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Faculty and staff the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center Tissue Procurement Facility


  • Hong Jin Kim, MD, Medical Director
  • Ryan Robinson, Interim Facility Director
  • Leigh Thorne, MD, Faculty Pathologist
  • Mei Huang, PhD, Facility Manager

Ryan Robinson, Interim Facility Director. Oversees the daily functioning of the lab and maintains and develops policies for responsible research and patient consent issue.

Leigh B. Thorne, MD, Assistant Professor of Pathology, Facility Pathologist, performs all quality assurance to ensure high quality and accurate classification of procured specimens.

H.J. Kim, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery Oncology, is the Clinical Director and liaison with the medical and surgical staffs.

Mei Huang, PhD, Facility Manager, coordinates investigator requests for tissues and assays, with appropriate patient consent, quality assurance checks with the facility pathologist, and maintains appropriate management and organization of tissue storage and disbursement, and billing.

Lori Boice, Data Manager, performing data abstraction and data mining upon request. Lori is also monitoring the data quality.

Baocheng Huang Research Specialist, performs blocks processing, including cassette processing, embedding and sectioning. Daynise is also processing regular blood samples as needed.

Qichen Hu and Mingjie Li, Research Specialists, perform blood processing including preparation of serum, plasma, buffy coat, and PBMC isolations. They also perform cryosections upon requests.

Zackary Steen and Richard Levy, Research Specialists, are the dedicated UNC OR tissue procurement personnel, employing QA and QC measures to all specimens procured and assist in other areas of the facility.

Tracie Wagner, PA (ASCP), is located in the pathology department and assists in procuring our tissue.

Kim Skelding, Research Technician, is the dedicated tissue procurement person for REX Hospital in Raleigh, NC, employing QA and QC measures to all specimens procured and assists in other areas of the facility.