Flow Cytometry has moved to Marsico

September 12, 2015

Flow Cytometry is now in the basement of Marsico with new space and new equipment.

The UNC Flow Cytometry Core Facility relocated to the Basement of Marsico Hall in August. Along with the move, we installed the EMD Millipore (Amnis) ImageStreamX imaging flow cytometer funded by an NIH SIG and the LSR Fortessa funded by the CFAR. The FACSAria III was also moved into a biocontainment hood for additional BSL-2 sorting capacity while still allowing user-operated cell sorting (non BSL-2). Access is now through SOM security badges, so contact the core staff if you need after-hours access.

Free Training on Flow’s new ImageStreamX

September 11, 2015

Special Offer: As part of the institutional support for the NIH grant funding the ImageStreamX, the SOM is providing a portion of Sebastien Coquery’s support for one year to help investigators design and analyze their experiments with the ImageStreamX. If you are interested in seeing how this instrumentation can advance your research, contact the core (nancy_fisher@med.unc.edu) for training and free help with data analysis.

The Patient-Reported Outcomes Core (PRO-Core) will be holding office hours once a month.

September 11, 2015

Are you considering conducting a patient-reported outcomes (PRO) research study but are unsure about systems or scientific questions?
Please join Mattias Jonsson (PRO-Core Director of Systems Development) and Antonia Bennett (PRO-Core Faculty Director) at the POB for this free consultation and/or demo. Office hours will be held the first Tuesday of every month from 9:30-10:30am during this academic year. No RSVP required.

Animal Histopathology Core (AHC) now on Infoporte

September 11, 2015

As of September 1, 2015, submission requests for the AHC are no longer on paper forms. Submissions are now requested through the Infoporte website that is familiar to many Core users. Go to infoporte.unc.edu, log on with your onyen, click on the Cores icon and select Animal Histopathology. As part of the request, Inforporte allows the investigator to directly upload any related documents, such as diagrams for specimen trimming or spreadsheets listing samples. Specimen drop off in 426 MacNider is similar as to before, just let the Core staff know if you already filled out an online request or still need to do so.

Introducing the Translational Cancer Imaging group

September 11, 2015

The Translational Cancer Imaging (TCI) shared resource is an expansion of the previous Small Animal Imaging core. TCI continues to provide animal imaging support and now will facilitate human clinical research with state of the art imaging modalities and radioisotope production.