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This page is designed for someone who has received an invitation to a Zoom meeting, and wishes to understand how to most effectively participate and an invitee.

Attending a Zoom Meeting as a Guest/Invitee

So, you have been invited to a Zoom meeting. Now you want to ensure that you will be able attend without any hitches. Please use the information below to ensure that your experience is trouble-free.


So you have been invited to your first Zoom meeting (or you are inviting someone who is new to Zoom). The following short video tutorial has instructions on How to Join a Meeting .


We ALWAYS recommend that you test prior to using Zoom for the first time. Please visit How Do I Test Prior to Joining a Meeting? to learn how you can test your connection to Zoom and familiarize yourself with the Zoom controls before joining a Zoom meeting. In the event that you are still not able to join, please call 919-445-1000 or email for assistance. We strongly suggest that first-time Zoom users test with our staff prior to important meetings.

Getting Started on a Computer

The most common way that people start or join a Zoom meeting is from a PC of Mac. That said, one may also start or join a meeting from a tablet or smartphone. Details regarding use of a computer may be found at Getting Started on a PC and Mac.


Once you are connected to Zoom, you always have to follow the additional step of selecting the type of audio connection you would like to use. You will have to choose if you want to use computer audio (VoIP) or a telephone.

Join with a Computer

Joining with a computer is usually the simplest way access audio for Zoom. This works particularly well if you have headphones or an echo cancelling speakerphone. View the short video, How Do I Join Or Test My Computer Audio? for details on joining by computer.

Join with a Telephone

Joining with a telephone is also an option for Zoom audio. This may be particularly helpful if you want to use a speakerphone in a conference room, or you do not have adequate audio on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. View the short video, How do I Join by Telephone? for details on joining via phone.


Details regarding audio, video and screen sharing can be found at Audio, Video, Sharing. A comprehensive library of instructional documents and videos for Zoom can be found at the Zoom Help Center. In the event that you are still not able to join, please call 919-445-1000 or email for assistance.

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