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After obtaining a PSC request number via iLabs, samples may be dropped off at your convenience in Brinkhous-Bullit. The submission/pickup table is located just outside the elevators on the 9th floor, and the building is open M-F, 7am to 5pm. Please identify all items with submitter name, PI name and iLabs request number.

CategoryServicesUnit LCCC Member RateInternal UNC (Also NCSU)External Academic Rate
HistologyProcessing & EmbeddingCassette$3.00$4.00$11.00
Standard Sectioning (nonstandard sectioning discussed here may result in additional charges)Section$3.00$4.00$8.00
Sections/Scrolls/Core RNAase free, 1st sectionCore$10.00$15.00$23.00
Frozen SectioningHour$39.00$59.00$113.00
StainsHematoxylin & Eosin Stain (H&E)Slide$4.00$5.00$11.00
Special Stain 1Slide$8.00$9.00$39.00
Special Stain 2Slide$10.00$13.00$42.00
Special Stain 3Slide$15.00$20.00$60.00
Single IHC/IFSlide$24.00$34.00$60.00
Dual IHC/IFSlide$42.00$51.00$102.00
Triple IHC/IFSlide$72.00$102.00$158.00
ISH Leica ProbesSlide$42.00$51.00$102.00
RNAScope, ISH & FISH Slide$130.00$135.00$254.00
Digital PathologyBrightfield and single IF Scanning 10x, 20xSlide$7.00$9.00$15.00
BF and IF Scanning 40x, 63xSlide$12.00$13.00$33.00
Multiplex Fluorescent Scanning 10x, 20xSlide$14.00$20.00$32.00
40x, 63x ZstackSlide$30.00$30.00$35.00
Image AnalysisHour$76.00$105.00$186.00
GeoMX Analysis for TMAROI$4.00$4.00$6.20
PathologyPathology Review: Clinical Trial15 Minutes$52.00$52.00$96.00
Project Review, Design and CompletionPull Block/SlideBlock/Slide$5.70$8.50$8.50
Pull Block/Slide (Rush Request)Block/Slide$40.00$40.00$40.00
Staff timeHour$39.00$59.00$113.00
New IHC/ISH Assay DevelopmentHour$39.00$59.00$113.00
TMA DesignHour$39.00$59.00$113.00
AncillaryCassette Printing$1.66$1.66$3.00
Cryostat User Run$30.00$50.00$78.00
Antibody Ordering Service Fee$10.00$15.00$28.00