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The UNC Lineberger Cancer Network is always looking for new ways to share its oncology lectures with healthcare professionals throughout the state of North Carolina and beyond. We have found a partner in this effort with VuMedi, an educational platform that offers access to critical topical data and clinical observations by leaders in the field. It is the world’s largest video education platform for physicians and other medical professionals. Its purpose is to help clinicians make optimal patient care decisions through comprehensive video education from various trustworthy institutions and practitioners. Through VuMedi, health professionals can watch educational content created by medical professionals for medical professionals at their convenience.

The UNC Lineberger Cancer Network is now offering our guest speakers the option of having their material shared on VuMedi. Since utilizing VuMedi, many more healthcare professionals have used our videos to reduce morbidity and mortality from cancer and cancer-related illness in North Carolina and elsewhere. We are getting hundreds and hundreds of hits on our oncology lectures and segments of lectures and thousands of minutes of viewing time since implementing VuMedi. We are excited that this is one more way of spreading the word about our lectures. Although NC is our catchment area, utilizing VuMedi exposes our lectures throughout the country at no additional cost.

VuMedi also permits healthcare professionals to learn more about the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center and the UNC Lineberger Cancer Network. In doing so, everyone benefits from our generous funding from the University Cancer Research Fund.

I recently spoke with our VuMedi representative, Catie Maloney, and asked the following questions:

How long has VuMedi been in existence? 

The concept of VuMedi was conceived in the fall of 2007, and VuMedi came to life officially 12 years ago on May 1st.

How does VuMedi differ from other medical video platforms?

Education content by medical professionals for medical professionals

  • We’ve created a robust video-sharing community by partnering with hospitals, clinics, academic societies, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and doctors to enable the rapid sharing of groundbreaking medical information, including information about COVID-19. Our work engages doctors who publish practice-changing research, allowing them to distribute their findings quickly and easily to other clinicians around the world. Those clinicians can take those learnings and apply them as needed across their practices.

Trust through Curation and Technology

  • VuMedi takes great pride in the trust the medical community places in the video content we provide. That trust begins with VuMedi’s education team, which curates all videos uploaded to the platform, ensuring that content is authentic and up to our company’s stringent quality standards. Once new content is verified, it is categorized to reach the right medical audience, ensuring physicians in highly specialized arenas do not have to search through thousands of videos to find the most valuable content. Finally, VuMedi’s proprietary forward-looking algorithm mines for the highest quality, most groundbreaking medical insights and features those videos prominently in each subject area.

Breadth of Viewpoints

  • Physicians can easily find multiple points of view on any subject they want to better understand. Instead of presenting a single video on any topic, VuMedi offers various viewpoints and medical updates, helping physicians gain the most well-rounded, up-to-date understanding possible. VuMedi content includes videos from world-class institutions and medical conferences. It’s the easiest way possible to access the wisdom of practitioners and researchers from around the world from your home or office.

Who can benefit from VuMedi? 

Ultimately, our mission is to help medical professionals make optimal patient care decisions through comprehensive video education. We’re growing quickly and expanding into every medical specialty.

Can you only find one perspective on VuMedi? 

VuMedi offers multiple viewpoints from multiple doctors on our site – we want a physician’s experience to be comprehensive to make an educated decision in inpatient care.

What does VuMedi’s education team look like, and what is their role?

Our team does it all – from market research to acquisition to delivery. Here is an overview of some of our roles:

  • Prospecting Team – Gain content on practice-changing topics to both drive user engagement and satisfy paid industry needs
  • Partner Success Manager – Ensure partners see value in having their content on VuMedi
  • Classification Team – Ensure that all videos are reviewed, titled, and tagged within appropriates communities on the VuMedi website

Tell us about your quality standards. 

We bring the latest insights and deepest knowledge in the world of medicine by partnering with top Key Opinion Leaders, Hospitals, and Societies to ensure we are bringing our medical professionals the highest quality information.

How do you see healthcare professionals on your platform benefiting from having access to videos from the UNC Lineberger Cancer Network?

By partnering with the UNC Lineberger Cancer Network, we are able to distribute your video content to our community to increase brand awareness and exciting research being conducted at the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center.