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Oncology professionals or students in a classroom.
FREE CE credits or participation certificates.

The UNC Lineberger Cancer Network offers FREE continuing education credits (CME, NCPD/CNE, ACPE, ASRT, and CTR) for healthcare professionals throughout North Carolina. All webinars feature UNC faculty and other oncology professionals to deliver webinars on the latest treatments, clinical trials, and supportive services available to North Carolina cancer patients.

Professional Telehealth Live Webinars and Self-Paced, Online Courses with Free CE Credits

The Southeastern American Indian Cancer Health Equity Partnership webinars are on the first Wednesday of February, May, and November (see schedule).

The Patient Centered Care webinars are on the second Wednesday of each month (see schedule).

The Advanced Practice Provider webinars are on the third Wednesday of each month (see schedule).

The Research to Practice webinars are usually on the fourth Wednesday (see schedule).

Each Live webinar is recorded and placed in the Learning Portal as a Self-Paced, Online Course.

NC Community College Webinars and Courses with Free Certificates

The NC Community College Oncology webinars (see schedule) take place about four times a year and provide general participation certificates for North Carolina community college students.

Each NC Community College Oncology Live webinar is recorded and put in the Learning Portal as a Self-Paced, Online Course.

Lecture Event Calendars

The Telehealth Professional Events Calendar shows the dates for each Live webinar and more information (including registration to attend via Zoom) about each webinar.

Site Coordinators, Program Promoters, and Sites

Find out more about becoming a site coordinator or program promoter. The UNCLCN is always looking for Site Coordinators and Program Promoters to help spread the word about each webinar.

About the Learning Portal

We invite you to find out more about our Learning Portal. In order to receive credit for Live webinars or Self-Paced, Online Courses, please visit our Learning Portal.

UNCLCN Lecture Library

Learn more about the UNC Lineberger Cancer Network’s Lecture Library. You may also view all of our webinars without receiving credit, either through our free UNCLCN MediaSite Webinar Library or our UNCLCN YouTube Channel.