Adam Asch

MD, Professor, ECU, Clinical Research

Adam Asch

Clinical Research

Brody School of Medicine Greenville

Area of interest

My clinical research interests relate to benign and malignant hematologic disease.

Research in my laboratory is focused on gaining an understanding the mechanisms that govern lineage commitment and stem cell pluripotency in physiologic and pathologic settings. Specifically, we are interested in defining how translational control of gene expression regulates these events. Mechanisms of murine embryonic stem cell differentiation, cancer stem cell differentiation and hematopoietic lineage commitment are examined in studies to define the events and mechanisms that regulate the translation of critical transcripts. Past trainees in my laboratory include Drs. Shahin Rafii (Weill Cornell, HHMI), Erik E. Griffin (CalTech) and Enrique Mesri (Univ. Miami, Miller School of Medicine).

Awards and Honors

  • 1985 New York Heart Association Clinical Investigatorship Award
  • 1985 NIH Clinical Investigator Award
  • 1986 Louis B. Sklarow Memorial Trust Award for Medical Research
  • 1988 Andrew W. Mellon Teacher-Scientist Award
  • 1988 Charles A. Frueauff Foundation Award
  • 1989 Andrew W. Mellon Teacher-Scientist Award
  • 1989 Stratton Foundation Award
  • 1990 NIH Research Career Development Award
  • 1995 American Society for Clinical Investigation

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