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The Tissue Culture Facility (TCF) is UNC Lineberger’s most comprehensive and widely used core facility. The TCF is a full-service cell culture shared resource and provides Lineberger members and UNC colleagues with a wide variety of services and products.



Jeff Maycock
Phone: 919.966.4324
Fax: 919.966.5782


Room 318, UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center


Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Media, Reagents, and Supplies

The TCF stocks media, media supplements, serum, salt solutions, antibiotics, cell culture flasks and dishes, and many other in vitro cell culture and molecular biology-related items.

Cell Culture Services

The TCF offers a wide range of cell culture services from frozen vials and starter cultures to large-scale suspension systems of over 75 liters, specialized multiple-layer units for anchorage cells, and hollow-fiber bioreactors for monoclonal antibody or other cell metabolite production. Anchorage and suspension-type cells can be grown in almost any size or volume to meet the researcher’s needs.

Consultation, Training and Technical Assistance

The TCF offers individual consultation, training sessions, and training materials in cell and tissue culture techniques, including media and systems for in vitro propagation, testing, and cell cryopreservation. The staff is available for help in developmental work as well as cell culture problem solving.

Centralized Cell Repository

Over 400 cell lines are available, as well as various computerized catalogues (American Type Culture Collection, NIGMS Human Genetic Mutant Cell Repository). Cell lines include normal and transformed mammalian, avian, insect, amphibian/reptile, and hybridoma cells. Complete cell cryopreservation services are available.

Screening and Testing

The TCF tests cell cultures, serum, media, and media- related products for their quality, efficacy, and usefulness in research. Testing services include endotoxin, mycoplasma, and sterility tests. The TCF can also evaluate new products that may be useful and/or cost-effective for facility users. In addition to these services, the TCF strives to work with Center members to meet their individualized research needs. Please consult with the staff about your particular requirements.

Molecular Biology Support Program

The TCF operates the only centralized molecular biology materials program at UNC. Through the program, researchers can obtain almost any enzyme, reagent, or kit for use in molecular biology related work. The TCF has over 500 products from eight suppliers at its facility in the Lineberger building. All of the products are discounted 15-45 percent.

In addition, any products not in stock can be ordered from these suppliers at the same discount rates, and products are shipped via overnight carrier with free shipping. The companies currently under contract with the Tissue Culture Facility are: SigmaAldrich, ThermoFisher Scientific, Invitrogen/Gibco, Promega, New England Biolabs, Roche Biochemicals, Corning Plastics, Stratagene, and GE-Amersham/Pharmacia.


Jeff Maycock, Tissue Culture Facility Manager
Bernard Weissman, PhD, Faculty Director


The facility has a total of four additional staff members including technicians and support personnel.