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Cisco Webex is the required web conferencing application for all multidisciplinary tumor boards within the NC Basnight Cancer Hospital. No other applications are authorized for use with tumor boards.

All individuals wishing to join tumor boards or other UNC Health Webex functions should log in via:

  • It is strongly suggested that you use the downloadable application. We STRONGLY recommend that you download the latest version of the Webex application at:
  • In the event that the link above does not work, we then recommend that you log into the browser-based version of Webex at: Do this before clicking on the link for your tumor board.

However you join, you will now be required to put in your email address before your username and password.

  • For those who are primarily UNC Health employees, this looks like:
  • For those primarily associated with the UNC School of Medicine, you may be asked to put in your SOM email address:

If you do not login to Webex, you will appear in the meeting as unverified. 

Some Mac users may experience problems sharing content. 

Mac users will likely need to update their sharing settings to share content. Please go to System Settings > Privacy & Security > Screen & System Audio Recording, and then there are two Webex toggles (slide to right to turn blue): “Cisco Webex Meetings” & “Webex.” See the following support link for sharing with Webex on MacPlease note that you will need to restart Webex after making these changes. 

If you experience any problems logging into Webex, visit the UNC Health Webex Instruction Page or contact the ISD Help Desk.

Once you have logged in to Webex (contact ISDS for support on logging into Webex), UNCLCN staff are available to provide tumor board-specific technical assistance, troubleshooting, and training. Please contact us at or 919-445-1000.

More Support:

Webex has excellent tutorials and resources to get started. See Webex help page for more details.

The UNC Lineberger Cancer Network also provides one one-on-one support and training to use Webex for oncology-related events and meetings.

Please contact us at or 919-445-1000.