ITCMS Trainees recently had the opportunity to present lay research talks to the Patient Research Advocacy Group (P-RAG) here at Lineberger.

Patty Spears presents information about research advocacy to the trainees.
Andrew Spracklen explaining the value of fruit flies in cancer research.

It is becoming increasingly important for scientists to be able to effectively communicate their work with non-scientists to increase awareness and public understanding of important results. As a part of their training, the ITCMS is working to give trainees more opportunity to interact with a lay community to practice these skills. Recently trainees had the opportunity to attend the monthly meeting of the Patient Research Advocacy Group (P-RAG) here at Lineberger and present their science to the group.

P-RAG is a group of patients, survivors, caregivers, and researcher who are working together on research projects to create knowledge that will improve the lives of all cancer patients. Patty Spears, the leader of the P-RAG spoke to the trainees about the importance of lay communication, and the value advocates can bring to their research. Trainees Andrew Spacklen and Alicia Koblansky were selected to give short talks, and others had the opportunity to share their research in an informal discussion. Both the advocates and the trainees benefited from this interaction, and look forward to meeting again.