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After obtaining a PSC request number via iLabs, samples may be dropped off at your convenience in Brinkhous-Bullit. The submission/pickup table is located just outside the elevators on the 9th floor, and the building is open M-F, 7am to 5pm. Please identify all items with submitter name, PI name and iLabs request number.

Please see the following ABRF authorship guidelines related to Core Facility Staff

Any service provided by the Pathology Services Core included in a publication should acknowledge the contribution of the core facility and our staff. Proper acknowledgment of our facility enables us to obtain financial and other support so we may continue to provide essential services. Please send a link of newly published work to the Facility Director.


If staff do not meet the requirements for authorship, please use the following suggested excerpts:

We thank SPECIFIC STAFF MEMBERS in the Pathology Services Core for expert technical assistance with SPECIFIC SERVICES. The PSC is supported in part by an NCI Center Core Support Grant (P30CA016086).
Histopathology/Digital Pathology was performed by the Pathology Services Core at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, which is supported in part by an NCI Center Core Support Grant (P30CA016086)

PSC Staff

  1. Gabriela De La Cruz
  2. Bentley Midkiff
  3. Yongjuan Xia
  4. Albert Wielgus
  5. Lauren Ralph
  6. Mia Evangelista
  7. Ling Wang
  8. Cassie Pham
  9. Edison Floyd
  10. Nicholas Pankow

PSC Publications

The following is a list of publications by clients of the UNC Pathology Services Core, which contributed to several projects. PSC personnel who are listed as co-authors are indicated in bold.


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