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A UNC Lineberger Cancer Network Monitored Tumor Board.

More Information at Tumor Board Conferences and at Tumor Board Schedule.

The Benign Hematology conference meets weekly every Friday from 1-2 pm. It is attended by attendings, residents and fellows, as well as medical students and laboratory technicians, as well as PhD scientists.  Members of the benign Heme section in Adult and Pediatric Hematology, and from hematopathology, and special coagulation in Pathology also attend.  There are occasionally multidisciplinary members of teams such as OB GYN, nephrology, cardiology, vascular surgery, and trauma surgery in attendance when cases pertinent to their specialties are presented.  This is a case and literature-based conference.  Occasionally emertisu members of the division, as well as former trainees may also attend.

Online – Webex 

Lead Physician:
Alice Ma

Raven Byrd