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Welcome to the Hoadley Lab

The Hoadley lab is focused on understanding the biology of cancer through gene expression analyses and integrative genomic approaches.

We have been long-time members of The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project that has comprehensively characterized over 10,000 samples from 33 tumor types. UNC was one of the main RNA sequencing centers for the TCGA project and we participated in the gene expression analysis for many of these projects.

Our group is continuing our collaborative work as a member of the NCI’s Center for Cancer Genomics new Genomic Data Analysis Network as a specialized center for RNA sequencing analysis. We will build on the experience developed in TCGA to analyze data for new NCI programs and collaborations such as the Exceptional Responders and ALCHEMIST.

In addition, the group still focuses on breast cancer through projects to improve our classification of aggressive basal-like breast cancers and genomic analysis of clinical trials.

Image credit: Center for Cancer Genomics Programs Office, National Cancer Institute