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UNC School of Medicine IT
Academic Technology Services

User Agreement and Acceptable Usage Policy
for UNC/UNC Lineberger Zoom

Effective November 12, 2018

Acceptance of Agreement

Zoom is a web and video conferencing service provided by the University of North Carolina in coordination with the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. This agreement governs the use of the Zoom service and is in place to ensure compliance with all applicable University of North Carolina At Chapel Hill (UNC) security policies and standards.


Any User who does not understand or agree with the policy should not login to the system. For clarification of policies, please contact the UNC Cancer Network at or call 919-445-1000.

Updates to Agreement

ATS may update this User Agreement at any time and without notification to reflect its organizational needs.

Service Description

Zoom is a service provided by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Services to be provided include:

  1. Secure web and video conferencing.
  2. Prescheduled conference set up and support.
  3. Password protected meetings.
  4. Permanent personal Zoom rooms, which are always open and do not require prescheduling of conferences.
  5. Meeting recording.

Acceptable Usage Policy

  1. Use of Zoom is for the purpose of university business only.
  2. User will not use or present any content that is in violation of state or federal laws or UNC policies.
  3. When recording, it is the responsibility of the User to make all attendees aware in advance of any conference being recorded.
  4. Inclusion and sharing of Protected Health Information (PHI) must adhere to all HIPAA policies and guidelines.
  5. User must obtain consent from appropriate parties prior to including, recording, or sharing any content containing sensitive information (e.g. protected health information, intellectual property, copyright material). If needed, our Patient Release and Authorization Form and General Recording and Release Form can be downloaded from our website at
  6. Any use of this service is the responsibility of the User. The UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center will not assume responsibility for the misuse of content.
  7. User agrees to comply with all applicable UNC security policies and procedures.
  8. The UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center will not assume responsibility for content that is reported or discovered to be in violation of any aforementioned policies or laws. Any recorded content will be removed pending review, and appropriate action taken if necessary.

Limitation of Liability

The UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center will have no liability or responsibility in the event of any loss or interruption of the services and/or media content described within this agreement due to causes beyond its reasonable control or ability to foresee.

Denial or Termination of Service

While generally available to all UNC affiliates, the following are potential conditions that may require the denial or termination of service.

  1. Denial of service will be at the discretion of the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center Management based on the following:
  2. The intended use of the service by the client is not for university business.
  3. The intended use of the service by the client causes a situation where LCCC resources are overwhelmed technically, in terms of necessary staffing or otherwise.
  4. The intended use of the service by the client does not match the services that the LCCC is approved to support.
  5. The client has not followed through with the proper procedure for requesting the necessary service.
  6. The client has been previously found to be in violation of any IT policy within the university such that the action could be repeated.
  7. Any other reason agreed to be appropriate by LCCC IT management.
  8. Termination of service will be at the discretion of LCCC IT management based on the following:
  9. Violation of the effective User Agreement or any Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place.
  10. It has been determined that the client’s use of the service is matching circumstances that would have ordinarily caused a denial of service.
  11. The client’s use of the service is directly causing a negative impact on the quality of service for other users.
  12. Any other reason agreed to be appropriate by LCCC IT management.


  1. Users can request support for video conferencing by contacting ATS Video Conferencing at  or by calling 919-445-1000.
  2. Information is available on the video conferencing site at