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The Surgical Oncology Training Program is designed to attract and train physicians with a clinical background in surgery into a two-year fellowship of basic science research with an emphasis on the translational impact of research.

Fellows will be mentored by funded basic science mentors who are members of the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. Trainees will have a clinical co-mentor if the primary basic science mentor does not have a clinical background in surgical oncology. The role of the clinical co-mentor will be to work with the trainee and basic science mentor help guide the trainee’s translational research focus and career development. The two-year experience will include coursework in areas such as ethical conduct of science, cancer biology, signal transduction, molecular therapeutics, or immunology to build and augment scientific foundations. Fellows will be required to present their work at regional and national meetings to ensure their ability to clearly communicate scientific ideas. Fellows will be required to apply for both extra- and intra-mural funding opportunities and write at least one scientific manuscript. Trainees will be competitively selected after a minimum of two years of post-graduate residency training, and who have demonstrated potential to pursue academic careers in the care of cancer patients.

Due to the inherent length of surgical residency , it can be a challenge to identify candidates with a commitment to oncology early on. Priority will be given to trainees who have completed surgical residency and who have demonstrated a commitment to surgical oncology. The overall goal of this training program is to develop and foster surgical oncologists so that they will have the foundation to become successful physician-scientists during their careers.

Although program faculty has a common commitment to cancer, their expertise encompasses all disciplines of biomedical science, and has an outstanding collective training record.

Yeh, Jen Jen, MD, Associate Professor, Surgery, Pharmacology, and Director, Surgical Oncology Training Program

Baldwin, Albert S., PhD, Professor, Director Biology and Associate Director, Surgical Oncology Training Program


Clinical co-mentors are drawn from multiple disease groups are heavily involved in translational research and are leaders in their clinical research fields.

*These are clinical faculty who will be available as clinical co-mentors to guide translational components of trainee(s) research projects.

Contact Information:
Jen Jen Yeh, M.D., Associate Professor and Program Director
Attn: Courtney Ruble, Program Manager
UNC Surgical Oncology
170 Manning Drive
1150 Physician’s Office Building, CB# 7213
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7213
Tel (919) 966-5221
Fax (919) 966-8806