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The second annual Thomas C. Shea Clinical Cancer Symposium will be returning in-person on September 23rd, 2024 at The Umstead Hotel in Cary, North Carolina.

CLICK HERE to register for this event scheduled to take place at The Umstead Hotel and Spa (Cary, NC)

Registration is free but space is limited.

Named after Thomas C. Shea to honor his legacy of service and commitment to cancer research and to developing provider networks across the state of North Carolina, the symposium seeks “to empower practitioners who are already providing quality care to further elevate their game towards best-in-the-world type care,” says Jared Weiss, MD, this year’s chair of the planning committee.

Unlike last year’s symposium, which focused on blood cancers, this year’s event will be focusing on head & neck and lung cancers. The agenda features nationally recognized speakers and leaders in the field who come from a myriad of institutions, such as UNC Chapel Hill, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, and more.

“We are fortunate to welcome Julie Bramer, who first brought immunotherapy to non-small cell lung cancer all the way at the beginning and is a general hero of thoracic oncology, as well as Stephen Liu, a superstar of Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) who first showed efficacy of immunotherapy in SCLC,” said Dr. Weiss.

Dr. Thomas Shea also wanted to recognize a former colleague amongst the speakers saying, “It is especially exciting to have Dr. Mark Socinski participate since he and I worked together when he founded and served as the initial director of the multidisciplinary lung cancer program at UNC. He has gone on to establish himself as one of the world’s leading experts in the management of lung disease.”

When asked about changes to the content of the symposium, Dr. Weiss added, “We plan to be a bit more clinical this year—we plan to focus on educating on the new therapies that clinicians can expect in the immediate future.”

In the state of North Carolina, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths.  Head and neck cancer causes a substantial burden of suffering, and, like lung cancer, is particularly prevalent in North Carolina.  Historically understudied and even stigmatized, these cancer types are now at the forefront of cancer research, with advances in targeted therapies and immunotherapies creating hope. This event will prepare attendees for these new and emerging agents, by showcasing the research that is changing care.

This Shea Symposium is oriented towards sophisticated medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists, along with clinical practitioners such as PAs, NPs, RNs, and pharmacists who are seeking up-to-date information about contemporary approaches to head & neck and lung cancers. CME credit will be available for this live, in-person event.

To register or to view the agenda, please visit:

We hope you can join us.