We invite you to share the UNC Lineberger Cancer Network’s FREE community college lectures to supplement your course instruction on oncology. This is the fourth year that North Carolina community college students benefit from this innovative parternship between UNC Lineberger’s oncology clinicians and the North Carolina Community College System. This program provides students in health care programs with vital information about cancer care and may even inspire some students to choose oncology-related fields of work. With your help, we can reach more community college students than ever before!

Each one-hour lecture employs active learning principles, study guides, and general participation certificates. Also, with our 2019–2020 NC Community College lecture series, we have created ways to better allow instructors and students to provide feedback.


What are we asking you to do?


Self-Paced, Online Courses (SPOCs)

  • Provide students with a handout with links to previously recorded lectures.
  • Have students sign into our free learning portal to view lectures and take a brief assessments for proof of viewing.
  • Allow students to turn in virtual attendance certificates for homework, extra credit, etc.


Documents for our Live Lectures:

About the UNC Cancer Network
Information about the UNC Cancer Network, our mission, our funding, and our different lecture series.

NCCCS Instructor Guide
Instructors Guide for the UNC Cancer Network’s NC Community College lecture series, to remind instructors as to what’s needed.

NCCCS Study Guide- Cancers
Study Guide for the UNC Cancer Network’s NC Community College Study Guide for disease specific lectures.

NCCCS Study Guide- Nutrition, Radiation
Study Guide for the UNC Cancer Network’s NC Community College Study Guide for nutrition and radiation therapy lectures.

NCCCS Viewer Count
The viewer count sheet, which needs to be returned to the UNC Cancer Network after each lecture. The permits us to report attendance numbers to Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center and to the North Carolina General Assembly, who make these free lectures possible.

NCCCS Email Signup
Email Signup sheet for students to who want to be added to our email list and receive information about future lectures.

UNCCN NCCCS 2019-2020 Schedule r08152019
A schedule of the Live Lectures for our 2019–2020 series, (revision 08152019).

NC Community College Series schedule, r08152019
A schedule of the Live Lectures for our 2019–2020 series and our Self-Paced, Online Courses from previous years, (revision 08152019).


For each lecture

For each lecture, I will send to you documents for that lecture as well as the email signup and reminders about the next upcoming lectures.

Additionally, if you know an instructor who would benefit from these lectures, please have them email the UNC Cancer Network at unccn@unc.edu, or call 919-445-1000 and we will provide any needed assistance.

I am happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Please note that this program is funded by the State of North Carolina via the University Cancer Research Fund https://unclineberger.org/ucrf/.