This page is designed for someone who has requested and received a licensed Zoom account from The UNC Cancer Network, and wished to understand how to create and manage meetings.

Zoom Meetings for Hosts

So, you now have a Zoom license, and you want to ensure that you and your guests have the best experience possible. Please use the following information to provide the best outcome for your Zoom meeting.

Downloading Zoom

Once you have an account, please download the Zoom desktop client at:

Hosting a Meeting

Hosting a meeting is simple with Zoom. Please visit Joining & Starting to learn more about the various aspects of hosting meetings.

What are the Host Controls?

If you are hosting a Zoom meeting, it will be important that you know that various controls, that allow you to mute yourself, mute participants, invite other, share content, and more. Please visit What Are The Host Controls? for details on the various host features.

How Do I Share My Screen?

Please view the How Do I Share My Screen? video for details.


Zoom allows you to record directly to your desktop. Please visit Local Recording for details on how to record and access local recordings. Please note that we have disabled the feature that allows Zoom to store recordings in the cloud, for HIPAA compliance. If you have recordings that do not contain PHI, and wish to share these with others, we suggest using WarpWire. This product is freely available for video storage for UNC faculty, staff and students with ONYENs at: .

How Do I Get Video Conferencing Invitation Information for Device, Such as a Polycom, Tandberg, or Cisco Video Conferencing Codec?

If you are a host, creating a meeting, your invitation will automatically include the video conferencing invitation information. Simply use the instructions found on the invitation to join or send to others. For an H.323 device, you will need to use one of the IP addresses found in the invitation. For an SIP device, simply use the SIP URI found in the invitation. Some advanced features are available to specified users for collaborating with video conferencing devices. Please contact us at if you feel that you may need these features.


Details regarding audio, video and screen sharing can be found at Audio, Video, Sharing. A comprehensive library of instructional documents and videos for Zoom can be found at the Zoom Help Center. In the event that you are still not able to join, please call 919-445-1000 or email for assistance.

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