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Learn more about the TCF’s current inventory as well as how to place special orders.

On-site Cell and Reagent/Consumable Inventory

Special Orders

The TCF is able to place special orders on more than 450,000 products from the vendors listed below. In most cases, the TCF gets significantly better pricing than what is available via UNC’s ePro ordering system for most products. The TCF also gets free delivery from all vendors, saving you significant amounts on shipping!

Special orders from the following vendors are made according to the schedule below.

  • Cut-off time for these orders is 12 noon on the day the order will be placed.
  • In general, items will arrive the 1-2 days after being placed. Next day arrival is not guaranteed.
  • The TCF is not responsible for ensuring the ordered product is in stock and ready to ship by vendors. If your timeline for needing the product is tight, we recommend calling the vendor to check on availability before placing the order with the TCF


Orders Placed On

Biorad Tuesday and Thursday
Fermentas Tuesday and Thursday
Gibco Tuesday and Thursday
GE Healthcare Monday and Wednesday
Invitrogen Tuesday and Thursday
MediaTech Monday and Wednesday
Millipore Monday and Wednesday
New England Biolabs Tuesday and Thursday
Pierce Monday and Wednesday
Promega Monday and Wednesday
Qiagen Monday and Wednesday
Roche Monday and Wednesday
SigmaAldrich Monday and Wednesday
ThermoFisher Tuesday and Thursday