Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE) in Breast Cancer

One of only six Breast Cancer SPORE programs in the country, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation recognizes UNC Breast Care for its efforts to promote collaborative, interdisciplinary and translational cancer research.

Researchers, clinicians and public health specialists at UNC and UNC Lineberger are working diligently to find new ways of detecting, treating and preventing breast cancer. Their work begins with the National Cancer Institute-funded Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE) in Breast Cancer.

Originally funded in 1992, the UNC SPORE in Breast Cancer has created an outstanding program in translational research. Its current four projects are conceptually linked by studies of breast cancer molecular phenotypes, particularly those with the worst prognosis: basal-like tumors (also known as triple-negative breast cancers, luminal B tumors, and tumors with mesenchymal features that are referred to as the Claudin-low subtype.

These projects are led by basic and clinical science teams and include the following:
    1. Carolina Breast Cancer Study: Genetic susceptibility for breast cancer subtypes in African Americans and whites

    2. Targeting the Infiltrating Immune Cells in Claudin-low and Basal-type Tumors

    3. Development and Validation of Biomarkers and Targets in Triple Negative Breast Cancers

    4. Defining Kinome Activity for Novel Therapies in Triple Negative Breast Cancer