Counseling & Support Groups

If you or a loved one need psychological support, you have may options

Our group of psychiatrists, psychologists, advanced practice clinicians and counselors provide compassionate support and symptom management for the challenges that often come with a cancer diagnosis. If you or your loved one is interested in speaking with a member of our counseling team, call 919-966-3494 to make an appointment.
(For inpatient consults:  Inpatient consult: Psychiatry Consultation-Liaison Service, page 216-3834. Please identify the request as a Cancer Hospital consultation)

Some of the services we offer include:

· Psychosocial support and psychiatric consultation 
· Individual, couples, family and/or group therapy
· Coping with transitions in treatment
· Support for children with cancer and healthy children whose parents have cancer
· Management of depression, anxiety, mental changes, sleep problems and other symptoms caused by cancer and its  treatment

Support Groups

Support groups for patients and caregivers are available, as well as peer support programs (see below). Caregiver support and resources are listed online at  Caregivers at N.C. Cancer Hospital . A complete list of our support groups, classes and workshops is available in our UNC Cancer Support Calendar. Ask for a copy at your next appointment or visit


Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Support Program

Teenagers and young adults have different needs than other cancer patients. Your cancer treatment affects your education, relationships, career, independence, fertility, and more.  The Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) cancer support program works with patients age 13-26. The AYA program is made possible through support from the Be Loud! Sophie Foundation.To learn more, call (984) 974-8686. Services provided include:

  • One on one support
  • Programs and events for AYA patients
  • AYA specific financial and emotional resources

Breast Cancer Support for Young Women

A Breast Cancer Support Group for young women ages 18-­‐45. First Tuesday of the month, 7-8:30 UNC Wellness Center at Meadowmont.  Free. For more info (will not meet first Tuesday July 2017 due to holiday)


Visit Caregivers at N.C. Hospital for more programs and services for caregivers.      

 Single Fathers Due to Cancer              

The Single Fathers Due to Cancer program is dedicated to helping the thousands of fathers who each year lose their spouses to cancer and must adjust to being sole parents. Visit the Single Fathers Due to Cancer website for more information on the program, as well as resources and a survey for single fathers.

Peer Connect

Peer Connect is a confidential peer-support program developed by at Cornucopia Cancer Support Center and UNC,  that connects anyone touched by cancer with another person whose experiences with cancer are similar. This relationship will be between a PARTNER (someone who is looking for information and support from a cancer survivor or caregiver) and a GUIDE (someone who has had similar experiences with cancer).  
Peer Connect is for all persons touched by cancer – the newly diagnosed, patients in active treatment, survivors, caregivers, family members, and close friends, – anyone who needs the support of others who share similar experiences.
 Sign-up as a Guide or Partner today! To register, contact Cornucopia Cancer Support Center at 919-401-9333

Click here for more support resources, calendar of 
and local information.