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Members of the Vinent Lab at UNC Lineberger

Core Values

To make discoveries that extend and improve the lives of patients with cancer.


We will hold ourselves to the absolute highest standard of scientific integrity, higher than the standards of peer review. We will design and execute experiments, even exploratory ones, with clarity and precision. We will not publish data we can’t reproduce or statistical analyses with descriptions that neglect biases. We will be humble about strengths and up-front about weaknesses in our methods and interpretations. We will seek and applaud each other for discovering flaws in any aspect of our discovery process. We intend that 100% of the data we present to the world will be reproducible by other groups with the necessary technical skills and instrumentation.


Continually Grow

This means all of us will place a high priority on gaining new knowledge and skills, through reading, discussions, courses, scientific meetings, or self-learning by other means. We will press each other to advance in our areas of interest and expertise while also learning methods and techniques out of our individual comfort zones. We desire that each day we will be better scientists than we were the day before.



We will understand each other’s work to a great degree of depth. We will meet regularly and emphasize group understanding such that any of us can comfortably explain any other’s work. Our recordkeeping will be efficient but meticulous and include all aspects of the discovery process: rationale, hypotheses, protocols, analysis code, figures, and interpretations. Further, we expect project rationale, sample provenance, experimental design, data analysis, and interpretation plans to clear to all involved persons at all times.


Steward our resources well

This means we recognize that research funding from taxpayers, foundations, or contracts with private corporations obliges us to allocate funds, reagents, consumables, equipment, and services wisely, without waste. We will keep detailed budgets with regular reviews. We also recognize that time is our greatest resource, and as such we will choose our projects and experiments with great care.


Respect one another

Though we have different roles and responsibilities in the lab, we will value each other as equals. We expect all of us to contribute ideas, and the best ideas to be acted on.

Join our lab team

We are looking for new enthusiastic researchers to join us! Applicants of various experience levels are encouraged to apply.