088Mouse M IgG1E-12Human
DARPP-32 (Dopamine- and cAMP-regulated neuronal phosphoprotein) BD Biosciences611520Mouse M IgG1, kappa15Rat, mouse, Rhesus Macacue, Canine
DARPP-32 (Dopamine- and cAMP-regulated neuronal phosphoprotein) MilliporeAB10518Rabbit PN/ARat, mouse, Rhesus Macacue, Canine
DCX (Doublecortin)abcamab18723Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat etc.
D-dimers DD-XLink-mab (crosslinked fibrin)ZediraA076 Mouse M IgG2b, kappaN/A(blank)
DDX21 (DEAD box protein 21)Novus BiologicalsNBP1-83310Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
DEKabcamab221545Rabbit M(blank)(blank)
Dendra2OrigeneTA180094Mouse M IgG2bOTI1G6N/K
DesmogleinThermoFisher Scientific32-6100Mouse IgG16D8Human
Dicerabcamab14601Mouse M IgG2a13D6Mouse, human
DicerCell Signaling Technology 3363Rabbit P IgGN/A(blank)
DiO3 (Deiodinase iodothyronine type 3)abcamab102926Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
DLC1abcamab21200Goat P IgGN/AHuman
DLC-1BD Biosciences612020Mouse M IgG13/DLC-1Human
DNAic 1UNCN/ARabbit P N/A(blank)
DNAiC1 56UNCN/AMouseN/A(blank)
DNAJB9abcamab6053Goat polyclonal IgGN/Amouse, rat, cow, dog, xenopus laevis
DNAJB9SigmaHPA040967Rabbit polyclonal IgGN/AHuman
Dnmt3aabcamab13888Mouse M IgG164B1446Mouse, human
Dnmt3aabcamab2850Rabbit P IgG (blank)Mouse, Rat, Human, Drosophila melanogaster
DPYD m (dihydropyrmidine dehydrogenase)AbnovaH00001806-M01Mouse M IgG17D4Human
DR4ProSci1139Rabbit P(blank)Human
DR4Santa Cruzsc-8411Mouse M IgG1B-9Human
DRP1 (Dynamin-related protein 1)Cell Signaling Technology 14647Mouse M IgG14E11B11Human, mouse, rat
DUT-N abcamab54942-100Mouse M IgG1, kappaN/AHuman
DUT-N abcamab65444-100Rabbit P IgGN/AN/K
Dystrophin (C-terminus)Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-DYS2Mouse M IgG1Dy8/6C5(blank)
EBI3abcamab118500Rat M IgG2a, kappaDNT27Mouse, human
EBI3SigmaHPA046635Rabbit P(blank)Human
EBNA-1Novusab118501 Mouse M IgG10211(6F9/60)Epstein-Barr virus
EBV/LMP-1abcamab118502 Mouse M IgG1Gs 1-4Epstein-Barr virus
E-CadherinCell Signaling Technology 3195Rabbit M IgG24E10Human, mouse
E-CadherinLeica Microsystems Inc. PA0387Mouse M IgG136B5Human
Ect2Millipore07-1364Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, rat, mouse, pig, bovine
EFNB2Sigma-AldrichHPA008999Rabbit PN/A(blank)
Eg5CytoskeletonAKIN06Rabbit PN/AHuman
EGFR (HER1)Cell Signaling Technology 4267Rabbit M IgGD38B1Human, mouse, monkey
EGFR (HER1)Cell Signaling Technology 71655sRabbit mAb(blank)Mouse
EGFR (HER1)DakoM3563Mouse M IgG1, kappaH11Human
EGFR (HER1)EpitomicsAC-0025Rabbit M IgGEP22Human
EGFR (HER1)Invitrogen28-0005Mouse M IgG131G7 Human
EGFR (HER1)Invitrogen28-0005Mouse M IgG131G7 (blank)
EGFR (HER1)KerafastEWI020Mouse M IgG425Human
EGFR (HER1)Santa Cruzsc-120Mouse mono IgG2A528Human Mouse Rat Dog
EGFR (HER1)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-03Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
EGFR (HER1)ThermoFisherMA5-12880Mouse mono IgG1225Human Mouse
EGFR (HER1)Zymed/ Invitrogen28-0005Mouse M IgG1 31G7 Human
EGFR (HER1)Zymed/ Invitrogen28-0005Mouse M IgG1 31G7 (blank)
EGFR (HER1)Zymed/ Invitrogen/ Life Technologies28-0005Mouse M IgG1 31G7 Human
EGR1Cell Signaling Technology 4153Rabbit M IgG15F7(blank)
EME1Novus BiologicalsNBP1-00566MouseN/AHuman
EMMPRIN Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-21746Mouse M IgG18D6(blank)
eNOS/NOS III, CTMillipore07-520Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
ENT1Thermo FisherPA5-33030Rabbit P IgG(blank)Human
ENTPD1/ CD039Sigma - AtlasHPA014067Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
Eosinophil Major Basic ProteinAbD Serotec4180-2008Mouse M IgG1BMK13Human
Eosinophil Major Basic ProteinAbD SerotecMCA5751Mouse M IgG1BMK13Human
Eosinophil Major Basic ProteinChemiconCBL419Mouse N/A(blank)
Eosinophil Major Basic ProteinFitzgerald10R-E107a(blank)BMK13(blank)
Eosinophil Major Basic ProteinUSBiologicalE3330(blank)N/A(blank)
Eotaxin-3PeproTech, INC500-M32Mouse M IgG1CCL26Human
Eotaxin-3PeproTech, INC500-P156GGoat P IgGN/A(blank)
Eotaxin-3PeproTech, INC500-P156G-500UGGoat P IgGN/A(blank)
EPHA10/ EPH Reseptor A10AbgentALS16871Mouse M IgG2a2E8Human
EpiregulinR&D SystemsAF1195 Goat IgGN/AHuman
Epiregulin R&D SystemsAF1195 Goat IgGrhEpiregulin(blank)
Epithelial Antigen DakoN1554 Mouse M IgGBer-EP4Human
Epithelial Membrane Antigen (EMA)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0035Mouse M IgG1GP1.4Human
Epithelial Specific AntigenNeoMarkersMS-144-P0Mouse M IgG1, kappaVU-1D9(blank)
Epstein-Barr virus Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-EBV-CS1-4Mouse M IgG1CS1, CS2, CS3 and CS4(blank)
Epthelial antigen DakoM0804Mouse M IgG1, kappaBer-EP4Human
ER alpha (Estrogen Receptor α)DakoM7047 Mouse M IgG11D5 (blank)
ER beta (Estrogen Receptor Beta)BiogenexAR385-5RRabbit PN/A(blank)
ER beta (Estrogen Receptor Beta)BiogenexAR385-5RRabbit P N/AHuman
ER beta (Estrogen Receptor Beta)BiogenexAR385-5RRabbit P N/A(blank)
ER beta (Estrogen Receptor Beta)BiogenexPU385-UPRabbit PN/A(blank)
ER beta (Estrogen Receptor Beta)Invitrogen ThermoFisherMA5-24807Mouse MPPZ0506Human
ER Estrogen Receptor Cell Marque249R-14Rabbit M IgGSP1Human
ER Estrogen Receptor Cell Marque249R-16Rabbit MSP1Human
ER Estrogen Receptor Cell Marque249R-16Rabbit M IgGSP1Human
ErbB4Millipore05-1133Mouse M IgG1, kappaHFR1/2G4Rat, human, mouse
ErbB4ThermoFisher ScientificMA1-861Mouse M IgG2b(blank)Human, Mouse, Non-human primate, Rat
Erbb4 Millipore05-1133Mouse M IgM(blank)Human, mouse, rat
ERCC1abcamab2356Mouse M IgG2b8F1Human
ETS1Santa Cruz BiotechnologySC-55581Mouse M IgG1, kappaC-4Human
Ezh2CST5246TRabbit M IgG(blank)Human, mouse, rat, monkey
F4/80Acris AntibodiesT-2028Rat IgG2a, kappaBM8Mouse
F4/80BioLegend 123116Rat IgG2a, kappaBM8Mouse
F4/80Cell Signaling Technology 70076Rabbit M IgG(blank)Mouse
F4/80eBioscience/ Affymetrix14-4801-82Rat IgG2a, kappaBM8Mouse
F4/80eBioscience/ Affymetrix/ Fisher14-4801-82Rat IgG2a, kappaBM8Mouse
F4/80Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-26643-RRabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
FABP7 / BLBP / MRGLSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B6684Mouse M IgG2b, kappaAT1D1Human, mouse
FAKMillipore05-537Mouse M IgG1 4.47(blank)
FAPSigma-AldrichHPA059739Rabbit PN/AHuman
FAPαSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-135069Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
FASN (Fatty Acid Synthase) Cell Signaling Technology 3180Rabbit M IgGGly46Human, mouse, rat
FATE1abcamab111486Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
FATE1abcamab57842Mouse M IgG1, kappaN/AHuman
FBP-1Sigma-AldrichHPA005857Rabbit PN/AHuman
FDXRInvitrogenLF-PA0003Rabbit P(blank)Human, mouse, rat
FDXRLife TechnologiesLS-B11626Rabbit P(blank)Human, Mouse, Rat, Bovine, Horse, Pig
FGF19abcamab225942Rabbit P IgG(blank)Human, mouse
FGF2Upstate/ Millipore05-118Mouse M IgG1, kappabFM-2 Human, bovine, mouse, rat
FGF21abcamab171941Rabbit M IgGEPR8314(2)Mouse, rat, human
FGFR2 (Fibroblast growth factor receptor)Cell Signaling Technology 23328Rabbit M IgGD4L2VHuman, mouse
FGFR3 (Fibroblast growth factor receptor)Cell Signaling Technology 4574SRabbit M IgGC51F2Human
FGFR3 (Fibroblast growth factor receptor)Santa CruzeSC13121Mouse MB-9Human
FGFR4MilliporeMABD120Mouse M4H2B10B2Human
FHAUNC, Collins LabN/AfAbN/AMouse
Fibrillin 1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-20084Rabbit P IgGH-109(blank)
Fibrillin 1 FBN1Sigma-AldrichHPA017759Rabbit PN/AHuman
Fibrillin 2Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-28136Goat P IgGN-20(blank)
Fibrillin 2 FBN2Sigma-AldrichHPA012853Rabbit PN/AHuman
Fibrillin 3Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-167896Goat P IgGP-16(blank)
Fibrinogenabcamab27913Rabbit P IgG(blank)(blank)
Fibrinogenabcamab34269Rabbit P IgG(blank)(blank)
FibrinogenSigmaHPA001900Rabbit P IgG(blank)(blank)
FibronectinMilliporeAB2033Rabbit PN/AMouse
FibronectinSigma-AldrichF0916-.2MLMouse MIST-4Human
FigRPUNC, Collins LabN/AfAbN/AMouse
FilaggrinLeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-FILAGGRINMouse M IgG1, kappa15C10Human
FKBP51abcamab126715Rabbit MEPR6617Human,Rat
FLEX Ki67DakoIS626Mouse M IgG1, kappaMIB-1Human
FMRP Fragile X Mental Retardation ProteinMilliporeMAB2160Mouse M IgG1C3Rat, human, mouse
FOXA1abcamab55178Mouse monoclonal IgG2a, kappa(blank)Mouse, human
FoxP3 (Forkhead box P3)Abbiotec250655Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
FoxP3 (Forkhead box P3)abcamab10563Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
FoxP3 (Forkhead box P3)abcamab20034Mouse M IgG1236A/E7Mouse, human, monkey
FoxP3 (Forkhead box P3)Cell Signaling Technology 12653Rabbit M IgGD608RMouse
FSHRLSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B4910Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
FSHRR&D SystemsMAB6559Mouse M IgG2b626723Human
GABRB2 LSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B954Rabbit PN/A(blank)
GADD 153 (F-168)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-575Rabbit P IgGF-168(blank)
GADD45αMillipore07-1230Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rabbit
Galectin 3abcamab7278Mouse M IgG19C4Human
Galectin 9Novus BiologicalsNBP1-19644Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Ganglioside GD2BD Pharmigen554272Mouse M IgG2a14 G2aHuman Mouse
Ganglioside GD2Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-53831Mouse M IgG2aN/AHuman
GATA3Leica Microsystems Inc. / Cell Marque PA0798Mouse M IgG1, kappaL50-823(blank)
GATAD2A UNC, Williams LabN/ARabbit PN/AHuman
G-CSFSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-1318Goat P IgGN/AHuman
GDF15abcamab189358Rat M IgG6D12.H10.E4Mouse, human
GFAPDakoZ0334Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
GFAPeBioScience14-9892-82Mouse M IgG1GA5Human, mouse, rat, chicken, rabbit, pig
GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein)abcamab13970Chicken P IgYN/APhotocytes
GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein)abcamab6673Goat PN/AMouse, Pig,Human?
GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein)Millipore#06-896Chicken P IgYN/AVertebrates
GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein) cAves LabsGFP-1010Chicken P IgYN/AMouse
GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein) cAves LabsGFP-1020Chicken P IgYN/AMouse
GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein) rabcamab290Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse
GFP gRockland 600-101-215Goat P IgGN/AMouse
Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein (GFAP m)DakoM0761Mouse M IgG1, kappa6F2(blank)
Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein (GFAP r)DakoZ0334Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Glucose Transporter GLUT-1, C-terminusChemicon/ MilliporeAB1340Rabbit P N/A(blank)
Glucose Transporter GLUT-3, C-terminusChemicon/ MilliporeAB1345Rabbit P N/A(blank)
Glut 1 (Glucose Transporter) abcamab53654Mouse M IgG1SPM498Human, mouse, rat
GLUT-1 Biocare MedicalCM408AMouse M IgG1SPM498Human
GLUT-1 Millipore07-1401Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
GM130abcamab52649Rabbit M IgGEP892YMouse, rat, cow, human
GPR30N/KN/KRabbit P IgGN/KHuman
GRHL2SigmaHPA004820Rabbit PN/KHuman
GSK-3α/βCell Signaling Technology 5676Rabbit M IgGclone D75D3Human, mouse, rat, hamster, monkey
GSK-3α/βSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-7291Mouse M IgG(blank)Human, mouse, rat, canine
H3 Total UNC, Strahl Lab N/ARabbitClone 561e3Human
H3K36abcamab9050Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse etc.
H3K36me1abcamab9048Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
H3K36me2Active Motif39255Rabbit PN/AHuman
H3K4me3Cell Signaling Technology 9751Rabbit mAb(blank)H M R Mk Dm Sc
H3K4me3Upstate/ Millipore07-473Rabbit PN/AHuman, vertebrates
H4 tetra-acetylActive Motif39179RabbitN/KHuman
HAND2abcamab60037Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
HAND2R&D SystemsAF3876Goat P IgGN/KHuman, mouse
HB-EGFSanta CruzSC-365182Mouse M IgG2a(blank)(blank)
Hccl26/ Eotaxin-3R&D SystemsAF653(blank)N/A(blank)
HCK (Hemopoietic cell kinase)Proteintech11600-1-APRabbit P IgG N/AHuman, mouse, rat
HemoglobinDakoA0118Rabbit P N/AHuman
HepatocyteDakoM7158Mouse M IgG1, kappaOCH1E5Human
Hepatocyte Ab-1Thermo Fisher Scientific/ NeoMarkersMS-1810-R7Mouse M IgG1OCH1E5(blank)
HER2/ErbB2Cell Signaling Technology 4290SRabbit M IgGD8F12Human, mouse
HER-2/neu (c-erbB-2)BiogenexMU134-UCMouse M IgG1CB11Human
HER-2/neu (c-erbB-2)BiogenexMU134-UCMouse M IgG1CB11(blank)
HER3LSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-C97504Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse
Her3 RocklandCUST17Rabbit P IgGN/A(blank)
Her3 (ErbB-3 )Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-285Rabbit P IgGErbB-3 (C-17)Human
HER3/ErbB3Cell Signaling Technology 12708SRabbit M IgGD22C5Human, mouse
Her4 (c-erbB-4)Thermo Fisher ScientificMS-637Mouse M IgG2bHFR-1Human, mouse
Her4 (ErbB-4)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-53280Mouse M IgG2bHFR1Human, mouse
Hes1Cell Signaling Technology 11988SRabbit M IgGD6P2UHuman, mouse, rat, monkey
Hexokinase I Cell Signaling Technology 2024Rabbit M IgGC35C4Human, mouse
HGF αSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-7949Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
HHV-8 (Human Herpesvirus, type 8). aka LANALeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-HHV8-LNAMouse M IgG113B10(blank)
Hic-5BD Transduction Labs611164Mouse M IgG134/Hic-5Mouse
HIF-1 alphaBD Transduction Labs610959Mouse M IgG154/HIF-1αHuman
HIF-1 alphaBD Transduction Labs610959, 610958Mouse M IgG154/HIF-1αHuman
HIF-1 alphaNovus BiologicalsNB100-105Mouse M IgG2bHialpha67Human
HIF-1 alphaNovus BiologicalsNB100-479Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat, primate
HIF-1 alphaSanta Cruz BiotechnologySC-10790Rabbit PN/AMouse, rat, human
HIF-1 alphaSigma-AldrichHPA001275RabbitN/AHuman
HIF2 alphaEton Bioscience, Inc.3100090205RabbitN/KHuman, mouse
HIF2 alphaNovus BiologicalsNB100-122Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
HIF2 alphaNovus BiologicalsNB100-132Mouse M IgG1N/AHuman, mouse, rat
HIF2 alpha (Hypoxia Inducible Factor-2 alpha subunit)Eton Bioscience, Inc.3100090205 or 3100090105RabbitN/KHuman, mouse
Histon+A700:AN700e H2Babcamab52599Rabbit M IgGEP957YHuman, mouse,Rat, Cow
HK2 (Hexokinase 2)abcamab104836Mouse M IgG3D3Human
HK2 (Hexokinase 2)Cell Signaling Technology 2867SRabbit M IgGC64G5Human, mouse, rat, monkey
HK2 (Hexokinase 2)Sigma-AldrichHPA028587-100ULRabbit PN/AHuman
HLA-DR (Major Histocompatibility Class II)BioLegend 307602Mouse M IgG2a, kappaL243Human
HLA-DRa (Major Histocompatibility Class II)Santa Cruz BiotechnologySC-55593Mouse M IgG1G-7Human
HMGA2Cell Signaling Technology 8179Rabbit M IgGD1A7Human, mouse, rat
HMGN2ThermoPA5-95559Rabbit P IgG(blank)(blank)
HN1Atlas AntibodiesHPA059729Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
HNF-4aSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-6556Goat P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
HoxA3Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-22384Goat P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
HoxA4Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-82888Goat P IgGN/AMouse, rat
HoxA5Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-28599Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
HOXA9Sigma-AldrichHPA061982Rabbit PN/AHuman
HoxA9 (Homeobox protein A9)Thermo Fisher Scientific/ PiercePA5-23367Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, dog, rat, primate, chicken
HPV 16-E7 Invitrogen28-0006Mouse M IgG18C9Human
HPV 16-L1abcamab234309Mouse M (blank)Human
HPV 16-L1abcamab69Mouse M IgG1(blank)Human
HPV 16-L1Biocare MedicalCM186CMouse M (blank)Human
HPV 16-L1Santa CruzeSC-65713Mouse M (blank)Human
HPV 18/16-E6Calbiochem/ Millipore
DP12Mouse M IgG1C1P5(blank)
HPV Papillomavirus 1, 6, 11, 16, 18, 31Chemicon/ MilliporeMAB837Mouse M1H8Human
Hsp27 (Heat Schock Protein 27)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-1049 -N/A(blank)
Hsp27 (Heat Schock Protein 27)Thermo Fisher Scientific/ PierceMA3-015Mouse M IgG1G3.1Human, mouse, rat, canine, non-human primate
Hsp40 (Heat Shock Protein 40)EnzoADI-SPA-400-D Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat etc.
HSP70 (HSPA1B, Heat Shock Protein 70)Cell Signaling Technology 4873Rat M IgG16B3Human, monkey
HSP90 (HSPAA1, Heat Shock Protein 90)Cell Signaling Technology 4875Rabbit PN/AHuman, monkey, rat, monkey
hTACIR&D SystemsMAB-174Mouse M IgG1165609(blank)
Iba1 Sigma-AldrichSAB2702364 Mouse M IgG1N/AHuman, mouse, rat
Iba1 Wako Chemicals019-19741Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
IFN-gamma (Interferon ga+A625:AP625mma)Novus Biologicals/ Bio-TechneMAB285-SPMouse M IgG2a25718Human
IFN-gamma (Interferon gamma)Novus Biologicals/ Bio-TechneNBP1-19761Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
IFN-gamma (Interferon gamma)Novus Biologicals/ Bio-TechneNBP2-53332Mouse
IgG2b Kappa
IGF-1 abcamab9572Rabbit PN/AHuman, mous
IGF-1 R alpha subunitThermo Fisher ScientificMS-641-90Mouse M IgG124-31(blank)
IGFBP-3R&D SystemsMAB3052Mouse M IgG2b84728(blank)
IgG kappaabcamab190484Rabbit MRM103Mouse
IgMSouthern Biotech1020-01Goat IgGN/KHuman
IKKaBethyl LaboratoriesA301-933ARabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
IKKaCell Signaling Technology 2682RabbitN/AHuman, mouse, rat, monkey
IKKbCell Signaling Technology 2370Rabbit M2C8Human, mouse, rat, monkey
IKKbCell Signaling Technology 2678RabbitL570Human, mouse, rat, hamster, monkey etc.
IKKbCell Signaling Technology 2684Rabbit PN/AHuman, monkey
IKKeCell Signaling Technology 2905Rabbit MD20G4Human, predicted monkey
IKKeRockland600-401-267Rabbit PpT501(blank)
IL11ThermoFisherPA5-36544Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse,Rat,Human
IL-11Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-7924Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
IL-11RαSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-993Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
IL-13abcamab16219Rat MJES10-5A2Human, mouse
IL-13BiosourceAHC0132Rat MJES10-5A2Human
IL-13Santa Cruz BiotechnologySC-1292Goat P IgGC-19(blank)
IL-13Thermo Fisher ScientificOMA-03356Rat M IgG2b N/A(blank)
IL17 abcamab91649Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse
IL-17/ IL-17AR&D SystemsAF-317-SP or - NAGoat P IgGN/AHuman
IL-17+A643:AL643abcamab118869Rat M IgG1TC11-18H10Mouse
IL-17AeBioScience11-7177Rat MeBio17B7Mouse, rat
IL-17AeBioScience14-7178Mouse M IgG1, kappaeBio64CAP17Human
IL-17ASigma-AldrichHPA052258Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
IL1-betaabcamab9722Rabbit P(blank)(blank)
IL-37abcamab153889Rabbit PN/AHuman
IL-37abcamab57187Mouse M IgG1, kappaN/AHuman
IL-5 abcamab25034Mouse MQS-5Human
IL-5 R&D SystemsMAB605Mouse M IgG19906.1Human
IL6abcamab6672Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human, pig
IL6 abcamab9324Mouse M IgG2aRecombinant full length protein (Human)Rat, human
iNOS (inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase )Thermo Fisher ScientificPA1-036Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
iNOS (Nitric Oxide Synthase II)MilliporeAB5384RabbitN/AHuman
iNOS (NOS2)Thermo Fisher ScientificPA5-16855Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, murine, rat
InsulinCell Signaling Technology 3014Rabbit M IgGC27C9Human, mouse, rat
Integrin, alpha 4abcamab81280Rabbit M IgGEPR1355YHuman
Integrin, beta 1, activatedMilliporeMAB2079ZMouse M IgG2bHUTS-4(blank)
Integrin, beta 6Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-6632Goat P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
InvolucrinLeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-INVMouse M IgG1SY5Human
IRAK3 (IRAK-M)AbD SerotecAHP1611Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, cross-ractivity mouse, rat
IRF4Acris AntibodiesAP01237PU-NRabbit PN/AHuman, mouse
IRF-7Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-9083Rabbit P IgGH-246(blank)
ITKabcamab32039Rabbit M IgGY401Human
ITKabcamab32113Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
Keap1Proteintech10503-2-APRabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Keap1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-15246Goat PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Keratin23Sigma-AldrichHPA016959-100ULRabbit PN/AHuman
Ki67Cell Marque275R-14Rabbit M IgGSP6Human
Ki-67 abcamab16667Rabbit MSP6Human, rat, mouse
Ki-67 BD Pharmingen550609Mouse M IgG1, kappaB56Human
Ki-67 Biocare MedicalCRM325ARabbit M IgGSP6Human, mouse
Ki-67 Biocare MedicalCRM325A Rabbit M IgGSP6Human, mouse
Ki-67 DakoM7240Mouse M IgG1, kappaMIB1Human
Ki-67 DakoN1633Mouse M IgG1, kappaMIB1Human
Ki-67 Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-Ki67pRabbit PN/AHuman, mouse
Ki-67 MilliporeAB9260Rabbit PN/AHuman, rat, mouse
Ki-67 OrigeneUM800033Mouse MUMAB107Human, Pig
KLK10Sigma-AldrichHPA017195Rabbit PN/AHuman
KMT3Aabcamab69836Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
Lamininabcamab11575Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
Laminin 5abcamab78286Mouse M IgG1, kappaP3H9-2Human
LC3Novus BiologicalsNB100-2220Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat
LCN2LSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-C332404Rabbit P IgG N/AHuman, mouse, rat
LEF1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-374412Mouse M IgG2a, kappaB-10Human
Leukemia, Hairy CellDakoM0880Mouse M IgM, kappaDBA44(blank)
Leukotriene A4 Hydrolase (LTA4 Hydrolase)Cayman Chemical Co.160250Rabbit P IgGN/A(blank)
Lipolysis Stimulated Lipoprotein receptorAtlas AntibodiesHPA007270Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
LKB1Cell Signaling Technology 13031Rabbit M IgGD60C5F10Human
LKB1Cell Signaling Technology 3047BFRabbit MD60C5Human
LKB1UT Southwestern Medical CenterN/KRabbitN/K(blank)
LTC4 SynthaseSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-20108Rabbit P IgGN/A(blank)
LuciferasePromegaG745AGoat P IgGN/AMouse
Luciferase, Firefly abcamab181640Goat P(blank)Mouse
Luciferase, Firefly abcamab21176Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse
Ly-6Gabcamab25377Rat M IgG2b, kappaRB6-8C5Mouse
Ly-6GBioLegend 127601Rat IgG2a, kappa1A8Mouse
LYVE1abcamab14917Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, human
LYVE1 (Lymphatic Endothelial Cell Marker)R&D SystemsMAB20892Mouse M IgG1537028Human
MAC387, Myeloid/ Histiocyte AntigenDakoM0747Mouse M IgG1, kappaMAC 387Human
Macro H2A.2Novus BiologicalsNBP1-92094Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
MAGE-ALife Technologies35-6300 Mouse M IgG2a6C1Human
MAGE-A4Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-292429Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
Magohabcamab38768Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, human
Malondialdehyde MDAabcamab6463Rabbit PN/ARat, human
Malondialdehyde MDAJaICA (Japan Institute for the Control of Aging)MMD-030Mouse M IgG2a1F83Human
MAP2Sigma-AldrichM9942Mouse M IgG1HM-2Human, chicken, rat, mouse
Mart-1GeneTex, incGTX72313Mouse MClone M2-7C10(blank)
Maspin (H-130)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-22762Rabbit P N/AMouse, rat, human
Mast Cell TryptaseLeica Microsystems Inc. PA0019Mouse M IgG2b10D11(blank)
Mast Cell Tryptase DakoM7052Mouse M IgG1, kappaAA1Human
MATE1 (SLC47A1)Thermo Fisher ScientificPA5-25272Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
MATE2 (SLC47A2)abcamab106117Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
MATE2 (SLC47A2)Sigma-AldrichHPA044412Rabbit PN/AHuman
MATE2/ SLC47A2Millipore ABC943Rabbit PN/AHuman
Math1abcamab105497Rabbit P IgGN/ARat, predicted Mouse, Rabbit etc.
Math1Thermo Fisher Scientific/ Life TechnologiesPA5-29392Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
MATH1/ HATH1abcamab168374Rabbit M IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
MATH1/ HATH1abcamab85513Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
MBP (Myelin Basic Protein antibody [12] - Oligodendrocyte Marker)abcamab7349Rat M IgG2a12Mouse, rat, human, etc.
mCherryThermo Fisher Scientific/ Life TechnologiesM11217Rat M IgG2a16D7(blank)
MCL1abcamab25955Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
MCL1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-69840Mouse M IgG(blank)Mouse, rat, human
MCL1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-819Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
MCM 6Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-22781Rabbit P IgGH-300(blank)
MCM2 + TOP2ABiocare MedicalAPI 3181 AAMouse M IgG1, IgG2bOT18A11, UMAB146(blank)
MDM 2 DakoM7146Mouse MSMP14(blank)
MDM2 Zeta CorporationZ2189Mouse M IgGSMP14Human
MDR1/ ABCB1Chemicon/ MilliporeMAB4120Mouse M IgG1JSB-1 Human, hamster
MDR1/ ABCB1/ P Glycoproteinabcamab170904Rabbit M IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
MegalinSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-25470Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
Melan ALeica Microsystems Inc. PA0233Mouse M IgG1A103Human
MERTKabcamab52968Rabbit M IgGY323Human
MERTKEpitomics1633-1Rabbit MY323Human
MERTKLSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-C49604RabbitY323Human
MERTKUNC, Shields labN/ARabbitN/K(blank)
Mesothelial CellDakoN1594Mouse M IgM, kappaHBME-1 (blank)
Met Cell Signaling Technology 4560Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse
Met (C12) Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-10Rabbit P IgGN/A(blank)
MGMTThermo Fisher Scientific35-7000Mouse M IgG2bMT23.2Human
MHC II(MHC class II)abcamab25333Rat MNIMR-4Mouse
MICA (MHC class I chain-related gene A)R&D Systems/ Bio-TechneAF1300-SPGoat P IgGN/AHuman
MICA (MHC class I chain-related gene A) BiotinR&D SystemsBAF1300Goat P IgGN/AHuman
MICA/BSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-137242Mouse M IgG1, kappaF-6Human
MICA/B Blocking PeptideSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-271535 PMouse M IgG2aD-8Human
MIFSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-20121Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
MIG-6/ RALT/ Sigma-AldrichR 3028Rabbit P IgGPE-16Human, mouse, rat
Mitofusin-2Cell Signaling Technology 9482Rabbit IgGD2D10Human, mouse, rat
MLH1Cell Marque285M-18Mouse M IgG2aG168-728(blank)
MLH-1BD Pharmingen550838Mouse M IgG1G168-15Human
MLKLabcamab196436Rabbit M IgGphospho S345Mouse
MMP14 (Matrix metallopeptidase 14)Sigma-AldrichHPA051432Rabbit PN/AHuman
MMP2abcamab3158Mouse M N/AHuman
MMP2Chemicon/ MilliporeMAB13405Mouse M IgG1CA-4001Human, mouse, rat
MMP9abcamab38898Rabbit PN/AMouse, rat, human
MMP9MilliporeAB19016Rabbit PN/ARat, human, mouse
MMP9Sigma-AldrichHPA001238Rabbit N/A(blank)
MMP9 (Matrix metalloproteinase 9)Epitomics/ Cell MarqueAC-0122RUORabbit M IgGEP127Human
MORN2abcamab188524Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman. Predicted mouse, rat, cow
Mouse IgG Isotype ControlInvitrogen08-6599Mouse IgG(blank)(blank)
MRP1/ ABCC1abcamab3369Mouse M IgG1QCRL1Human
MRP1/ ABCC1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-13960Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
MRP2. ABCC2abcamab203397Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
MRP2/ cMOAT (ABCC2)Kamiya Biomedical CompanyMC-206Mouse M IgG2aM2III-6Human, rat
MRP2/ cMOAT. ABCC2Kamiya Biomedical CompanyMC-267Mouse M IgG2bM2III-5Human, mouse, rat
MRP3/ C-18Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-5776Goat P IgGC-18Mouse, rat, human
MRP4/ ABCC4abcamab15602Rat M IgG2aM4I-10Mouse, human
MRP4/ ABCC4Abnova/ Novus BiologicalsH00010257-M03Mouse M IgG1, kappaABCC4Human
MRP4/ ABCC4 (Multidrug resistance-associated protein 4)EnzoALX-801-038-C075Rat M IgG2aM4I-10Human, mouse
MSH2Cell Marque286M-18Mouse M IgG1G219-1129(blank)
MSH6Cell Marque287M-28Rabbit M IgGSP93(blank)
MUC1abcamab15481Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
MUC1abcamab28081Mouse mono IgG3C595Human
MUC16abcamab1107Mouse mono IgG1X75Human
Muc-5ACLeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-MUC-5ACMouse M IgG1CLH2Human
MUM1 (Multiple Myeloma Oncogene 1)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0129Mouse M IgG1EAU32Human
MUM1 ProteinDakoM7259Mouse M IgG1MUM1pHuman
MUM1 ProteinDakoM7259Mouse M IgG1, kappaMUM1p(blank)
MyD88abcamab2068-100Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
Myeloperoxidase (MPO)abcamab9535Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Myeloperoxidase (MPO)Dako IS511Rabbit P N/A(blank)
Myeloperoxidase (MPO)DakoN1578-N/AHuman
Myeloperoxidase (MPO)Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-MYELOMouse M IgG59A5Human
Myeloperoxidase (MPO)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0491Mouse M IgG2b59A5Human
MYH7 (Myosin heavy chain 7)Sigma-AldrichHPA001239Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
MyoDCell Signaling Technology 13812Rabbit mAb(blank)Human
MyoDNovus BiologicalNBP2-32882Mouse M IgG1(blank)Human, mouse, rat , chicken
MyoDSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-304 Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
MyogeninLeica Microsystems Inc. PA0226Mouse M IgG1LO26Human
Myosin Heavy ChainLeica Microsystems Inc. PA0493Mouse M IgG2bS131(blank)
Na+/K+-ATPase αSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-28800Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
Nanogabcamab62734-100Mouse M IgGNNG-811Human
Napsin ALeica Microsystems Inc. NAPSINA-L-CE-SMouse M IgG2bIP64(blank)
Napsin ALeica Microsystems Inc. PA0064Mouse M IgG2bIP64Human
N-CadherinMillipore04-1126Rabbit MEPR1792YHuman, mouse
Nestinabcamab105389Rabbit M IgGSP103Human
NestinCell Signaling Technology 4760Mouse M IgG1Rat-401Rat
Nestin MilliporeAB5922Rabbit PN/A(blank)
Nestin MilliporeMAB353Mouse M IgG1Rat-401(blank)
Nestin Thermo Fisher Scientific/ PierceMA1-06802Mouse M IgG110C2(blank)
NeuN (Neuronal Nuclei)abcamab104225Rabbit P(blank)Human, Mouse,Rat, Cow,Pig,Chicken
NeuN (Neuronal Nuclei)MilliporeMAB377Mouse M IgG1A60Mouse
Neurofibromin NF1 Chemicon/ MilliporeMAB5440Mouse M IgG1NFn27b(blank)
NFkB p105 / p50abcamab15485Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
NFkB p50 (H-119, reacts also p105)
Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-7178Rabbit P IgGN/A(blank)
NFkB p52Millipore05-361Mouse M IgG2aN/KHuman
NFkB p52Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-7386Mouse M IgG2aC-5(blank)
NFkB p65abcamab31481Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, human etc.
NFkB p65abcamab7975Rabbit P IgGN/AN/K
NFkB p65abcam ab31481Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, human etc.
NFkB p65Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-109Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
NFkB p65 (RelA)Cell Signaling Technology 3987Rabbit P IgGClone E498Human, mouse, rat, hamster, monkey etc.
NFkB p65 (RelA)Cell Signaling Technology 8242Rabbit M IgGD14E12Human, mouse, rat
NG2abcamab129051Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
NIMP-R14Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-59338Rat M IgG2bN/AMouse
Nitric Oxide Syntase-1Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-NOS-1Mouse M IgGNOS-125Human
NitrotyrosineMilliporeAB5411Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
NME1 AbnovaH00004830-M02Mouse M IgG11D7Human
NME1 Sigma-AldrichHPA008467Rabbit N/A(blank)
NOS2Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-651Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
Notch1, Activated abcamab52301Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
Notch1, Activated abcamab8925Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, human
Notch2abcamab8926Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
Notch2Cell Signaling Technology 5732Rabbit mAbD76A6(blank)
Notch3abcamab60087Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
Notch4abcamab33163Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
NOXAThermo Fisher Scientific/ PierceMA1-41000Mouse M IgG1, kappa114C307.1Human, mouse
NPAS1Novus BiologicalsNBP2-43651Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat, bovine
NPM (Nucleophosmin)DakoM7305Mouse M IgG1, lambda367(blank)
NQO1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-32793Mouse M IgG1A180Human, rat
NRASAcris AntibodiesAM32436PU-MRabbit IgGSP174Human
NRF2 (Nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2)abcamab137550Rabbit P(blank)(blank)
NRF2 (Nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2)EnzoADI-KAP-TF-125Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat etc.
NRF2 (Nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2)Epitomics2178-1Rabbit P IgGEP1808YHuman, mouse, rat
NRF2 (Nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-13032Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
NRG1ThermoFisherMA5-12896Mouse M IgG2(blank)(blank)
NT5E/CD073Cell Signaling Technology 13160Rabbit IgGD7F9AHuman, mouse, rat
OATP1 (Organic anion transporting polypeptide A)Thermo Fisher Scientific/ InvitrogenPA5-42445Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
Oct1 (X-21)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-133866Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human, canine
Oct3 (SLC22A3)abcamab124826Rabbit M IgGEPR6630Human
Oct3 (SLC22A3)OrigeneTA310852Rabbit M EPR6630Human
Oct4abcamab18976Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
Olig2abcamab81093Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, chicken, human
Olig2Cell Marque387R-14Rabbit M IgGEP112Human
Olig2Cell Marque387R-14Rabbit M IgGEP112Human, mouse
Olig3Milliporeab5995Rabbit P IgG(blank)Human, mouse
OSTAabcamab103442Rabbit PN/AHuman
p16Biocare MedicalAPI 3231 AAMouse M IgGBC42
p16Chemicon/ MilliporeMAB4133Mouse M IgG1D25(blank)
p16mtm laboratories/ Ventana/ Roche04015630970445 (9518 or 705-4713)MouseE6H4™(blank)
p16mtm laboratories/ Ventana/ Roche9518 or 705-4713MouseE6H4™(blank)
p16Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-1207Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse
p16Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-1661Mouse M IgG2aF-12(blank)
p21abcamab109199Rabbit M IgGEPR3993Mouse, rat, human
p21abcamab2961Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat
p21Cell Signaling Technology 2947Rabbit M IgGWaf1/Cip1 (12D1)Human, monkey, predicted dog
p21Thermo Fisher ScientificMS-891-P0Mouse M IgGCP74Human, rat
p24, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)DakoM0857Mouse M IgG1, kappaKal-1 (AKA H-11)(blank)
p24, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)NIH AIDS Reagent Program3537Mouse M IgG1, kappa183-H12-5C(blank)
p27 Kip1Cell Signaling Technology 3686Rabbit M IgGD69C12Human, rat, monkey
p27 Kip1DakoM7203Mouse M IgG1, kappaSX53G8Human
p44/42 MAPK (ERK1/2)Cell Signaling Technology 4695Rabbit M IgGClone 137FSHuman, mouse, rat, hamster, monkey etc.
p44/42 MAPK (ERK1/2)Cell Signaling Technology 4696Mouse M IgG1L34F12Human, mouse, rat etc.
P504SBiocare MedicalACA200ARabbit PN/AHuman
p53BiogenexMU239-UCMouse M IgG2bDO7Human
p53CalbiotechOP09-100UGMouse M IgGAb-2, Pantropic(blank)
p53Cell Signaling Technology 2524Mouse M 1C12Human, mouse, rat, hamster, monkey
p53DakoM7001Mouse M IgG2b, kappaD07(blank)
p53Leica Microsystems Inc. N/K-D07(blank)
p62Cell Signaling Technology 88588Mouse IgG1D5L7GHuman
p63Biocare MedicalCM163AMouse M IgG2a, kappa4A4Human, mouse, rat
p63Biocare MedicalPM163AAMouse M IgG2a, kappaBC4A4Human, mouse, rat
p63Proteintech12143-1-APRabbit P(blank)Human, mouse, rat
p63 ProteinDakoM7247Mouse M IgG2a, kappa4A4(blank)
p63 ProteinLeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-p63Mouse M IgG1, kappa7JUL(blank)
Palladin (commercial)Proteintech 10853-1-APRabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
Palladin 621UNC, Carol Otey's labN/ARabbitN/KHuman, mouse
Palladin 622UNC, Carol Otey's labN/ARabbitN/KHuman, mouse
pan Cadherinabcamab16505Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
pan-CytokeratinSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-15367Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human, Xenopus laevis
pan-QKI (protein quaking, HqkI and Hqk)UC Davis/NIH NeuroMab Facility75-168Mouse IgG2bN147/6Mouse, rat, human
PAR2abcamab138479Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
PAR4 (Prostate apoptosis response 4)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-1666Mouse M IgG2aA-10Human, mouse, rat
PAR4 (Proteinase Activated Receptor 4)abcamab56359Mouse M IgG1, kappaAmino acids 18-83 of Human Proteinase Activated Receptor 4Human
Parvalbuminabcamab11427Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, chicken, human, sea urchin
Parvovirus (Parvovirus B19)Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-PARVOMouse M IgG1R92F6(blank)
Pax-2 Invitrogen716000Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat, xenopus, zebrafish, sheep
Pax-5 Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-L-PAX-5Mouse M IgG11EWHuman
Pax-5 Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0552Mouse M IgG11EWHuman
Pax-5 Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-1974Goat P IgGC-20(blank)
Pax-7 - cDevelopmental Studies Hybridoma Bank (DSHB)PAX7-cMouse M IgG1, kappaN/KChicken, mouse
Pax-8Biocare MedicalACI 438 AMouse M IgG1BC12Human, mouse, rat
Pax-8Biocare MedicalAPI 438 AAMouse M IgG1BC12(blank)
PB1/ BAF180Bethyl LaboratoriesA301-590ARabbit P IgGN/AHuman
PC2 (Proprotein Convertase 2)abcamab28571Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
P-CadherinBD Transduction Labs610227Mouse M IgG156Human, rat
PCB (Pyruvate carboxylase)abcamab115579Goat P IgGN/AMouse, human
PCK2Cell Signaling Technology 6924Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat, monkey
PCNAabcamab92552Rabbit M IgGEPR3821Mouse, rat, human
PCNACell Signaling Technology 2586Mouse M IgG2aPC10Human, mouse, rat, monkey, bovine, pig
PDGFRCell Signaling Technology 3174Rabbit IgGN/AHuman, mouse
PDH (Pyruvate Dehydrogenase)Cell Signaling Technology 3205Rabbit M IgGC54G1Human, mouse, rat, monkey
PDLIM1Novus BiologicalsNBP1-67756Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
PEPCKSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-166778Mouse M IgG1, kappaF-2Mouse, rat, human
Periostinabcamab14041Rabbit PN/AMouse,Rat.Chicken,Human
p-FMRP phospho-Fragile X Mental Retardation ProteinPhosphoSolutionsp1125-499Rabbit PN/ARat
PGAM1abcamab2220Goat P IgGN/AHuman
P-Glycoprotein Calbiochem517310Mouse M IgG1C219Hamster, human, mouse, rat
PHGDHSigma-AldrichHPA021241Rabbit P(blank)Human, mouse, rat
PHLDA1Sigma-AldrichHPA019000Rabbit PN/AHuman
Phospho- 4E-BP1Cell Signaling Technology 2855Rabbit M IgGThr37/46, 236B4(blank)
Phospho- 53BP1 Cell Signaling Technology 2675Rabbit PSer1778 Human, monkey
Phospho- AktCell Signaling Technology 3787Rabbit M IgG(Ser473) (736E11)Human, mouse, predicted rat
Phospho- AktCell Signaling Technology 3787Rabbit M IgGSer473, 736E11Human, mouse, predicted rat
Phospho- AktCell Signaling Technology 3787Rabbit P IgGSer473, 736E11Human, mouse, predicted rat
Phospho- AktCell Signaling Technology 3787 Rabbit M IgGSer473, 736E11Human, mouse, predicted rat
Phospho- AktCell Signaling Technology 3787 Rabbit P IgGSer473, 736E11Human, mouse, predicted rat
Phospho- AktCell Signaling Technology 4060Rabbit M IgGSer473, D9E (blank)
Phospho- AktCell Signaling Technology 9271Rabbit P Ser473(blank)
Phospho- Akt Cell Signaling Technology 3787Rabbit M IgGSer473 736E11Human, mouse, predicted rat
Phospho- Akt Cell Signaling Technology 4060Rabbit M IgGSer473Human, mouse, rat etc.
Phospho- Akt Cell Signaling Technology 9271Rabbit M IgGSer473Human, mouse, rat etc.
Phospho- Akt Cell Signaling Technology 9277Rabbit P Ser473(blank)
Phospho- Akt Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-135651 Rabbit P IgGSer 473, 474Human, mouse, rat
Phospho- Akt Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-16646-RRabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
Phospho- AMPKα Cell Signaling Technology 2535Rabbit M IgG(Thr172) (40H9)Human, mouse, rat, hamster, monkey
Phospho- ATM-N/K---
Phospho- ATM Epitomics2152-1Rabbit M IgGpS1981Human, mouse, rabbit
Phospho- ATM Millipore05-740Mouse M IgGSer1981, Clone 10H11.E12Human, mouse
Phospho- ATRCell Signaling Technology 2853Rabbit PSer428Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Phospho- c-erbB-2 / HER-2 / neu Ab-18NeoMarkers/ Lab VisionMS-1072 - PMouse M IgGPN2A Human
Phospho- Chk1Cell Signaling Technology 2348Rabbit M IgG(Ser345) (133D3)Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Phospho- Chk2Cell Signaling Technology 2666Rabbit P IgGSer19Human
Phospho- Chk2Cell Signaling Technology 2661LRabbit P IgGThr68Human, monkey
Phospho- Chk2Cell Signaling Technology 2661SRabbit P IgGThr68Human, monkey
Phospho- CofilinCell Signaling Technology 3313Rabbit M IgG(Ser3) (77G2)Human, mouse, rat, monkey, bovine
Phospho- DRP1 Cell Signaling Technology 4494Rabbit M IgG(Ser616) (D9A1)Human, predicted mouse, rat
Phospho- EGF ReceptorCell Signaling Technology 2234SRabbit P Tyr1068 (blank)
Phospho- EGF ReceptorCell Signaling Technology 4404SRabbit P Tyr1148 (blank)
Phospho- EGFR Cell Signaling Technology 3777Rabbit M IgGTyr1068, D7A5Human, mouse, rat
Phospho- EGFR Chemicon/ MilliporeMAB3052Mouse M IgG174 (Tyrosine)(blank)
Phospho- EGFR Chemicon/ MilliporeMAB3052Mouse M IgG1 74 (Tyrosine)(blank)
Phospho- EGFR Chemicon/ Millipore05-1128Mouse M IgG174 (Tyrosine)(blank)
Phospho- HER2 (c-erbB-2 / HER-2 / neu)NeoMarkers/ Lab VisionMS-1072 - PMouse M IgG1 PN2A Human, rat
Phospho- HER2 (c-erbB-2 / HER-2 / neu)NeoMarkers/ Lab VisionMS-1072 - PMouse M IgG1 PN2A (blank)
Phospho- HER2/ ErbB2Cell Signaling Technology 2244LRabbit PTyr1248/EGFR Tyr1173(blank)
Phospho- HER3/ ErbB3Cell Signaling Technology 4791SRabbit M IgG(Tyr1289) (21D3)Human
Phospho- Histone H2A.XCell Signaling Technology 9718Rabbit M IgG(Ser139) (20E3)Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Phospho- Histone H2A.XCell Signaling Technology 9718Rabbit M IgG(Ser139) (20E3)Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Phospho- Histone H2A.XCell Signaling Technology 9718Rabbit M IgG20E3Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Phospho- Histone H2A.XMillipore05-636Mouse M IgGJBW301(blank)
Phospho- Histone H2A.XMillipore05-636Mouse M IgG1JBW301Vertebrates
Phospho- Histone H2A.XN/K (New batch of P-H2A received from Kaufmann's lab)N/KMouse M IgG--
Phospho- Histone H2A.XNovusNB100-384Rabbit P(blank)Human, mouse, rat,cat
Phospho- Histone H2A.XUpstate/ Millipore05-636Mouse M IgG1JBW301(blank)
Phospho- Histone H3 (p-H3)Cell Signaling Technology 9706Mouse M IgG1(Ser10) (6G3)Human, mouse, rat
Phospho- IGF-I receptor BetaCell Signaling Technology 3021SRabbit PN/A(blank)
Phospho- IKKa/bCell Signaling Technology 2697Rabbit MS176/180 16A6Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Phospho- IKKeRockland 600-401-267RabbitpT501Human
Phospho- MEK1/2Cell Signaling Technology 2338SRabbit M IgGSer221, 166F8(blank)
Phospho- MEK1/2Cell Signaling Technology 9121Rabbit PSer217/221Human, mouse, rat etc.
Phospho- METCell Signaling Technology 3077Rabbit MTyr1234/1235 (D26)Human, mouse
Phospho- MKK3 / MKK6New England BioLabs or Cell Signaling Technology ?9231SRabbit PSer189/ 207(blank)
Phospho- mTORCell Signaling Technology 2976Rabbit M IgGSer2448, 49F9 (blank)
Phospho- mTORCell Signaling Technology 2976SRabbit M IgGSer2448, 49F9 (blank)
Phospho- Myosin Light Chain 2Cell Signaling Technology 3671Rabbit P IgGSer19Human, mouse, rat
Phospho- Myosin Light Chain 2Cell Signaling Technology 3674Rabbit P IgGThr18/Ser19Human, mouse, predicted rat etc.
Phospho- NF-M & NF-H (Neurofilament H&M)MilliporeMAP1592Mouse M IgG1NP1Human, chicken
Phospho- NF-κB p65Cell Signaling Technology 3033Rabbit M IgGClone 93H1/ S536Human, mouse, rat, hamster, monkey, pig
Phospho- p38 MAPKCell Signaling Technology 4511Rabbit M IgGThr180/Tyr182, D3F9Human, mouse, rat
Phospho- p38 MAPKCell Signaling Technology 9216SMouse M IgG1(28B10) Thr180/Tyr182 (blank)
Phospho- p44/42 MAPK (p-ERK1/2) Cell Signaling Technology 4376Rabbit M IgGThr202/Tyr204, 20G11Human
Phospho- p44/42 MAPK (p-ERK1/2) Cell Signaling Technology 4370Rabbit M IgGThr202/Tyr204Human, mouse, rat, hamster, monkey etc.
Phospho- p44/42 MAPK (p-ERK1/2) Cell Signaling Technology 4376PRabbit M IgGThr202/Tyr204(blank)
Phospho- p44/42 MAPK (p-ERK1/2) Cell Signaling Technology 9101SRabbit PThr202/Tyr204(blank)
Phospho- p44/42 MAPK (p-ERK1/2) Cell Signaling Technology 9101SRabbit P Thr202/Tyr204(blank)
Phospho- p53abcamab32132Rabbit M IgGY179Human
Phospho- p53 Cell Signaling Technology 9284Rabbit P IgGSer15Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Phospho- p53 Cell Signaling Technology 12571Rabbit M IgGSer15, D4S1HMouse, rat
Phospho- p63Cell Signaling Technology 4981Rabbit PN/AHuman, predicted mouse, rat
Phospho- RelBSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-101792Rabbit P IgGSer 552(blank)
Phospho- S6 Ribosomal ProteinCell Signaling Technology 2211Rabbit M IgGSer235/236Human, mouse, rat etc.
Phospho- S6 Ribosomal ProteinCell Signaling Technology 2215Rabbit PSer240/244Human, mouse, rat, monkey, xebrafish
Phospho- S6 Ribosomal ProteinCell Signaling Technology 4857Rabbit M IgGSer235/236, 91B2Human, mouse, rat
Phospho- S6 Ribosomal ProteinCell Signaling Technology 4858Rabbit MD57.2.2EHuman, mouse, rat
Phospho- S6K1 rabcamab32359Rabbit M IgGE175Human, mouse etc.
Phospho- Serine S194 RalATesting for company; N/K15380Mouse M IgG2N/KHuman
Phospho- Serine S194 RalATesting for company; N/K15380Mouse M IgG3N/KHuman
Phospho- SMAD2Cell Signaling Technology 3108Rabbit M IgGSer465/467 (138D4)Human, mouse, rat
Phospho- Src FamilyCell Signaling Technology 2113Rabbit MY416, 100F9Human, chicken
Phospho- Src FamilyCell Signaling Technology 6943Rabbit M IgGTyr416Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Phospho- Src FamilyCell Signaling Technology 2105Rabbit PTyr527Human, mouse, rat
Phospho- STAT3Cell Signaling Technology 4113Mouse M IgG1M9C6; Tyr705Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Phospho- STAT5Zymed/ Invitrogen71-6900Rabbit PConserved Tyrosines(blank)
Phospho- TAK1Cell Signaling Technology 4508SRabbit M IgGClone 90C7/ T184/187(blank)
Phospho- TAK1Cell Signaling Technology 4531SRabbit P IgGT184/187(blank)
Phospho- TAK1Cell Signaling Technology 9339LRabbit P IgGSer412(blank)
Phospho- TAK1Cell Signaling Technology 9339SRabbit P IgGSer412(blank)
Phospho- TBK-1BD Pharmingen558397MousepS172Human
Phospho- YAPCell Signaling Technology 4911Rabbit PSer127Human, mouse, rat
Phospho-BADCell Signaling Technology 5284Rabbit M IgGSer112 (40A9)Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Phospho-BADInvitrogen/Thermo ScientificPA5-37483Rabbit P IgGSer136Human, mouse, rat
Phospho-BADSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-166932Mouse monoclonal IgG2b, kappaC-10Human, mouse, rat
Phospho-BADSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-271963Mouse monoclonal IgG1, kappaF-6Human, mouse, rat
Phospho-ErbB4ThermoFisher ScientificPA5-38501Rabbit P(blank)Human, Mouse, Non-human primate, Rat
Phospho-IGF1-Rabcamab39398Rabbit P IgGTyr 1161Mouse, rat, human
Phospho-IGF1-RSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-101703Rabbit P IgGTyr 1161Human
Phospho-IRS1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-17196-RRabbit P IgGTyr 632Mouse, rat, human
Phospho-Rb (Ser807/811) (D20B12) XPCell Signaling Technology 8516Rabbit M IgGSer807/811 D20B12Human, mouse, rat etc.
phospho-TBK1/NAKCell Signaling Technology 5483SRabbit M(blank)Human, mouse
phospho-TDP43Proteintech22309-1-APRabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
phospho-TDP-43Millipore12404Rat MID3Human
Phospho-Tyk2Cell Signaling Technology 9321Rabbit P(Tyr1054/ 1055Human, mouse, rat
PIK3CAAbnovaPAB2124Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse
PIK3R1 (Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase p85α)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-1637Mouse M IgG1, kappaB-9Mouse, rat, human
PKM1Cell Signaling Technology 7067Rabbit M IgGD30G6Human, mouse
PKM1/2 (Pyruvate kinase isoforms M1 and and M2)Cell Signaling Technology 3190Rabbit M IgGC103A3Human, mouse, rat, monkey
PKM2Cell Signaling Technology 4053Rabbit M IgGD78A4Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Platelet Derived Growth Factor Receptor (PDGFR alpha Pab)Spring BioscienceE2690Rabbit P IgGN/A(blank)
Platelet Derived Growth Factor Receptor (PDGFR alpha Pab) abcamab61219Rabbit P IgGN/AN/K
Platelet Derived Growth Factor Receptor (PDGFR alpha Pab) Cell Signaling Technology 3164Rabbit PN/A(blank)
PLK1abcamab47867Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
PLOD2(LH2)Proteintech21214-1-APRabbit PN/AMouse, rat, human
PLVAP (PV1) BioLegend 120502Rat(blank)Mouse
PMATThermo Fisher ScientificPA5-11228Rabbit P IgN/AHuman
PML (PG-M3)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-966Mouse M IgG1PG-M3(blank)
PMS2Cell Marque288R-18Rabbit M IgGEPR3947(blank)
POL HSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-17770Mouse M IgG1B-7Human
PPARγSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-7273 Mouse M IgG1E-8(blank)
PPARγ abcamab52270Mouse M IgG18D1H8H4 N/K
PR (Progesterone Receptor)Cell Marque323R-16Rabbit M IgGY85 Human
PR (Progesterone Receptor)Cell Marque/ Ventana323R-16Rabbit M IgGY85Human
PR (Progesterone Receptor)DakoM3569Mouse M IgG1, kappapgR 636 (blank)
PR (Progesterone Receptor)Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-PGR-312Mouse M IgG116(blank)
ProExCTriPath Imaging005-11000-40Mouse M IgG1MCM2 26H6.19, MCM2 27C5.6, TOP2A SWT3D1Human
proteinFitzgerald70R-LR005Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse
PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen)DakoA0562Rabbit PN/AHuman
pSer366AffbiotechAF7374Rabbit P(blank)Human, mouse, rabbit
PSMACell Signaling Technology 12815Rabbit M IgGD718EHuman, mouse, rabbit
PTENCascade BioScience ABM-2052Mouse M IgG6H2.1Human
PTENCascade BioScience ABM-2052Mouse M IgG6H2.1(blank)
PTENCascade BioScience ABM-2055Mouse M IgG11G8.1(blank)
PTENCell Signaling Technology 9559SRabbit M IgG138G6Human, mouse, rat, monkey
PTENMillipore04-035Mouse M6H2.1Human, mouse, rat
PTK6(Brk)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-166171Mouse M(blank)Human, mouse, rat
PTP1B abcamab52650Rabbit MPTP1B (EP1837Y)Human, mouse, rat
PUMAabcamab9643Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
RAB39BSigma-AldrichHPA001114Rabbit PN/AHuman
Rad18Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-27077Goat P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Rad52 Cell Signaling Technology 3425Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat, monkey, hamster
RAGE Chemicon/ MilliporeMAB5328Mouse M IgG2aDD/A11 or mAbA11(blank)
Reelinabcamab138370Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse
RelBCell Signaling Technology 4922Rabbit M IgGC1E4Human, mouse, rat, monkey
RelBCell Signaling Technology 10544Rabbit M IgGD7D7WHuman, mouse, rat
RENAbnovaPAB13813Sheep PN/AHuman, mouse
RetinoblastomaBD Biosciences554136Mouse M IgG1, kappaG3-245Human, mouse, rat etc.
RFP (Red Fluorescent Protein)Rockland 600-401-379Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Rho ASanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-418Mouse M IgG126C4Mouse, rat, human
RhoE/Rnd3Upstate/ Millipore05-723Mouse M IgG4Human, mouse
RhoGDI2 for cell linesUNC, Der labN/AGoatN/A(blank)
RhoGDI2 for tissuesUNC, Der labN/AGoatN/A(blank)
RhoGDI2 LY-GDI (C20)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-6047Goat PN/A(blank)
RIPK3Aviva Systems BiologyOAAB17273Rabbit P IgN/AHuman, mouse
ROR2Sigma-AldrichHPA021868-100ULRabbit PN/AHuman
RORC (RAR-related orphan receptor C)Aviva Systems BiologyARP45622_P050Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rabbit, rat
RRM1 (ribonucleotide reductase M1 subunit)ChemiconMAB3033Mouse M IgG1AD203(blank)
RRM2 (ribonucleotide reductase M2 subunit)abcamab57653Mouse M IgG1, kappaN/AHuman
S100DakoZ0311Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, cat, horse, mouse, rat, swine
S100Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-S100Mouse M IgG1S1/61/69(blank)
S100 DakoZ0311Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, cat, horse, mouse, rat, swine
S100 alpha abcamab53163Rabbit P IgGN/AN/K
S100 betaabcamab52642Rabbit M IgGEP1576YMouse, rat, human
S100 mouseLeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-S100Mouse M IgG1S1/61/69(blank)
S100A4 / FSP1LSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B11817Rabbit P N/AHuman, mouse
S100PCell Marque376M-94Mouse M18/f5Human
S6K abcamab32529Rabbit M IgGE343Mouse, rat, human
SALL4Biocare MedicalCM394AMouse M6E3Human
SDIX 001.5659 (PALL60)UNC, Carol Otey's labN/ARabbit PN/A(blank)
SDIX 001.5660UNC, Carol Otey's labN/ARabbit PN/A(blank)
SDIX 002.5672 (PALL 130)UNC, Carol Otey's labN/ARabbit PN/A(blank)
SDIX 003.5657 (PALL75)UNC, Carol Otey's labN/ARabbit PN/A(blank)
SDIX 003.5673UNC, Carol Otey's labN/ARabbit PN/A(blank)
SDIX 5887 (PALL75-2)UNC, Carol Otey's labN/ARabbitN/K(blank)
SDIX 5888 (PALL75-3)UNC, Carol Otey's labN/ARabbitN/K(blank)
SDIX 6386UNC, Carol Otey's labN/ARabbit pre-immune sera N/A(blank)
SDIX 6388UNC, Carol Otey's labN/ARabbit pre-immune sera N/A(blank)
SDIX 6390UNC, Carol Otey's labN/ARabbit pre-immune sera N/A(blank)
SERPIN E1 / PAI-1 LSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B6422Mouse M IgG2bSERPINE1 / PAI-1Human
SERPINF1 / PEDF LSBio; LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.LS-B2471Mouse M IgG2aaa196-347Human
SFMBT1Atlas antiboiiesHPA064564,LotR90510Rabbit P(blank)Human
SFMBT1NovusNBP2-48652Rabbit PN/AHuman
SFMBT1SigmaSAB1400554Mouse PN/AHuman
SFRP1MilliporeABS1593Rabbit P(blank)Human, mouse
SHMT1Bethyl LaboratoriesA304-259ARabbit P(blank)Human, mouse
Sigma ReceptorSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-22948Goat P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
SIRT1Cell Signaling Technology 2493Rabbit PN/AHuman, monkey
SIRT1Cell Signaling Technology 9475Rabbit M IgGD1D7Human, mouse, rat, monkey
SIRT1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-15404Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
SLC22A17abcamab124506Rabbit PN/ARat, human
SLC22A6 (OAT1) abcamab118346Mouse M IgG1, kappaSLC22A6Human
SLC51ASigma-AldrichHPA039123Rabbit PN/AHuman
SLC51BSigma-AldrichHPA008533Rabbit PN/AHuman
SLCO2A1Invitrogen/Thermo ScientificPA5-53083Rabbit P(blank)Human
Smad2ThermoFisher51-1300Rabbit P IgG(blank)Human Mouse Rat
Smad3abcamab28379Rabbit PN/AMouse
Smad3ThermoFisher51-1500Rabbit P IgG(blank)Human
Smad4Cell Signaling Technology 9515SRabbit PN/AHuman, mouse, rat, monkey
Smooth Muscle Actin, alpha (α-SMA) abcam ab5694Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, human
Smooth Muscle Actin, alpha (α-SMA) DakoM0851Mouse M IgG2a, kappa1A4Human
Smooth Muscle Actin, alpha (α-SMA) Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0943Mouse M IgG2aalpha sm-1Human
Smooth Muscle Actin, alpha (α-SMA) Thermo Fisher Scientific/ PierceMA1-06110Mouse M IgG2a1A4Human, mouse
SNAI 1abcamab135708Rabbit PN/AHuman
SNAI 1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-10432Goat P IgGE-18Mouse, rat, human
SNAILabcamab53519Goat P IgGN/AMouse, predicted human, rat
Sodium Channelabcamab65710-N/AN/K
SOX-10Cell Marque/ Sigma383A-74Rabbit PN/AHuman
SOX-10Cell Marque/ Sigma383R-14Rabbit MEP268Human
SOX-10Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-17342Goat PN/AMouse, rat, human
SOX-10Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-365692Mouse M, IgGN/AMouse, human
SOX2AbnovaPAB3876Rabbit PN/AHuman
SOX2Cell Signaling Technology 3579S Rabbit M IgGD6D9Human
SOX2Cell Signaling Technology 4900SMouse M IgG1L1D6A2Human, mouse
SOX2Chemicon/ MilliporeAB5603Rabbit PN/AHuman, mouse
SOX-9R&D SystemsAF3075Goat IgGN/AHuman
SPARC (Osteonectin AKA BM-40)Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-O-NECTINMouse M IgG115G12Human
SPHK1abcamab71700Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
SPHK1Cell Signaling Technology #12071Rabbit MN/AHuman
SPHK1SigmaHPA022829Rabbit PN/AHuman
Spi-BSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-5944Goat P IgGN-16(blank)
Stat3Cell Signaling Technology 9139Mouse M IgG2a124H6Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Stat5aNeoMarkers/ Lab VisionRB-9227-R7Rabbit PN/A(blank)
SurvivinCell Signaling Technology 2808Rabbit M IgG71G4B7Human, mouse, rat
SurvivinDakoM3624Mouse M IgG2a, kappa12C4Human
Suz12Cell Signaling Technology 3737Rabbit M IgGD39F6Human, mouse, rat, monkey
Suz12Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-271325Mouse M, IgGD-10(blank)
SV40 Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-20800Rabbit P IgGv-300Mouse
SV40 (T121)Calbiochem/ EMD Chemicals Inc.DP02Mouse M IgG2aPAb416Mouse
SV40 VP2 + VP3abcamab53983Rabbit P IgGN/ASimian Virus 40 (SV40)
Synaptogyrin-3Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-271046Mouse M IgGE-11Mouse, rat, human
SynaptophysinLeica Microsystems Inc. PA0299Mouse M IgG127G12Human
SynaptopodinSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-21537Goat P IgGP-19Mouse
SYNGR3invitrogen/ FisherPA-60146Rabbit PN/KHuman
Synuclein Gamma (SNCG)abcamab47966Mouse M1H10D2Rat, human
TACESanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-6416Goat P IgGC-15Mouse, rat, human
Tak1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-7162Rabbit PM-579(blank)
Tak1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-7162Rabbit P IgGM-579(blank)
TBK-1Cell Signaling Technology 3013Rabbit PN/A(blank)
TBK1/NAKCell Signaling Technology 3504SRabbit MD1B4Human, Mouse,Rabbut, Monkey
TBR1abcamab31940Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, human, rat
TBX1 (Th1) abcamab18530Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, human
TCF1/TCF7Cell Signaling Technology 2203SRabbit M IgGC63D9Mouse, human
TCR gamma/ deltaThermo Fisher ScientificTCR1061Mouse M IgG15A6.E9Human
TDP-43UNC, Cohen LabN/ARatN/KHuman
TdTLeica Microsystems Inc. PA0339Mouse M IgG2aSEN28Human
TdTLeica Microsystems Inc. PA0339Mouse M IgG2aSEN28(blank)
Tecabcamab32368Rabbit M IgGY398Mouse, rat, human
Telomerase reverse transcriptaseabcamab32020Rabbit M IgGY182Cow, human
TFF1 (Trefoil Factor 1)Sigma-AldrichHPA003425-100ULRabbit P IgGN/AHuman
TFF3 (Trefoil Factor 3)abcamab108599Rabbit MN/AHuman
TFF3 (Trefoil Factor 3) Calbiochem/ EMD Chemicals Inc.585350Mouse M IgG115C6(blank)
TGF-b3 (Anti-Transforming Growth Factor-b3)Calbiochem/ EMD Chemicals Inc.GF16Mouse M IgG1236-5.2 (blank)
TGFbetaabcamab27969Mouse M TB21Human,Sheep,Pig
THRA (Thyroid Hormone Receptor alpha)abcamab53729Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
TIA-1 (C-20)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-1751Goat P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
TIARBD Transduction Laboratories610352Mouse IgG16/TIARHuman, Rat, Dog, Frog
TIMP1 (Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinase-1)Millipore/ SigmaAB770Rabbit P IgG -Human, rabbit
TIMP3abcamab187297Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
TMPO (Thymopoietin)Sigma-AldrichHPA008150Rabbit PN/AMouse, rat, human
tNASPUNC, Alekseev LabN/AGoat P IgGN/KHuman
TNF-Alphaabcamab220210Mouse M(blank)Rat,Human
TOX3Novus BiologicalsNBP2-45165Mouse M IgG2b, kappaTOX3/1123Human
TP (Thymidine Phosphorylase)abcamab58834Mouse M IgG1P-GF.44CN/K
TRAF1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-6253Mouse M IgG1H-3(blank)
TRAP (Tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase)Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-TRAPMouse M IgG2b26E5Human
TRAP (Tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase)Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-TRAPMouse M IgG2b26E5(blank)
Trimethyl Histone H3 (H3K9me3)Millipore05-1250Mouse M IgG1, kappaCMA308Human
Tri-Methyl-Histone H3 (Lys27)Cell Signaling Technology 9733SRabbit IgGC36B11Human, mouse, rat, monkey
TROP-2R&D SystemsMAB650Mouse mono IgG2A77220Human
Trophininabcamab78117Mouse M 3-11Mouse, human
TTF-1 (Thyroid Transcription Factor-1)Leica Microsystems Inc. NCL-L-TTF-1Mouse M IgG1, kappaSPT24(blank)
Twistabcamab50887Mouse M IgG1Twist2C1aMouse, rat, human
TXK/ PTK4 (Protein-tyrosine kinase 4, Tyrosine-protein kinase TXK)Acris AntibodiesAP14483PU-NRabbit P IgGN/AHuman
TXNIPSigma-AldrichHPA031085Rabbit PN/AHuman
Tyk2Cell Signaling Technology 9312Rabbit PN/AHuman
TYMS (Thymidylate Synthase)abcamab73957Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
TYMS (Thymidylate Synthase)AbnovaH00007298-M01Mouse M IgG13A1Human
TYMS (Thymidylate Synthase)DakoN1605Mouse M IgG1, kappaTS106(blank)
UbiquitinInvitrogen08-0147Mouse M IgG1, kappaUbi-1(blank)
UCK2 abcamab60221Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman
UCP1abcamab10983Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
Universal Negative ControlDakoN1699-N/AHuman
uPA (human urokinase B-chain)American Diagnostica Incorporation3689Mouse M IgG1UK-1N/K
UPK2ThermoFisher / InvitrogenPA5-63925Rabbit IgGN/AHuman, mouse, rat
UroplakinBiocare MedicalAPI 3023 AAMouse M IgG1BC17(blank)
USP37abcamab72199Rabbit PN/AHuman
USP37abcamab96244Rabbit PN/AHuman
V5 TagInvitrogen37-7500Mouse M IgG2a, kappa2F11F7
VEGFBiocare MedicalPME356AA Rabbit MEP1176YHuman
VEGFSanta Cruz BiotechnologySC-152Rabbit P IgGA-20Human, lesser extend mouse and rat
VGLUT1 (Vesicular glutamate transporter 1)invitrogen/ Fisher48-2400Rabbit IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
VGLUT1 (Vesicular glutamate transporter 1)Millipore/ ChemiconAB5905Guinea pig PN/ARat
VHL (von Hippel-Lindau protein)BD Pharmingen556347Mouse M IgG1, kappaIg32Human, mouse
VimentinLeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-L-VIM-572Mouse M IgG2aSRL33Human
VimentinLeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-VIM-V9 Mouse M IgG1V9Human
VimentinLeica Microsystems Inc. NCL-VIM-V9 Mouse M IgG1V9(blank)
Vimentin abcamab16700Rabbit M IgGSP20Human
Vimentin abcamab92547Rabbit M IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
Vimentin Cell Signaling Technology 5741Rabbit M IgGD21H3Human, mouse, rat
Vimentin (V9)Ventana790-2917Mouse M IgG1(blank)Human
W9UNC, Dotti LabN/AHuman IgGN/KHuman
W9 BiotinylatedUNC, Dotti LabN/AHuman IgGN/KHuman
Wee1Cell Signaling Technology 13084Rabbit M D10D2Human, monkey
Wee1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-9037Rabbit P IgGN/AMouse, rat, human
Wheat Germ AgglutininMolecular Probes/ InvitrogenW11262LectinN/A-
Wilms' tumor protein (WT1)Leica Microsystems Inc. PA0562Mouse M IgG1WT49Human
Wnt10babcamab91201Mouse M IgG15A7Human
WNT2Sigma-AldrichHPA020920Rabbit PN/AHuman
XPABethyl LaboratoriesIHC-00344Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
XPAKamiya Biomedical CompanyMC-340Mouse M IgG2a, kappaclone 12F5(blank)
XRCC1 Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-11429Rabbit P IgGH-300Human
XRCC1 Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-11429Rabbit P IgGH-300(blank)
XRCC1 (X-Ray Repair Cross Complementing Protein1)NeoMarkers/ Lab VisionMS-1393-P0Mouse M IgG2a, kappa144Human
Y14abcamab181038Rabbit M IgGEPR13945(B)Mouse, rat, human
Y14 or RBM8A Sigma-AldrichY1253-200UL Mouse M IgG2b4C4Human, Xenopus
YAPCell Signaling Technology 4912SRabbit PN/AHuman, mouse
YEATS2Thermo Fisher ScientificPA5-36939Rabbit P IgGN/AHuman, mouse
YES1Proteintech20243-1-APRabbit P IgG N/AHuman, mouse, rat
YY1SigmaHPA001119Rabbit PN/AHuman
ZHX1 (Zinc fingers and homeoboxes 1)Bethy LabA300-243ARabbit P IgG(blank)Human
ZHX2 (Zinc fingers and homeoboxes 2)GeneTex, incGTX112232Rabbit P IgGC1C3Human
β- ActinCell Signaling Technology 4970Rabbit M IgG13E5(blank)
β- ActinSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-47778Mouse M IgG1, kappaC4Mouse, rat, human
β- CateninBD Biosciences610153Mouse M IgG114Human, mouse, rat
β- CateninMilliporeAB19022Rabbit PN/AHuman, canine, rat, mouse
β- Tubulin IVSigma-AldrichT7941Mouse M IgG11A6(blank)