Support Services

The UNC Cancer Network provides a variety of different technical services, software, and support for oncology-related activities at the UNC School of Medicine and the NC Cancer Hospital.

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The UNC Cancer Network's Technical Services includes these topics:

  • Event & Recording Support - Learn about services offered by UNCCN for streaming, recording, and collaboration. 
  • Supported Rooms - Details and documentation regarding conference rooms at UNC supported by UNCCN. 
  • Zoom at UNCCN - Sign up for a free Zoom account. Then learn more about Zoom, sign up for a class, and more!
  • Zoom for Live Lectures - Learn about how to use Zoom to attend a UNCCN Professional Lecture. 
  • Mediasite at UNCCN - Learn about how to use Mediasite to attend a UNCCN Professional Lecture.