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Below is a listing of support services (Classes/Workshops, Support Groups, and Other Support Services) for cancer patients and families at UNC Lineberger and in the area. Please refer to the Comprehensive Cancer Support Program and the Patient & Family Resource Center at and visit the calendar of events at or contact the Patient & Family Resource Center at (919) 843-0680 for the most complete and current listings. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Class, Workshop or Support Group

General Info

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updated April 2015


Part of traditional Chinese medicine, it has shown to be effective in relieving some symptoms caused by cancer treatment. Our board certified physician & specialist in traditional Chinese medicine can help decide if acupuncture may benefit you.

Call 919-957-9600 for an appointment

Per Insurance

Bereavement Support Groups

Includes Spouse Loss Support, Sharing our Stories, Community Grief Recovery

Multiple locations, multiple times. Contact Heidi Gessner at 919-966-0716 or
or visit


Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) Caregivers

For caregivers of UNC BMT Unit patients

When:  Wednesdays, 3—4:00 PM.
Where:  BMT Unit Lounge, N.C. Cancer Hospital.


Breast Cancer Support for Young Women

A Breast Cancer Support Group for young women ages 18-45 with Breast Cancer; Child care may be available. 

When: 1st Tuesday of the Month, 7:00–8:30PM; Carolina Pointe II: 6011 Farrington Rd, 3rd Fl, Ste 304, 27517 919-843-5069


Cancer Prayer Support Group

Call 919-219-4801 for more information.

When: 1st & 3rd Monday of the Month, 7—8 PM.
Where:  Wake Forest Baptist Church.


Care Pages

CarePages websites are free patient blogs that connect friends and family during.  It's an online community of people who come together to share the challenges, hopes and triumphs of anyone facing a life-changing health event.
Phone Support: call (888) 852-5521
CarePages, Inc. 345 Hudson Street 16th Fl New York, NY 10014
Ph: (646) 728-9500 Fax: (646) 728-9503


Caregiver Conversations

For caregivers to meet and share stories through planned topics and social time

Where: Patient and Family Resource Center in N.C. Cancer Hospital                                           
When:  2-3pm every 2nd Tuesday & 4th Thursday every month


Caregiver's Support Group

Program offers an opportunity for participants to exchange information, discuss challenges and provide support and encouragement to one another.

Where: UNC Wellness Center, Meadowmont
When: 3rd Wednesday of each month, 12:00 - 1:30 p.m.

Call 919-966-5500 for more information or to sign up.

Download event flier


Caregiver Dinners

For caregivers of patients on Bone Marrow Transplant and 4 Oncology

When: Thursdays, 4:30—5:30 PM 
Where:  BMT Unit and 4 Oncology


Caregiver Meditation Group

Participate in different types of meditation

When:  Tuesday or Wednesdays, 12:15—12:45 PM. Check the schedule outside the Chapel. Meets at the Chapel in NC Cancer Hospital


Comprehensive Cancer Support Program (CCSP)

A wide range of educational & clinical services for cancer patients & their families. We are committed to providing compassionate care to people & their loved ones whose lives have been touched by cancer.

Patient & Family Resource Center

Most services free

Coping with Cancer

For cancer patients and caregivers.

When:  1st Wednesday of the Month, 6—7:30 PM.
Rex Cancer Center Auditorium.


Cornucopia Cancer Support Center

A place where anyone touched by cancer can find support & resources to live life to the fullest.  We accomplish this by supporting mind, body & spirit of those journeying with cancer, families & caregivers through body relaxation and energy therapies, movement classes, individual/group support, & information & resources, all in a non-clinical setting.

Cornucopia Cancer Support Center; 919-401-9333                                                                                               Email: .


Facing Our Risk Cancer Empowered (FORCE)

Founded on the principle that no one should have to face hereditary breast and ovarian cancer alone. Our mission is to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.

Katerina Gmitter;                                                                        FORCE Raleigh Outreach Coordinator


Friday Family Coffee and Crafts

Coffee and crafts for patients & caregivers.

When:  Fridays, 9:00—11:00 AM. 
Where:  Patient and Family Resource Center.



Program provides consultations for those who may be at increased risk of developing cancer. Family history is often one clue to possibility of genetic predisposition to cancer. Other situations may prompt a referral to this clinic, including diagnosis of cancer at a young age, unusual types of cancer or certain tumor characteristics. 

Cancer Genetics Clinics held on Mon-Wed & Fri, from 8:30am-3:00pm, on 2nd floor of N.C. Cancer Hospital. An appointment in the Genetics clinic can be scheduled by calling 919-843- 8724.

We help by testing free of charge in house 

Health Information

Cancer information from UNC Health Sciences Library

Librarians at UNC's Health Sciences Library can help you find the health information you need!
Call, drop by, or send  go here and get immediate reply:
Telephone: (919) 962-0800Text/SMS: (919) 584-5931


I CANcer: Adolescent & Parent Support Groups

For hematology/oncology patients ages 12 & up.  Parents meet separately.  Pizza, drinks & cameras provided (for photography). 

When:  2nd Wednesday of the Month, 5—6:15 PM.
Where:  Pediatric Oncology Clinic, Level 1.
Call 919-966-4775 or email 


Integrative Medicine Services

Consultation with board certified physician & specialist in complementary & alternative therapies, such as dietary supplements & mind-body therapies help decide which complementary therapies are right for you.

For more information, contact CPII at 919-957-6600.



For kids ages 6-18 who have a parent or caregiver with cancer.

When:  3rd Monday of the Month, 6—8:00 PM. 
Where:  Rex Cancer Center Auditorium. Call 919-784-1056 to RSVP.


Legal Clinic

UNC Cancer Care patients and caregivers get free help with powers of attorney and living wills.

When: Once per month, 9 am - 4 pm
Where: Patient & Family Resource Center

Upcoming 2015 legal clinics:

June 26
July 24
August 28
September 25
October 23
November 13


Living with Metastatic or Advanced Cancer

For cancer patients with advanced disease.

When:  1st & 3rd Wednesday of Month, 3—4:30 PM.
Where:  Cornucopia Cancer Support Center.


Look Good Feel Better at UNC, Rex & Duke

A free national public service program created to help individuals with cancer look good, improve their self-esteem, & manage their treatment & recovery with greater confidence. Free makeup kit provided.

(1) UNC: 3rd Mon of each month 10-12pm. Stop by Pt & Family Resource Center to reserve. Contact Pam Baker at (919) 843-0680. (2)Rex: 1st Mon of month 10am-12pm at Cancer Center Auditorium Call American Cancer Society 1(888) 227-6333. (3) Duke: Duke Cancer Pt Support Program 919-684-4497


Lymphedema Prevention Class   

For patients at risk for lymphedema. 

When:  1st Wednesday of the Month, 1—2:00 PM.
Where:  Carolina Pointe II
Call 919-957-6600 to register


Lymphedema Therapy

Lymphedema therapy reduces & controls swelling to redirect the flow of fluids in the body.

Referral from a doctor or nurse is required.  They will need to fax it to Carol Ochs at Carolina Pointe II at 919-489-9173

Price varies, call for info.

Magnolia Meals

A meal delivery program for patients with breast cancer and their families.  For details, visit

Delivered to patients' homes in Raleigh-Durham area for up to 2 months after enrollment if meet eligibility criteria. 919-401-9333.

Free if eligible

Minority Prostate Health and Education Group

This group is for men with prostate health and cancer issues. Facilitated by Larry Green. 

When: 2nd Tuesday, 6:30-8:30 pm
Where: Lincoln Community Health Center, Conference Room B, in Durham


New Life After Cancer

New Life After Cancer is a unique cancer support program that seeks to promote survivorship by providing the knowledge & insight to help breast cancer survivors to embrace change & adopt healthy, sustainable lifestyles that will improve quality of life & outcomes.

3800 Riders Trail, Hillsborough, NC 27278; call 919-901-0351; To join mailing list, email ; Workshops & retreats, contact or call 919-901-0351

Tuition; 1/2 support by grants & donations


The outpatient oncology dietitians provide individual nutrition counseling, group classes, & educational programs. Registered dietitians understand many of the challenges related to treatment for & recovery from cancer.

For an appointment with a dietitian, please contact Sherri Jeffries at: 919-445-5557, or send an e-mail request to Jennifer Spring , or Mandy Holliday,


Pastoral Care

Regardless of religious background or spiritual practice, patients are empowered to take action & use their faith for their own recovery & improved quality of life. Many find their spiritual life may be strengthened & deepened, & a sense of meaning, purpose & connection can be found during a time of pain & turmoil. More info.

919-445-5400, M-F, 9:00am-5:30pm in chaplain's office, lobby level of N.C. Cancer Hospital.  Weeknights & throughout weekend, call chaplain at 919-966-9205, page 919-123-3288 or operator at 919-966-4131 -ask for on-call chaplain.


Patient & Family Resource Center

Education, support, comfort services: library & programs, computer access & fax, wigs & head coverings, movies, recliners, computerized massage table, Friday Family Coffee, community referrals for UNC cancer patients & their families.

NC Cancer Hospital, Main Lobby Level (Ground Floor)                                                                           
Hours for Education Center Assistance: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm                                                                                   919-843-0680


Peer Connect

A confidential peer-support program that connects anyone touched by cancer with other person who has similar experiences. Relationship is between PARTNER (someone looking for support from cancer survivor or caregiver) & a GUIDE (someone whose had similar experience with cancer).

To learn more, call (919) 401-9333                                                                                                                                                                                                                Email: .


Physical health/ stress management

Get REAL & HEEL, a free exercise and wellness program designed to help cancer patients who have completed treatment

When: 16-week program beginning at different times during the year.
Where:Chapel Hill, NC 

For more information, call 919-962-1222 or visit

Kelly Hermanson, Program Coordinator, 919-962-1222,                                          


Psycho-oncology Clinical Service

Providing psychosocial support & psychiatric consultation for both inpatients & outpatients; individual, couples, family, & group psycho-therapy; & management of depression, anxiety, cognitive impairment, & other symptoms associated with cancer & its treatment.

Thursdays at Carolina Pointe II 

Call 919-966-3494 for more information.


Reproductive Health & Infertility

UNC Fertility provides full range of treatment opportunities for reproductive age women & men who are about to undergo treatments that threaten future fertility.  This includes consultation visits, sperm banking, egg or embryo banking, etc.  We also see men & women after cancer treatments who have questions about reproductive options. 

Call 877-338-4693

May be a discount; counselor 919-843-0300

SECU Family House  

Provides housing, healing, & hope to families with an adult patient being treated for a critical illness or injury at UNC Hospitals or its affiliated clinics. This includes bus service to & from UNC Hospitals, laundry facilities, a help-yourself pantry with snacks & food staples, & access to a library with Internet resources.;
Call 919-932-8000; 123 Old Mason Farm Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27517; Nightly charge of $35 to stay in 1 of 32 rooms, or $50 in 1 of 8 fully equipped suites; Reduced rates sometimes available, but everyone must pay minimal amount.

See Rates

Sharing Hope Support Group

For people with metastatic/recurrent cancer.

When:  3rd Wednesday of the Month, 
10:30 AM—12 Noon.
Where:  Rex Cancer Center Auditorium.


Single Fathers Support Program

For fathers who are single parents due to the loss of a spouse from cancer. 

Where:  Carolina Pointe II.
Visit for more.


Sisters Network of the Triangle, Breast Cancer Support Group for African-American Women

For African-American women with breast cancer

For more information, call 919-490-1571 

When:  4th Thursdays of the month, 6 - 7:30 p.m.
Where:  Kappas of Durham Foundation Community Center
3917 Fayetteville St. Durham, NC 27707 


Stupid Cancer Happy Hour!

For young adults affected by cancer. 

Rotating Triangle Locations. Visit


Support for People with Oral and Head and Neck Cancer (SPOHNC)

Facilitated by Dave Gould.

When:  3RD Wednesday, 3pm  (takes June thru August off)
Where:  Cornucopia Cancer Support Center
Call 919/401-9333.


Support Groups at Rex Cancer Center

Numerous support groups, classes & programs for patients, family members & loved ones.  Also physical image & recovery services.

Coping with Cancer (for Patients & Caregivers)                                                                                         
Rex Cancer Ctr of Raleigh: call Kimberly Fradel 919-784-6863                                                                                   Rex Cancer Ctr of Wakefield: call Karen Hansen 919-570-7564                                                                     
Rex Cancer Ctr of Raleigh call Terri Kuczynski 919-784-3492                                                                                     Breast Cancer Network:
Rex Cancer Ctr  call Navigation office 919-784-1056


Support Groups at Duke

Numerous support groups, classes & programs for patients

Contact Duke Cancer Patient Support Program at 919-684-4497


Supportive Care Team

Helps manage side effects of cancer treatment & cancer-related problems such as pain, nausea, & fatigue. This service is available to patients from the beginning of their treatment through survivorship.

For more information, call the Supportive Care Coordinator (919) 966-1500

per insurance

Survivorship Clinic Visits   

When cancer treatment & its routine ends, some survivors are not sure what comes next & may feel lost about moving forward on their own. A transition visit can help you move from active treatment to life after cancer treatment. You'll see an oncology nurse practitioner & be given a personalized Survivorship Care Plan.

Let your doctor or nurse know that you are interested in having a transition visit. Call the Breast Cancer Survivorship Clinic at 919-957-6600 or email 


The Mary Anne Long Brighter Image Boutique

Services include: fitting with a new or gently used wig on loan, comfortable head coverings for men & women, hat & scarf-trying ideas & instruction, comfort items such as soft socks & blankets, mastectomy bras, journals for writing, referrals to community & online resources.

Located in the Patient & Family Resource Center. Hours of Boutique Assistance: 9:00 am- 4:00 pm. Appointments are encouraged to allow our staff time to provide more personalized service. To schedule & appointment: 984-974-8100

No charge- Some restrictions may apply

Triangle Area Multiple Myeloma Support


When:  4th Saturday of the Month, 10AM—12 Noon.
Where: Westminster Presbyterian Church
Call 682-472-1796 or email 


Triangle Area Ostomy Association

For patients with any ostomy and their caregivers

When:  1st Tuesday of the Month, 7:30 PM.
Where:  Rex Hospital, Same Day Surgery Waiting. Visit


Triangle Bladder Cancer Support 

For bladder cancer patients and caregivers.

When:  2nd Tuesday of the Month, 7:00—8:30 PM.
Where:  Carolina Pointe II.


Tobacco Cessation

UNC Nicotine Dependence Program provides free support for cancer patients who want to quit smoking or using other tobacco products. A certified tobacco treatment specialist will help you make a plan for becoming tobacco-free and provide regular follow-up.  

Phone: 919-445-5439                                               

Counseling free; patient pays for medications



The National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Information Service: 1-800-4-CANCER (1-800-422-6237). They can help you find resources.                                                                                          
The American Cancer Society (ACS):  1-800-ACS-2345 (1-800-227-2345); nonprofit group that helps people with cancer & their families.


UNC Hospitals Financial Assistance

For patients who don't have insurance or concern with paying medical bill; handles housing issues & processes Charity Care Cases - for charity cases, fax application to 919-966-9399 and call 919-966-3425 to discuss

Financial Counselor - Cindy Moody (1) Email at (2) Call 919-966-5388


UNC Wellness Center Meadowmont  -LiveFit Exercise Program

LiveFit Cancer Exercise Program is 10-wk exercise program for cancer survivors who've been treated within last year. Program limited to 6-12 people. Classes are Tue. & Thur. from 5-6pm at UNC Wellness Center at Meadowmont.

Contact Logan Washburn at (919) 843-2163 regarding more information about the LiveFit Cancer Exercise Program.
Email address:

$125 members, $175 non-members

Wake County Prostate Cancer Network

For prostate cancer patients and caregivers.

When:  2nd Thursday of the Month, 7—9:00 PM.
Where:  Rex Cancer Center Auditorium.


Writing and Healing for Caregivers

A writing workshop for UNC Cancer Care caregivers.  No experience is needed. 

Wednesdays, 12 —1:00 PM. 
Starbucks Conference Room at UNC Hospitals, located in the hallway between the N.C. Cancer Hospital and the N.C. Neurosciences Hospital. For more, call 919-966-0716 or email



For patients, survivors, caregivers

When:  Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. 
Where:  Carolina Pointe II. Call 919-957-6600


Young Survival Coalition (YSC)

The premier global organization dedicated to the critical issues unique to young women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. YSC offers resources, connections and outreach so women feel supported, empowered and hopeful.

Katerina Gmitter;;;                                                                          Young Survival Coalition State Leader;  908-433-4273


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