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About UNC iTOP

Sample of iTOP Activities

The UNC iTOP training program focuses on training clinicians, basic scientists, and MD-PhD candidates in clinical/translational disease-based research. We recognize that optimal care of patients afflicted with cancer can only be achieved through a multi-disciplinary approach. Our major focus is to educate future researchers from a variety of backgrounds in the approaches and tools that will be needed to perform tissue-based research.

UNC iTOP provides research training support for up to two years, training physicians-in-training in translational oncology bench research and immersing PhDs in a clinical/translational environment. The curriculum includes relevant introductory coursework as well as mini-rotations (see Sample of iTOP Activities) to provide trainees with an in depth perspective on the different aspects of tissue-based research.

The program supports three post-doctoral trainees and one pre-doctoral trainee per year.

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  • The Synergistic Scientist

    Doctor and surgeon. Researcher and teacher. Entrepreneur and mentor. Jen Jen Yeh takes on multiple roles at UNC — and she wouldn’t have it any other way. From treating a variety of cancers to developing a company for an innovative drug-delivering device, she succeeds across fields and strives to share this synergy with her colleagues … Continued

  • Jen Jen Yeh, MD and William Kim, MD, Receive a Multi-PI NIH T32 Award

    Congratulations to Dr. Jen Jen Yeh and Dr. William Kim for receiving a multi-PI NIH T32 award from the National Cancer Institute for the “UNC Integrated Translational Oncology Program (UNC-iTOP)”.


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