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cherise thesis cork popping cherise thesis in front of screen taebin thesis defense cork popping off ceiling 2023 Genetics Retreat 2023 Brooke at poster Arantxa at ALLIANCE giving award talk for TILs 2023 LAB PHOTO TIE DIED and PHOTOSHOPPED SEPT 2023 Cherise at Graduation 2023 Genetics Retreat 2023 Lab photoIsurika thesis prelim cork popping 2023Genetics Retreat 2023 Isurika at posterGenetics Retreat 2023 Lab DinnerLab Folks in Lab 3-12-23 Genetics Dept Retreat PHOTO 2023Arantxa at ALLIANCE slide recognizing award talk for TILs 2023Isurika thesis prelim cork popping lab photo 2 2023 taebin thesis defense lab photo 2023 Cherise Party With LAB 2 2023AACR Fellows 2023 receiving medal Best AACR Fellows 2023 backstage with Monica-Stephen-Lisa Cousins Lab at Cherise Thesis Defense corking 2023Dan and Chuck San Diego museum Brooke Prelim lab photos 2023 SABCS 2023 Perou Lab Dinner of ALLSABCS 2023 Patty Spears Komen Advocate awardee Perou Lab at COMP MED XMAS Party 1 SABCS 2023 Susana and Paola posterSABCS 2023 Yash poster LAB Photo at Taebin Prelim March 2023 LCCC Symposium 2023 of Perou Lab 10 folksLCCC Symposium 2023 with lab and Friends and speakers AACR Fellows 2023 with Matthew-Stephen-Funmibrooke cork popping prelim exam AAA XMAS WINNINGLAB DOOR 2023 with PeopleSABCS 2023 arantxa poster XMAS WINNINGLAB DOOR 2023AACR Fellows 2023 with Ned and ChanockHector Franco and Chuck at Moving out AUG 2023Komen Race 2023Dina and Chuck at PosterCOMP MED picnic for Yinglong arrival 2023


Susana presenting at MBC in SLC 2022 Xiaping NOV 2022 2 Xiaping Opening Champagne 12-16-22 Xiaping Signing Ceiling 12-16-22 Xiapings Party Xiaping-Amy-Chuck DEC 2022 Xiapings Party Xiaping-Getting-the-Card-and-ball DEC 2022 Xiapings Party Xiaping-in dress-DEC 2022 Xiapings Party Xiaping-Lisa-Shelley Chuck DEC 2022 Xiapings Party Xiaping-Lisa-Shelley DEC 2022 Xiapings Party Xiaping-reading-accomplishments-DEC 2022HCR-Ribbon_3rdParty_ClearSpace_215x335_ForResearchersBCRF in NYC with UNC Awardees 2022 Connie Johnson Memorial Award Lecture 1, AUS 2022 Connie Johnson Memorial Award Lecture 2, AUS 2022 Connie Johnson Memorial Award Lecture 3, AUS 2022 Dina Opening Champagne-2 12-16-22Lab Photo from Xiapings Party DEC 2022 SABCS after Talk with AMY BEST 2022 SABCS after Talk with Lab Folks 2022 SABCS after Talk with Lisa Funmi Aleix BEST 2022 SABCS at poster with Maki and Chuck 2022SABCS at poster with Maki and Chuck 2022 SABCS during AACR Award Talk 2022 SABCS Perou Lab Dinner with Maggie and Torsten 2022 SABCS Poster Spotlight with Cherise and Phil 2022 SABCS special session group photo BEST 2022 sabcs-2022-bcrf-perou-awardHCR-Ribbon_3rdParty_ClearSpace_215x335_ForResearchers


Siyao Liu and LabSiyao Liu Cork

Aatish and Jonathan Lab Celebration Group 2Aatish and Jonathan Lab Celebration Group 1Aatish Thesis Defense at podiumAatish Thesis Defense Start



Komen Hot Pink with Chuck 2020Lab at Cherise Prelim JAN 2020 Morning-Sun-Chuck-Best-wide-angle

Widescreen Lab 2020Perou Lab Photo 2-9-20Princess Takamatsu Tokyo dinner with Maki and Marni

BCRF Feb 2020 (1)BCRF Feb 2020 (2)BCRF Feb 2020 (2)

BCRF Feb 2020 (3)BCRF Feb 2020 (4)

Photos by Chris Salata/CAPEHART, Taken on Thursday, February 6, 2020. Copyright Capehart Photography 2020


SABCS 2019 Aatish on screenSABCS 2019 Many at Poster DiscussionSABCS 2019 Posters youli katie aatisharantxa at esmo oral 2SABCS 2019 3 postdocs and me Perou Lab at Hollern Corking NOV 2019 Comp Med Symposium with ALBD-LAC-EM-2019



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