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The role of human endogenous retroviruses in tumor immunomodulation

Human endogenous retroviruses (hERVs) are remnants of exogenous retroviruses that have integrated into the genome over the course of human evolution. We developed a novel workflow, hervQuant, which identified over 3,000 transcriptionally active hERVs within The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) pan-cancer RNA-seq database. The hervQuant workflow is able to identify individual, full length hERVs from short read RNA-seq data. Both the workflow as well as TCGA hERV quantification are publicly available for academic usage; all other users are requested to contact Dr. Benjamin Vincent.


Supplemental Data

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  • Table S12
  • Table S13

Genotype data for Landsford et. al.

Identification of leukemia associated minor histocompatability antigens through computational modeling and targeted mass spectrometry.