As of July 06, 2007, except as noted below, all submitted documents will be required to be in an electronic format (Word Document, PDF). This includes protocols, investigator brochures, consents, and IRB applications.

Paper submissions will no longer be accepted, barring extenuating circumstances, and will not receive review unless accompanied by a complete set of electronic copies. Instructions on what to submit and links to electronic versions of the pertinent documents can be found on our website here.

Please submit all documents via email to the PRC Coordinator ( and include the words “PRC Submission” in the subject line.

The ONLY exceptions to the above rule are documents which require signatures (Biostatistician sign-off for Investigator Initiated studies, Disease Group Leader Signature for CPO managed studies). As these signatures are required for complete review, we will still need to see evidence of this for the submission to be considered complete. We will now be accepting electronic signatures for these documents. If these are available, please provide them along with the rest of the submission documents. If these are not available, you may use one of the methods listed below:

  1. Deliver the original hard copy to the Protocol Coordinator directly.
  2. Fax a copy of the forms at 919-962-2621 to the PRC Coordinator and campus mail originals
  3. Scan and email the appropriate forms to the PRC Coordinator and campus mail the originals.
    Please note, submission of electronic copies of documents does not change the deadline for submissions. All submissions received after the appointed deadlines as attached to this email will NOT be seen until the following PRC. In addition, failure to provide all documents prior to the deadline will also result in postponement of PRC review for your study.

Any questions regarding this may be forwarded to the PRC Coordinator by phone 919-843-6901 or Email