New Courses Coming to UNC Cancer Network’s Enduring Materials Collection

People have been using the UNC Cancer Network Learning Portal ( for our Live lectures for about a year.

Oncology professionals participate in RN and Allied Health or Medical and Surgical Oncology lectures in order to receive continuing education credits. Cancer patients and their caregivers listen to our Community Lunch and Learn lectures to learn more about this life-threatening disease. North Carolina Community College students attend lectures to augment their classroom education.

 In the last few months, we have been adding courses to our Enduring Materials collection. With Enduring Materials, anyone can watch an hour-long course according to their own schedule; these presentations are available at the click of a mouse at any time of the day or night. As each Live lecture finishes, we begin the process of readying that lecture for Enduring Materials.

 For oncology professionals, the addition of Enduring Materials courses means that they can receive continuing education credit for the UNC Cancer Network lectures at a moment that is less hectic. As with our Live lectures, oncology professionals can use Enduring Materials lectures to obtain CME, ANCC, and ASRT continuing education credits that are approved by the School of Medicine, the School of Nursing, and the American Society of Radiologic Technologists. These courses are available for continuing education credit for about year, after which they will be available for viewing on the UNC Cancer Network’s learning portal without credit.

 With the Community Lunch and Learn and North Carolina Community College lecture series, the UNC Cancer Network makes each lecture available on the learning portal within a few days. In this way, cancer patients and their caregivers can watch the Community Lunch and Learn lectures whenever they wish; whether it is to watch a presentation for the first time or to share it with family and friends. Meanwhile, community college faculty and their students will find the North Carolina Community College lectures in the UNC Cancer Network’s Enduring Materials collection convenient, as they are readily able to integrate past lectures into each semester’s curriculum.

Our course library is in a growth phrase. As of the beginning of April, we have three RN and Allied Health lectures, 14 Community Lunch and Learn lectures, and two North Carolina Community College lectures in the Learning Portal. An additional five Medical and Surgical Oncology lectures and four RN and Allied Health lectures are in the certification process to be added to the Learning Portal. In the coming months, we will add each lecture about a month after the live lecture as well as a backlog of seven North Carolina Community College lectures.

We hope that our Learning Portal helps fill your continuing education or informational needs.

 Special thanks to Jon Powell, Interim Continuing Education Specialist