What Equipment Do I Need?

Basic Zoom use just requires a computer. However, there are frequently situations where the user wishes to have two or more people use Zoom in the same room. For this, we recommend use of an echo cancelling speakerphone and a small camera. Also, for cable runs of more than 15 feet, we recommend amplified USB cables to avoid signal degradation. The items below are examples of equipment that is reasonably priced and will meet the needs of most Zoom users in small to mid-sized rooms. Please contact our team for information on how to most effectively utilize Zoom with peripherals such as those below.

  • Echo Cancelling Speakerphone – Jabra 410 USB Speakerphone. Approximately $85.00. Amazon link.
  • USB Headset – Logitech – H390 with Echo Cancelling Mic. Approximately $25.00. Amazon link
  • USB Camera – Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920. Approximately $56.00. Amazon link.
  • USB Camera – Wide Angle (120 degree) – AMX Sereno NMX-VCC-1000. Approximately $190.00. CDW Link.Product Guide.
  • USB Camera (wide angle) Plus Integrated Audio – Logitech Meetup – Approximately $800.00. Amazon link.
  • USB PTZ Camera, Speaker, Microphone – For Conference Room – Logitech Rally – Approximately $2,000.00 – CDW Link
  • USB Document Camera – INSWAN INS-1 Tiny *MP USB Document Camera – Approximately $100.00. Amazon link.
  • USB Booster Cable – USB 30 Foot Extension Cable with Active Repeater. Approximately $16.00. Amazon link.
  • USB Hub – Powered – Allows for multiple USB devices to be plugged in to a single USB port on your computer. Approximately $25.00. Amazon link

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