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Exploring Cancer: Examining the Role of Biology, Race, Class, and Socioeconomics

Behind cardiovascular disease, Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of deaths in the United States. What causes Cancer? Why have we not cured Cancer yet? What are some of the myths that surround Cancer care? Why do people of color seem to develop and die from Cancer at rates much higher than the majority of the population?

If you are interested in learning the answers to one or more of these questions, you should consider attending an engaging and stimulating, semester-long webinar series taught by cancer biologists, physicians, public health experts, and other cancer specialists from NCCU, UNC-Chapel Hill, and NC A&T. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to potentially hear from cancer survivors. These hour-long webinars will be held during the Fall 2022 semester on Fridays at 11am, beginning in August. Come out and join us!

Please visit for registration (available in July of 2022) and videos of past lectures.

For questions or support, please contact the UNC Lineberger Cancer Network at 919-445-1000 or 



Avery D. Posey Jr.

For Exploring Cancer Presenters, ONLY! Please stay tuned for links to documents that will be useful in preparing for your webinar.