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Matthew LeBlanc

Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, UNC-Chapel Hill


Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, UNC-Chapel Hill

Matthew LeBlanc, PhD, RN, is a nurse and health services researcher whose work focuses on understanding the care experiences of patients with multiple myeloma. Dr. LeBlanc recently joined faculty at the UNC School of Nursing after being a postdoctoral fellow with the Cancer Care Quality Training Program here at UNC. His current work explores treatment patterns among newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients, which will lead to work designing and testing interventions to improve myeloma care quality and equity. Dr. LeBlanc collaborates with multiple members of the Cancer Outcomes Research Program including Dr. Reeder-Hayes, Dr. Lund, Dr. Wheeler, Dr. Leak Bryant, and Dr. Baggett.

Quality of Cancer Care Delivery

Patient-Reported Outcomes

Health Disparities/Equity