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Get Real & Heel has been a lifeline to me. It is giving me the push and support I need to ‘get going’ again. The exercise is definitely increasing my flexibility, strength and stamina… Just being around such a positive program with so much enthusiasm has helped me feel better about myself, my healing process and my connection with others.

As probably the “oldest rat in the barn” ( I turn 75 in December) I probably wouldn’t be here if not for Get Real & Heel. My overall strength and the length and quality of my life have been enhanced by participating in Get Real & Heel. In addition, the interaction with the instructors and fellow survivors is very supportive of my mental health. A very positive environment at all times.

I have learned that I must not just let things happen, but that I can do the things that will strengthen my body and mind so that I can be healthier, happier & feel better about myself and my future. I feel more encouraged that I have a big part in the future of my health and in the cancer not coming back. I’m very thankful to everyone involved in the Get Real & Heel program for caring enough about women like me to put the time and effort and care that they have into helping us be stronger and healthier.

The Get Real & Heel program has had a PROFOUND effect on my life and on my ability to rapidly recover from the destructive physical and psychological effects of cancer treatment. The physical rehabilitation is truly custom-designed for my personal needs, so that it is not only manageable, but is extremely gratifying in obtaining quick results with minimal pain! Participation in this program has FAR exceeded my expectations and I am extremely grateful to everyone who has had a part in making it happen.