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UNCLCN Oncology Videos

The UNC Lineberger Cancer Network Lecture Video Library contains over 200 oncology lecture videos. You may browse or search the entire library, or browse/search specific channels, including:

MediaSite Video Library
MediaSite Video Library
The UNC Lineberger Cancer Network’s MediaSite Video Library.

Patient Centered Care
Professional lectures with continuing education credits.
Formerly RN and Allied Health lectures.

Research to Practice
Professional lectures with continuing education credits.
Formerly Medical and Surgical Oncology lectures.

NC Community College Oncology Lectures
Community college lectures.


The Biology of Cancer
The Biology of Cancer
A semester-long webinar series by cancer specialists from NCCU, NC A&T, and UNC LCCC.

Cancer Conversations
Community lectures for patients and caregivers.

Didactic Fellows Lectures
Residency Teaching Lectures.

UNC Ethiopia Alliance
A collaboration to support a sustainable cancer program in Ethiopia while creating a global learning opportunity.


Oncologists on working with COVID19.

Lunch and Learn
Community lectures for patients and caregivers.
Malignant Hematology for Residents and Students
Malignant Hematology Residents and Students
Training videos for malignant hematology residents and students.

Oncology for UNC Residents
Oncology Training for UNC School of Medicine Residents.


Palliative Care Grand Rounds
Palliative Care Grand Rounds.
Pro Bono Legal Project: Student Volunteer Training
Pro Bono Legal Project: Student Volunteer Training
Training videos for law students providing legal advice to oncology patients.

Rigor and Reliability Training
Training for post-docs and pre-docs to teach best lab practices, safety, and more.
UNC Lineberger Cancer Network's Special Events
Special Events
UNCLCN’s Special Events.


Telehealth Training
Training videos and information for Telehealth.

UNCLCN’s VuMedi Channels.

YouTube Channels
UNCLCN’s YouTube Channels.


Please note that searches conducted within the library are comprehensive, allowing for all of the text in all of the slides associated with each video to be searched.

You may choose to speed up or slow down the playback of any video, simply by clicking repeatedly on the icon marked “1x” below the video in the library, until you select the desired speed.

Recent UNC Lineberger Cancer Network videos (those in our professional series which are less than one year old) may be viewed for free professional continuing education credit in our Learning Portal.

You may also wish to visit our UNCLCN YouTube channel.

Please contact us at 919-445-1000 or if you would like assistance with accessing our videos.