Telehealth is the use of telecommunications technology for healthcare services, clinical information, and medical education. The UNC Cancer Network Telehealth program connects healthcare providers across North Carolina in real time to discuss best practices for patient care, cutting edge research, and provide continuing medical education for healthcare professionals.

The University Cancer Research Fund’s (UCRF) investment in Telehealth has extended the reach of UNC’s experts to dozens of sites located in 21 communities across the state. Learn more about UNC Cancer Center's Commitment to Telehealth from the 2013 FY UCRF Annual Report to the General Assembly.

Tumor Board Conferences

Our affiliated communities videoconference with a team of UNC experts from a wide variety of specialties who meet and discuss treatment plans for patients during weekly Multidisciplinary Oncology Tumor Boards. Currently, physicians at Wilson Medical Center, Rex Hospitals, Moses Cone, Marion L. Shepard Cancer Center, and Mission Hospitals participate in Tumor Board conferences as patient cases warrant.  The virtual Tumor Boards provide ongoing medical education that is similar to being in the same room. Learn more about our Tumor Boards on the Telehealth Help Page.  For more information on how to participate in the Tumor Boards or to schedule a Telehealth consultation, please contact our office by email at  or by telephone at 919-445-1000. Pleas see UNC Cancer Network Tumor Board Schedule for a current listing of Tumor Boards which may be attended remotely. 

Telehealth Lectures for Healthcare Practitioners

The UNC Telehealth Program provides bi-monthly telehealth continuing education lectures to physicians, nurses and allied health professionals across North Carolina through live, interactive medical and nursing lectures delivered by UNC faculty.  This lecture series allows practitioners to access timely and evidence-based oncology therapeutic updates from the convenience of their own practices. To learn more about the UNC Telehealth Lectures, click here.
For more questions concerning the Telehealth Lecture series or to inquire about joining a lecture, please email or call 919-445-1000. 

Lunch and Learn Lectures for the Community 

The Telehealth Program also offers monthly lectures to the public that are delivered through Telehealth technology to cancer centers across the state on topics such as the importance of a healthy diet, regular exercise, weight management, smoking cessation and therapy management.  The overall goal of our community outreach program is to reduce the burden of cancer in North Carolina through collaborative patient navigation partnerships and educational programs. For more information concerning the Lunch and Learn Lectures you may click here or email  or call 919-445-1000. 

Our Staff

Please click here for details on the UNC Cancer Network Telehealth staff. 

Telehealth Lecture Sites

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