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“I am grateful to have the Cancer Center Lecture Series available to assist with my continuing education as an RN. I formerly worked in the UNC PICU and recently at the UNC Inpatient Hospice Unit in Pittsboro. As a 64-year-old, the recent lecture on screening methods and risk assessment for prostate cancer was also of personal interest. Keep up the excellent work!”

– John Bryson, RN

“This helped me understand prior treatments for lymphoma my patients may have received and what treatments they may be eligible for post-transplant or if they relapse after transplant.”

– Ashley Zanter, RN, AOCNP, MSN, ANP


“In all the lectures I have participated in so far, I have not experienced any problems. I really enjoy the way they are carried out currently.”

– Luz A. Cuaboy, MS

“The courses from professionals in the medical fields give opportunity to know of new treatments that might suit the patient better.”

– Kris Anderson, RT


“I have really enjoyed all the subjects of what you have presented so far. Very educational!”

– Kris Anderson, RT

“This comprehensive review has made me consider different approaches to patient education, best suited to the needs of the individual. The UNC lectures are of exceptionally high quality – as a UNC grad (’85 BSN), I may be a bit biased, though . . . .”

– Cindy Shaw, RN, CCRP


“This increases my knowledge base for making my own decisions and providing information to others.”

– John Bryson, RN

“I appreciate these as they are very interesting and helpful to me.”

– Carol Marquette, MSN, RN


“I have attended one or two of your webinars by now, and they have been very informative.”

– Myriam Peereboom, MBA/MHA, CMI, CHITM

“That’s some attentive follow up. It was my first UNCCN lecture, and it was outstanding. Thank you, truly, for following up!”

– Brigid Scullin, NP



“UNCCN has run a great CE program. I have been enjoying it very much. Those CEUs make it possible for me to keep my OCN renewal successfully. Much appreciated!”

– Annie Tsui, RN, MSN

“The programs show a lot of the latest research happening at UNC and UNC’s contributions to oncology research. It’s an hour that is well spent!”

– Deborah Walker, PharmD