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Team Science at UNC Lineberger works to:

  • Integrate Research Programs within UNC Lineberger that are not already working together (and offer more robust support for those that are)
  • Support initiatives in emerging areas of interest for NCI
  • Increase extramural funding for team science research (P’s and U’s and multi-investigator awards)

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Meet the Team

Headshot of Danette CousinDanette Cousin

Provides assistance with meeting planning and coordination (IAB/EAB/NCI, weekly meetings, etc). Assists with document management and metric tracking.

Headshot of Sherette GodfreySherette Godfrey, PhD

Provides project management support for PPG and other grant submissions, and existing programs.

Headshot of Mary Lee MacKichanMary Lee MacKichan, PhD

Provides scientific and strategic insights for PPG applications, grant review and editing.

Headshot of Ashley SmithAshley Smith, MA

Ashley Smith manages the Developmental Awards, which are an internal award mechanism within UNC Lineberger. Management of the internal awards includes facilitation of the development of funding announcements, management of the communication for awards, developing scientific summary statements, facilitation of the faculty review sessions, and finally, data collection and analysis of various components of the internal awards for continued process improvement. In addition, Ashley manages the deployment of science writers for various projects within UNC Lineberger. Ashley is also involved with extramural funding announcement management and grant supplements.

Headshot of Mindy Buchanan-KingMindy Buchanan-King

Mindy Buchanan-King is pursuing her PhD in English Literature at UNC-Chapel Hill and is a teaching fellow. She also provides copyediting services at UNC Lineberger for extramural grants and publications.