The UNC Cancer Network offers FREE general participation certificates for NC community college students. We recruit UNC faculty and other oncology professionals to deliver lectures on the latest treatments, clinical trials, and supportive services available to North Carolina cancer patients.

NC Community College Oncology Courses

Our North Carolina Community College Oncology courses offer FREE certificates of participation.

These courses are designed for students enrolled in health sciences programs and the community colleges across the state of North Carolina.

The North Carolina Community College lectures provide opportunities for students to become more familiar with strategies necessary for caring for cancer patients with the goal of improving cancer care and elevating interest in and awareness of oncology-related professions.

FREE Certificates of Participation

Upon successful completion of the requirements, all courses offer:

  • a general certificate of completion

Where to Find these Courses

Live Lectures

A calendar of our Live Lectures with general participation certificates can be found under Professional Events. Please note that this calendar also includes our professional lectures.

Where to Find these Courses

Self-Paced, Online Courses

All of our Self-Paced, Online Courses can be found on our Learning Portal. By registering and viewing through our portal, you will be able to receive a free certificate of participation.

  • Download our UNCCN NC Community College Schedule (latest revision 8/15/2019) for the 2019–2020 Live Lecture series as well as our self-paced, online courses in the Learning Portal.

Video Libraries

Past lectures can be viewed in our MediaSite Recorded Video Library and on YouTube. Please note that viewing these recordings in Mediasite or YouTube does  NOT allow one to be eligible for general participation certificates. These certificates are only available when viewing live with a participating classroom instructor, or in our Learning Portal.