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The CTO values innovation, collaboration, motivation, passion, integrity, people, fun, stability and family. These values drive us to make the CTO a better place to work and help guide us to make the best decisions for our patients. At our core, we strive to provide the best possible care for our patients now and to create new knowledge through our research to improve cancer care for the multitudes of patients in the future. We strive to attract talent, develop it and grow it to enact these values.



Creativity is the heart of innovation and the action that creates it. Innovation requires producing or doing something differently, making something happen or implementing something new. Not only does the CTO value bringing innovative treatments to cancer patients who have no other treatment options, but we also value innovation in how those trials are conducted so that we are always improving the patient experience; making alternative treatment options available to additional patients, improving supportive care and monitoring, and implementing smarter, faster, better and more cost-efficient ways to conduct clinical trials. The CTO also values the innovation that comes from collecting patient tissue samples for our bench scientist partners to find new discoveries to help in the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of cancer.



The CTO values a strong team spirit where we emphasize respect, accountability and mutual trust. Clinical trial operations are built on collaboration between subject matter experts, each bringing their skills and knowledge to improve the patient experience and bringing innovative products into the clinic.



We value a culture of compassion for our patients, research participants, and for one another.



We are motivated to find a cure for cancer, to treat the single patient, to improve the patient experience, to provide supportive care, to diagnosis cancer earlier, to open innovative trials and to design novel treatments.



Almost everyone has been touched by cancer in some way, whether having been personally affected or having a friend or family member that has felt its effect. The CTO embodies passion to improve the lives of our patients. Our Study Coordinators in the clinic have passion when shepherding the patients through the clinical trial experience. Our Regulatory staff have passion when writing patient materials that make it easier for patients to understand the clinical trials. Our Clinical Data Management Associates have passion when ensuring that we collect exceptional data that can lead to approvals of new drugs for all patients. We place patient care at the forefront of our research, prioritizing patient needs and improved quality of life.



Clinical trials require strict adherence to the Code of Federal Regulations in order to ensure patient safety and data integrity. The CTO values employees who demonstrate integrity in all relationships, behave honorably, speak up when they witness noncompliance, take responsibility for their actions and embody grace and forgiveness for the honest mistakes of others. The CTO adheres to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and personal responsibility, worthy of the trust our patients and sponsors place in us.



The CTO employs bright, talented, mission-driven, diverse and positive people who want to be part of a team. We recognize people are our greatest asset and take pride in investing in our people. The professional growth and development of our team is of paramount importance, so we encourage our team to seek professional certification, take advantage of training and educational opportunities, and participate in process improvement initiatives across the office. We support the diversity, equity, and inclusion of our team and value the perspectives everyone brings to the table.



We embody the mantra “work hard, play hard.” The CTO celebrates successes and the great people that we work with. We have quarterly teambuilding activities, celebrations for clinical trials day, office-wide celebrations, and team-specific celebrations for big life events for our staff.



In the tumultuous environment of clinical trials, we value stability for our staff. As state employees our employees enjoy a stable workplace environment, many tenured positions, retirement contributions and great benefits packages.



Above all else, the CTO values family! We value our workplace family creating an environment where people depend on one another and feel like they are a part of a team. We value our patients like family, treating them with the upmost respect and ensuring that we do our best to give them the best patient experience possible. We value our employees’ families ensuring that our employees have great work-life balance and can spend precious moments with their loved ones.

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