From the Telehealth Director

Please share how you or others have benefited from a UNCCN Telehealth Lecture.

We always love to hear from our Telehealth Lecture audience, and this month I have a special request. Please take just a couple of minutes to reflect on the UNCCN Telehealth Lectures that you have attended and let us know if there is something notable that you have learned and applied, either in a clinical or a personal setting. This could include (but is certainly not limited to): 

  • Information regarding a medication.
  • Information regarding management of symptoms.
  • Details regarding a resource for patients or clinicians. 

We would like to be able to hear and share stories of lessons learned from our lectures. Any details you can provide will be very helpful. If you recall the specific lecture title and or speaker, that will be useful, but is certainly not required. 

Please email us your story or recollection at . Please also let us know if we may share your story on our site, and if we may include your name, or if you would prefer that we keep your story anonymous. Finally, if your story involves a patient, we will (of course) ask that privacy be maintained, in accordance with all HIPAA regulations. 

Thank you. We look forward to hearing your stories and (with your permission) sharing them with our UNC Cancer Network community. 

All the best,