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Eboneé Nicole Butler

Assistant Professor, Epidemiology, UNC-Chapel Hill


Assistant Professor, Epidemiology, UNC-Chapel Hill

Eboneé Nicole Butler, PhD, MPH is a cancer epidemiologist who is focused on identifying molecular and morphologic features of prostate cancer progression. She has conducted foundational research examining the incidence of fatal prostate cancer phenotypes in the United States and United Kingdom and is involved in global consortia seeking to understand the etiology of aggressive forms of the disease. In her role as co-director of the North Carolina-Louisiana Prostate Cancer Project she is committed to addressing healthcare disparities and promoting health equity in prostate cancer outcomes. In addition, Dr. Butler has a growing body of research that aims to explore disparities in incidence and mortality for breast and prostate cancers among people of African ancestry. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening and interior decorating.

Quality of Cancer Care Delivery

Decision Sciences and Economics

Patient-Reported Outcomes

Health Disparities/Equity